Why there are pimples on the elbows

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  • Causes of acne on the elbows
    • Fighting eruptions on the elbows. Useful advice. Reminder
    • Lack of skin care and acne
  • Treatment of acne on the elbows

Psoriasis, eczema, fungus, dermatitis. It sounds unpleasant, does not it? This and much more can become a reason, because of which there are pimples on the elbows. The main difficulty here is that the skin in this place is more rough and often lends itself to various mechanical stresses, so the rashes are not noticed right away or do not give them the proper value. We do not call you to panic at the first pimple, but careful to treat your skin will not hurt anyone.

Causes of acne on the elbows

Elbows without acne Pimples on the elbows - this is not the usual location of the rashes, so they need to pay special attention. It is not necessary that they mean something terrible, however, it is better to be reinsured once again. So, let's get acquainted.

  • One of the frequent causes of eruptions in the area of ​​elbows may be an allergy, which sometimes grows to the extent of atopic dermatitis. Pryshchiki at the same time cover the skin not only on the elbow, but also slightly above it. In size they are small and itch. Allergy can be anything: food, household chemicals, cosmetics, pets. Sometimes it is difficult to determine immediately, what exactly gives this skin reaction, and you have to do various tests to identify the allergen;
  • is a sedentary lifestyle, in which the elbows are often in contact with any surface. People who work at a computer are among the risk group: accountants, bartenders, secretaries and others. As a result of mechanical friction, white spots appear on the elbows, which itch or bring painful sensations;
  • psoriasis is very often manifested through rashes in the area of ​​the elbows. True, over time, the skin in this area begins to peel and more like silvery white scales. Psoriasis is considered a hereditary disease, and it can develop for a long time inside the body, and only then it should be known in the form of rashes that itch;
  • scabies mite loves thin and dry skin, so it can easily settle in the area of ​​elbows. The rashes are small and have a bright red color, and eventually turn into watery vesicles. Such pimples on the elbows are itchy and itching is significantly worse at night. In especially neglected cases, scabies can go to wet eczema;
  • eczema may appear on its own, without the help of itch itching. It looks like subcutaneous small pinkish vesicles. Over time, they burst, forming a wound on the surface. These rashes are also itchy and, if damaged, secrete fluid or blood, which is an excellent breeding ground for pathogens;
  • fungal diseases prefer wet areas of the body, but if you already have a fungus on your legs or hands, and suddenly you have some pimples on your elbows, then take a closer look. He could easily go there. At first, the pimples on the elbow are small and take an oval shape, then they itch, become white and cover with a white-gray crust;
  • Granuloma ring-shaped is a non-dangerous disease, which most often affects children up to ten years old, but sometimes it appears in adults. More women are exposed to him. Acne in this case can appear not only on the elbows, but also on the knees and hands. They do not cause any discomfort, but the appearance can be rather spoiled. Often such rashes disappear on their own without any treatment;
  • vitamin deficiency and metabolic disorders is another cause of rashes on the elbows. In this case, the skin is covered with small and red pimples with purulent contents.

Fighting eruptions on the elbows. Useful advice. Reminder


Fighting eruptions on the elbows

Lack of skin care and acne

A common reason for the appearance of pimples on the elbows is the lack of proper skin care in this area. The fact is that it needs more attention, especially with age. The skin here is practically devoid of sebaceous glands, and eventually they disappear altogether, which leads to coarsening of the skin. In such a state, it is easy to injure and pathogenic microbes get into microcracks, which leads to various kinds of rashes. For the same reason, there are acne on the knees.

If you do not want this to happen, then do not forget to take care of these parts of the body. They need more moisture. Even the use of fatty creams is allowed. During the shower, make sure to peel elbows and knees, after which you can apply the cream you love.

Treatment of acne on the elbows

Treatment for acne on the elbows Treatment is primarily to identify and eliminate the cause. It's unlikely that you will be able to do it yourself, especially if the case is running. The professional help of a dermatologist will be very useful, so first of all go to the hospital.

Each of the above diseases is treated in its own way. From the general advice can be identified the following:

  • if you have an allergy, then be sure to clean the allergen away;
  • even a very strong itch is not a reason to comb the skin. Rashes should not be touched at all;
  • do not rip off the scales and pimples. They themselves must fall away during the course of treatment;
  • wetting pimples can be lubricated with hydrogen peroxide or infusion of St. John's wort.

If you do not engage in self-medication, then it is easy to get rid of pimples on the elbows. Sometimes this will take quite a lot of time, so it's better not to delay with a visit to the doctor.

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Published: 07-02-2016