Why there are pimples on the hands above the elbow

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Why there is a rash on the hands of

Arms The reasons for the appearance of pimples above the elbow, that is, in the area of ​​the shoulder, there may be a great many. The main thing, in case of detection of acne is not to panic, but to try to calmly understand the reasons for their formation. In no case should not treat this phenomenon indifferently - they say, will pass by itself! Unfortunately, it will not work: every missed day will turn into weeks of tedious treatment. Let's analyze, why acne can appear on hands from elbow to shoulder.


Through a rash on the skin, including on the hands, it can manifest in the initial stage such a disease as an allergy. The most unpleasant thing is that one must firmly remember this disease, it is not treated to the end. If you notice small pimples appearing on your arm in the shoulder area, take antihistamine first.

Do not allow any chemical household products that are present in the kitchen or bathroom to contact the skin. If acne does not disappear after a week, be sure to contact your dermatologist.

Allergic rash for medicines( reminder)

Drug rash

Metabolic disorders

If small pimples appear above the elbow, the cause of their occurrence may be a metabolic disorder in the body. Usually, with violations of the internal balance, the appearance of acne is first observed on the fingers, then on the hands, and then on the arms above the elbows.


As a rule, there are "blame" diseases of the organs of the gastrointestinal tract. In such cases, all harmful substances are "thrown out" through the skin. It is urgent to go to the clinic, where you will have to conduct a complex of tests. At a minimum, a diet will be prescribed, in which products containing dyes and preservatives are excluded from the diet.

Infectious, fungal diseases

A sure sign of infection is the appearance of water pimples on the hands. They cause a lot of trouble for adults and children alike. All infectious diseases - chickenpox, rubella, measles - have acne of a special kind, although for an inexperienced person they are very similar. All such manifestations are accompanied by temperature.

Also cause the appearance of acne above the elbow of the fungus, which accumulate in places where there are minor scratches or wounds. Here and there begins to appear a rash. Unfortunately, you can not cure yourself of fungal diseases, you will have to turn to doctors.

Mental, hormonal background

Rash However, there are other, sometimes quite unexpected reasons for which there are pimples in the arms above the elbow. They may well appear due to the hormonal changes that are inherent in teenagers and women after birth. The fact is that at this time the sebaceous glands function intensely, and this leads to obstruction of the mouth and the formation of purulent acne.

In no case should you even try to squeeze them, as this will lead to the spread of infection. Do not even think of curing pustules-scars will always remain on the skin of the shoulder. Only specialists can help.

Many underestimate the psychological factor. Our skin is a kind of indicator of the emotional state. Example: small pimples in the shoulder area may well be evidence of the development of an inferiority complex. More details about these cases can tell psychologists.


Also may well be the cause of the appearance of pimples above the elbows and in the shoulder area heredity. This especially applies to subcutaneous pimples, which, appearing suddenly, stubbornly resist any treatment. The true cause of the disease can be found only by a dermatologist.

And of course, non-observance of the basic rules of personal hygiene is almost guaranteed to lead to the formation of acne above the elbow. After all, the skin in this zone is delicate and tender, that is, microorganisms falling into this area can easily begin their reproduction. So - there will be pryshchiki.

A lot of trouble is caused by white acne that appeared on the arms above the elbow. They look very unattractive. And the reason for their occurrence is inflammation of the follicles( hair roots), which arose due to the active multiplication of pathogenic microorganisms falling on the skin.

Red spots and "pimples" on the hands( video story)

Treatment of acne

There is no doubt that any pimples on the hands should be treated. How to do it?

White pimples are removed by means that quickly absorbed into the skin and leave no trace on the clothing. It is very good for levomycetin, its alcoholic 3% solution. With a moistened cotton swab, the skin is wiped twice during the day: morning and evening.

After the solution has dried, "Zinerit", a preparation containing zinc compounds and antibiotic, is applied. Effective against white acne "Metrogil gel".You can also use a decoction of the bark of oak. And remember: such pimples, as a rule, are only a consequence of the processes taking place in the body. To diagnose them, you need to go for a comprehensive examination in the clinic.

Home first-aid kit

Calendula If there are few acne on the arms above the elbow, their presence is still undesirable. In this case, you can try to fight them at home:

  • Reconsider your wardrobe. Although things made of synthetic materials are beautiful and very to your face, they need to be replaced with clothing made from natural materials. They provide excellent air exchange, normal heat transfer. As a result, some factors that contribute to active rash formation will disappear.
  • Very good results give baths from potassium permanganate, the same as do babies. It is necessary to dissolve in the bath two or three crystals of manganese, so that the water was barely pink. Take such baths need a day, before bed, duration - up to 20 minutes. Another method is equally effective: dilute the same solution in a glass and lubricate the problem areas of the hands with well-moistened cotton wool discs.
  • It is irreplaceable in the fight against acne in the home salicylic acid, tincture of calendula, hydrogen peroxide, decoctions of herbs: celandine, chamomile, string. Also wadded disks constantly wipe the affected skin. Will help with redness, itching, burning.
  • Dry little pimples in the arms above the elbow at home can be white or blue clay. We raise the clay to the state of thick sour cream, we put it on the site with pimples. We wait, when this peculiar mask will dry up, wash off with warm water. It is very good after such a session to wipe the skin with decoctions of the same medicinal herbs.

Pay great attention to your food. If possible, exclude their menu fatty, smoked products, give up sweet foods. Food should be simple, rich in vitamins and fiber. Reliable assistants will be brewer's yeast and vitamin D. Essential for the skin.

There are many causes and factors that increase the appearance of acne on the arms above the elbow. If you can not even eliminate them completely, still take measures to promote your immune system to strengthen, to establish the work of the digestive system.

Never leave your problems to the mercy of fate. Ideally, you need to trust your doctor, a good specialist in your field. Moreover, the rash on the hands is most often of an infectious or allergic nature. And skin diseases that affect the skin of the hands are very contagious!

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Published: 09-02-2015