Acne on the legs: off the maxi skirt and dull pants!

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  • Causes of acne on the feet
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  • Treatment of inflammation with aloe.
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It would seem that acne on the legs - it's not so scary, because they can easily be hidden under clothes. Put on your favorite jeans and go. But as soon as warm days come, the problem becomes more tangible. If for men nothing changes, then women want to wear a beautiful dress or a short skirt, which can not hide even the smallest pimples. And what can we say about the summer!

Causes of acne on the legs

Healthy legs Acne on the legs have many causes. In men and women, they vary in their prevalence. So, the most common cause of rashes in women is depilation. Wrong shaving technique, a machine with blunt blades, an unsuitable depilatory cream or a machine - all this causes reddening of the skin, itching and pimples.


At the same time, men have the first place wearing trousers, especially from substandard or synthetic fabrics. The skin does not receive enough oxygen, sweats, resulting in small pimples on the legs.

In addition to these two reasons, there are others. Let's get acquainted with them:

  • Ingrown hairs. This problem is also more typical of women who try hard to get rid of excess hair, and they, on the contrary, grow and become the cause of real anguish. It is ingrown hair provokes purulent pimples on the legs, which for a long time do not pass, and then more and ugly stains after themselves leave. If they appeared after 1-2 weeks after epilation, then it was she who blamed everything.
  • Allergy. Who said that eating an extra kilogram of oranges can only appear on your face? This is not true. Allergies occur on any part of the skin. Often as a result of it jump out water pimples on the legs, but there may be quite ordinary rashes. The presence of pruritus should make you remember if you have changed your washing powder or body care for the last week.
  • Hormonal leaps. Red acne on the legs can be an unpleasant consequence of pregnancy. If you have not taken a razor in your hand for a long time and are sure that you do not have an allergy, then it makes sense to check the blood for hormones.
  • Legs without acne Subcooling. The fact that in the winter you can catch a cold, does not stop the girls from wearing short skirts and kapron tights. As a result, the skin of the legs is supercooled, and pimples appear on it.
  • Lack of vitamins. To local immunity of the skin was at the proper level, you need not only to dress warmly in the winter, but also give the body all the vitamins and trace elements necessary to it. For example, a lack of vitamin C can cause purulent small pimples on your legs.
  • Diseases. If you observe a large number of inflamed rashes that bring a lot of unpleasant sensations, then it is better to contact the dermatologist immediately. When the pimples on the legs itch and do not give you rest, and while you still have a fever, then you can have an infectious disease that requires urgent treatment.

The localization of acne

A specific place on which rashes appear may indicate their cause. On the inner side of the thighs they cause a lot of discomfort, since the skin here is more tender. Acne on this part of the foot often inflames and itches. Their causes may be poor-quality pantyhose, an allergy, excess weight and even a high sugar content in the blood.

Separately it is worth mentioning about pimples on toes and feet. The fact is that there are no sebaceous glands completely on the skin and if you have rashes in this area, then be sure to visit a dermatologist. They indicate one of three diseases:

  • Dyshidrotic eczema is a kind of allergic reaction to a chemical stimulus. It is a watery little pimple on the legs that burst and secrete a clear liquid. Inflammation on the skin of the legs
  • An itchy dermatitis that appears due to taking antibiotics or wearing tight shoes where the feet are constantly sweating. In this case, watery pimples on your legs itch, whatever you do with them.
  • Dyshidrosis is a disease of the sweat glands that usually occurs in the warm season and looks like watery red pimples on the legs and palms.

Treatment of

Since the reasons why there are a lot of acne on the legs, then the methods of their treatment differ. If the problem is neglected, you should consult a doctor who can find out what triggered her. If you are allergic, you may have to pass tests to identify the allergen and refuse to use it. With various diseases, you will need to take medications inside and out.

Women should pay attention to how they remove unwanted hair on their legs. Remember that the razor must be sharp and clean. Try not to shave against the growth of hairs. If you suffer from permanently ingrown hairs, then do peeling more often.

Treatment of inflammation with aloe.

Treatment of inflammation with aloe

Reminder Our video. How to get rid of rashes on your legs

When red acne on your feet itches or inflames, you need to lubricate them with antiseptic solutions and ointments. The most popular are zinc ointment, Zinerit, Bepanten, Miramistin, tea tree oil. And most importantly - keep your feet clean, especially your feet. Do not wear tight trousers during an exacerbation, avoid synthetic fabrics. Then the healing process will go faster.

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Published: 18-04-2016