How to quickly get rid of acne: only recipes and nothing more

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  • No, not recipes for acne, but what?
    • Inflamed pimple. Figure
  • Treatment of subcutaneous acne: Sos! Sos! Sos!
    • Balsamic liniment according to Vishnevsky
    • Ichthyolum ointment
  • BlitzRecepts from acne, finally. ..
  • Mask-scrub from soda from acne. Our video

How to get rid of acne on the face quickly, literally "until tomorrow"?After all, it's said: clean skin is the best make-up. Afraid to look in the mirror? Why such extremes. Beauty recipes for different occasions are the friendly hand of helping the irritated skin.

No, not recipes for acne, but what?

Getting Rid of Acne Still a couple of words to say is necessary. Although we promised only recipes. It's about home diagnostics( no doctors!).Without diagnostics anywhere, because we want to quickly remove acne from the face. In this case it is important not to cure, but to warn, so do this.

Watch your skin closely. If there is discomfort during facial expressions, take action. Gently touch your face and find a point that threatens to turn into a pimple. Just remember: "Clean, clean hands stretch to a clean, clean face."

The subcutaneous pimple is treated at the embryo stage, otherwise it grows to huge sizes and simply draws your arms to yourself. And this can not be done at all.

Inflamed pimple. Figure

An inflamed pimple

Treatment of subcutaneous acne: Sos! Sos! Sos!

The fact that the eel has started to grow indicates that there is already pus, has corked up the time and continues to accumulate. Sometimes these pimples resolve. But more often than not. How to get rid of a difficult pimple on the face quickly, including where the skin is thick: on the chin and on the nose?

Balsamic liniment according to Vishnevsky

Cleanse the skin with chlorhexidine( Chlorhexidinum).It is an antiseptic that does not contain alcohol. Apply iodine to the inflamed place with a stick for the ears. Also, gently place the point with Vishnevsky's ointment. After half an hour, remove the remnants of the ointment with a tissue. If the pustule is ripe, but not ripe( the head is still too deep), the procedure is repeated several times a day.


How to quickly get rid of stagnant acne on the face at home? For the eel, which is not the first day, but does not ripen, another way is suitable. Apply gauze with an ointment to the pimple and fix it with adhesive tape. Leave the compress overnight. Usually it takes one or two days for the trouble to mature, break through and even resolve.

Ointment Vishnevsky( liniment Vishnevsky) draws pus in the shortest possible time.

Ichthyol ointment

It is treated in the same way as with Vishnevsky liniment.

Both these ointments have a specific odor. Their action is very active, so they begin to apply on the eve of the weekend - on Friday.

Ichthyol ointment works slower, but it dissolves white and black comedones( dissolves, but does not remove, an additional cleaning is needed to completely remove the comedon).In addition, the ichthyol absorbed surface stagnant spots. However, there is an opinion that it is impossible to apply the ichthyol at postakne. But experience shows that just the same it is possible.

Blitz Recipes for acne, finally. ..

How to get rid of fresh acne on the face for 1 day? Inexpensive and super effective recipes in front of you.


This glorious plant is a real champion in the treatment of acne. As soon as you felt that the X-spot had appeared on your face, attach a gruel from a clean sheet. Fix it with a plaster. Change the lotion several times during the day. Aloe vera juice is also good for this purpose. Simply apply a cotton swab to the point. Repeat the procedure every hour.


Treatment Several times a day, cauterize the inflammation with fresh garlic juice. Just cut the denticle and touch the cut to the eel. The smell is almost not felt, you should not worry.

Another quick way to remove acne from your face is juice of garlic or onion with honey. Mix the ingredients and lubricate the problem areas. After 20 minutes, rinse. The smell of onions lasts a few days, but the recipe is very good.

Activated Carbon

Grind activated charcoal( 2 tablets), add a few drops of water, essential oil( 2 drops), a gel to cleanse the skin. Mix components, apply to problem areas for 20 minutes. Rinse with water.


Cauterize acne overnight with Corvalol. In the morning just wash yourself and massage your face with ice from the broth of chamomile. If you need to remove the pimple from your face quickly, this complex works reliably, like an hour.


"Vizin" on the cotton pad and place it in the freezer for a few minutes. Vatka will be covered with ice crust, attach it to the reddened place. Hold for about 5 minutes.

Coniferous or tar soap

Wash with pine or tar soap twice a week. It's not blitz, but it helps. And how to remove acne from the face of these funds quickly? Apply soaked tar soap on each pimple for the night point. And during the day, too.

Soda and cream

Mix the baby cream with soda, grease the face, wait until it dries. Do not rinse. If you are afraid to apply to the entire skin, act locally.

Broth of bay leaves

Try to remove acne from the face with such a means as laurel lotion, it acts very quickly and reliably! Brew a bay leaf( 100 g) in a glass of boiling water. Wipe your face as often as possible during the day.

Sugar wash

How to get rid of pimples on the face, if you do not need it very quickly? This is not a blitzkrecept, but the remedy is very unusual and effective. Dissolve in a glass of boiling water and soda( 1 teaspoon).After 10 minutes, wash. Apply butter for each bit. Rinse with cool water. The course is 2 weeks.

Mask-scrub from soda from acne. Our video

This is not all the blitz drugs from acne. Follow the publications on the site, we will definitely continue this topic. And also we will select good complex recipes for the treatment of multiple acne.

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Published: 30-07-2015