Why there are pimples on fingers

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  • Where do they come from?
  • How to get rid of "uninvited guests"
    • Subcutaneous acne on the hands
    • Red rash
    • Acne dry
    • Red spots and "pimples" on the hands( video story)
  • Watery and purulent acne on the fingers

The hands of a woman are a "visiting card" that tells aboutits owner is very much. That's why care for them is very important for the beautiful half of humanity. And the real tragedy can seem pimples on the fingers. Red, small, watery - they can create a lot of problems. But do not panic: you have to start an active fight with them immediately, only the smallest pimples have appeared, sometimes signaling about very serious disorders of internal organs.

Where do they come from?

Arms Pimples on fingers of fingers can appear in the most unexpected time at women of any age, and from it nobody is insured. It is important to find out the reason why they started to form. There are many such reasons, let's consider the main ones:

  • The first thing to pay attention to is the allergic reactions of the organism, because each person has very different reactions. Any substances can trigger an allergic rash: from food products and household chemical preparations, to fabrics from which clothes or bed linen are sewn. It is often impossible to find out for yourself what the organism reacts to in this way. But modern methods of conducting special analyzes can accurately detect the true "culprit".
  • If you suddenly started to appear on the fingers of the fingers watery pimples, and the body temperature thus greatly increased - most likely, these are the symptoms of infectious diseases: chicken pox, rubella or measles.
  • In fungal infections, infection usually occurs in places where the skin is damaged, or there are inconspicuous cracks.
  • Pimples often formed between the fingers indicate a disturbed metabolism. This problem causes diseases of various organs of the digestive tract.
  • Heredity also plays an important role: in such cases, subcutaneous acne is treated long and hard. Such inflammations tend to spread throughout the skin.
  • Pimples very often appear on the palms, back of the hands or between the fingers of the hands - the result of active hormonal changes, which is typical for teenagers and pregnant women.
  • It is also quite understandable the appearance of acne with strong nervous shocks. Stressful situations and "shaken" nerves disrupt the work of some internal organs, which, in turn, causes the appearance of a rash on the hands.
  • And, finally, a violation of the basic rules of personal hygiene. Breeding at an incredible rate of bacteria can be another reason for the appearance of acne on the skin. So wash your hands more often!

How to get rid of "uninvited guests"


As far as the causes that cause the formation of various types of acne are not the same, the ways of their treatment are also unlike. It should be specially noted: every case of the disease is purely individual, and only a doctor can prescribe this or that type of treatment.

Subcutaneous acne on the hands of

The appearance of this type of acne can be the result of various causes. The most unpleasant and dangerous disease is hereditary Darya disease: it should be treated only under the supervision of a specialist. Assigned vitamins A, E, antibiotics, all kinds of cosmetic products. If, fortunately, such a diagnosis is not confirmed, other methods of combating subcutaneous pimples are used:

  • Systematic procedures using warm baths with sea salt will stop the appearance of new acne and remove the already existing ones.
  • It will help to get rid of the misfortune the use of iodine, which pinpoints the top of the pimple. But in order not to harm healthy skin, do not often apply iodine to the same place.
  • Ichthyol ointment, which has excellent antimicrobial properties, has proved very well in the fight against such pimples.
  • Fresh lemon juice is a reliable assistant in the fight against subcutaneous pimples on the hands. Squeeze the juice of half the fruit in 200 g.water - get the perfect mixture for cleaning the surface of the hands.

Red rash

Acne on the hands If red pimples appear on the fingers of your hand - they will necessarily be accompanied by a tangible pain and severe inflammation. To quickly get rid of these sensations, pimples must be dried, salicylic acid is indispensable here. Also, the miracle plant - aloe - will become a proven treatment. Twice a day you need to wipe your hands cut along the sheet. Another good way is to use a tincture of calendula. Do not listen to advice often go to the sun: they say, acne will quickly come off. Unfortunately, this is a wrong recipe.

Acne dry

On the fingers of the hands, small pimples can appear both independently and as residual effects after acne of other species. This happens in cases where the skin is not able to cope with the "extra" layer itself in order to reset it.

Also, dry pimples appear in case you have to go to the frost with wet hands. The terrible in this case is nothing: you need to moisturize and remove the dead layer of the skin. Help the baths with herbs( chamomile, for example), various softening cosmetic preparations. Excellent result gives warm olive, or sunflower oil. To enhance the therapeutic effect, after applying to the hands of the drug, you need to put on polyethylene gloves, leaving them for the night.

Red spots and "pimples" on the hands( video story)

Watery and purulent acne on the fingers

When small fingers appear on the fingers of the fingers, filled with fluid is a symptom of the development of dyshidrotic eczema or dyshidrosis. It is useless to try to treat such diseases yourself - we must immediately go to a dermatologist. Such diseases are treated in several stages, in a complex way.

Rash on the hand You should also consult a doctor immediately if you have purulent pimples. If, for some reason, you can not immediately contact a dermatologist, at first try to apply folk methods: celandine juice, aloe, decoctions of herbs. It can be well helped by ichthyol ointment, but it needs to be applied point-by-point, to the pimple, if possible, without touching a healthy body around it. Never try to uncover purulent pimples on your fingers, since the threat of infection in the wound is very great! And then a long and difficult treatment can not be avoided.

In case if home treatment of purulent acne does not give results within several days, it is necessary to consult a doctor. Obviously, the problem of the appearance of acne is inside and hidden for the time being. It must be discovered and eliminated before the great damage to the health of the whole organism is caused.

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