How to treat tachycardia folk remedies

Tachycardia is a frequent pulse( over 90 in an adult).Treatment appoint a doctor only if it is associated with any disease of the heart or nervous system. One form of the disease, paroxysmal or paroxysmal tachycardia, can occur at any time.

Treatment of tachycardia at home should comply with the main recommendations for regimen, diet, use of medicines. The use of folk methods can lead to a reduction in the dose or a complete rejection of medications, but this must be agreed with the doctor.

Home mode

Patients with tachycardia do not need to comply with bed rest. In work, you need to limit physical activity, learn to correctly perceive stressful situations.

Showing swimming, pilates, walking. It is advisable to do everything at a calm pace, without overloading. Daily morning exercises should not cause fatigue.

Water procedures in the form of a shower in the morning and a bath at night should be carried out without contrasting temperatures.

The normalization of sleep is important. It is not recommended to watch TV shows or sit at the computer late.

Categorically contraindicated smoking, even staying in a smoky room.


The diet should follow the general principles of rational nutrition: contain a sufficient energy balance, include the necessary proteins of meat, carbohydrates of cereals and fats of dairy products and vegetables. It is better to get vitamins from vegetables and fruits than from tablets.
It is not recommended to sharply restrict the type of hungry diets, vegetarianism. Simultaneously, do not overeat, this will lead to an increase in the diaphragm and a reflex increase in the pulse. It is better to avoid all products leading to bloating: cabbage, radishes, legumes, carbonated drinks, spicy seasonings, fried foods.

Alcohol can be consumed very limited. Coffee and strong tea are contraindicated.

Reflex ways to eliminate tachycardia

Sometimes, how to treat a paroxysmal tachycardia is prompted by the body itself. People find a definite position of the body, in which the frequency of the heartbeats is reduced. Typical examples: hanging the torso from the bed, tilting down, sipping with yawning.

Eye massage
Simultaneously, the eyesight and appearance of

improves. It is recommended to try 4 methods to influence the reflex zones:

  • deeply massage the supraclavicular zone( here the carotid sinus is located);
  • close your eyes and massage your eyeballs in a circular motion;
  • breathe seldom and deeply with air retardation at inspiratory height;
  • get air "in the stomach" and strain.

Massage do not last longer than 2 - 3 minutes, to delay breathing enough 15 - 20 seconds.

Popular recommendations

Traditional medicine has accumulated its experience in the treatment of tachycardia. In medicinal recipes used plant mixtures, roots, fruits, berries, fruit juice.

Based on popular recommendations, the pharmacological industry makes tinctures of motherwort, valerian, hawthorn. These useful tools can not be prepared independently, but purchased in the pharmacy network. Take 10 to 15 drops three times a day or with a palpitation.

Still advised: cardiogram with sinus tachycardia
How to treat sinus tachycardia?

Folk remedies for tachycardia are based on a general calming effect, sleep normalization and the work of the nervous system, a direct effect on the excitability of the myocardium, the activation of the general regulatory systems of the body to ensure its protection.

  1. Calendula flowers and herbaceous motherwort make up an effective phyto mixture( by pinch into a glass of boiling water), it is better to insist 2 hours in a small thermos bottle. Drink after straining in a warm form after dinner.
  2. Of the dried flowers of a white willow( a tablespoon to a glass of hot water) is prepared infusion for an hour, after percolation divided into 6 receptions.
  3. Melissa tea( a tablespoon of herbs per glass) is brewed as a regular drink, drink up to three times a day. Healing alcohol tinctures

    For alcoholic tinctures, there is a general rule of use: take only drops or incomplete teaspoons. Because of the alcohol content, the drugs are quickly absorbed into the stomach. Can be added to tea. But do not mix with alcoholic beverages. It is no longer a cure.

    Juice of one lemon, half a cup of pressed juice of chokeberry, 200 ml of cranberry juice and carrot mix, add a glass of vodka. Keep refrigerated. Use an hour before eating on a tablespoon, pre-shaking.

    From harvested berries of hawthorn squeeze the juice, add an equal amount of vodka. The received tincture to drink on a teaspoon before meal.

    Herbal tinctures
    Good help for busy people

    Interesting ways to prepare traditional medicines by composing combinations of ready-made pharmacy tinctures:

    1. Mix in equal parts tinctures of motherwort, valerian, hawthorn with Corvalol. Drink 30 minutes before eating 30 drops each.
    2. To one volume of eucalyptus tincture add 1/2 part of tincture of mint and 100 ml of hawthorn, peony, valerian. Mix everything in a glass bowl, put 10 heads of cloves and press for at least 10 days. To treat a teaspoon dissolve in ½ cup of water.
    3. A mixture of an equal amount of tinctures of hawthorn and propolis is recommended to take 20 drops per half a cup of water before meals. Simultaneously, lowers arterial pressure in hypertensive patients.

    Honey recipes

    Honey is good for adding to taste in any herbal teas. Its useful biological components have an effect in different combinations.

    1. Mix 4 tablespoons of honey with two tablespoons of perga, drink tea spoons three times a day.
    2. Prepare a well crushed pulp of ten garlic heads, pour over ten lemons with juice and add 1 kg of honey. Mix well the ingredients. Infuse seven days, take no more than four teaspoons a day.
    3. Eastern recipe includes equal volumes of lemons, raisins, prunes, walnut kernels, dried apricots. They need to be twisted in a meat grinder, combine with 0.5 kg of honey and mix. Take 2 tablespoons once a day.
    4. Honey mixes well with beet juice. Recommended for half a glass twice a day before meals.
    5. Combine tinctures of hawthorn and valerian, add a few drops of camphor oil, leaves of geranium( up to 20), almonds in nuts. All grind in a blender, mix with 250 ml of honey. Keep in the refrigerator and take it on an empty stomach in the morning on a teaspoon.
    6. Broth of wormwood( tablespoon), dilute in half a cup of water and add a spoonful of honey, drink overnight.

    Decoction of herbs and fruits

    The recommended herbal remedies are used in the form of decoctions, while the necessary medicinal substances are extracted from them.

    Collection of medicinal herbs
    For self-collection of herbs you need to get acquainted with the optimal terms
    1. Broth of hawthorn: cook on a small fire a tablespoon of dried fruit( water to pour a glass), boil until half the volume remains. Strain and take a teaspoon before eating.
    2. You can use the modified version: add celandine grass in an equal proportion, boil for 10 minutes, then infuse for another 5 hours. Drink half a glass after eating.
    3. Prepare tea leaves for tea made from rose hips, hawthorn, motherwort leaves and green tea.
    4. The combination of grass valerian, hawthorn, linden flowers, arnica and motherwort on a glass of boiled water allows you to prepare an effective decoction, which when used diluted( a tablespoon of a glass of water) is recommended three times a day.
    5. Violet infusion is indicated for long-term treatment.
    6. Herbs with less pronounced antiarrhythmic action: parsley, dill, marsh swine, horsetail, anise, yarrow. You can add them yourself in combination.

    Treatment with folk remedies provides for long-term use. The effect will come in 2 - 3 months. It should pay attention to the tolerability of herbs, the lack of allergic reactions, a painful response from the stomach to the means with garlic, lemon juice, beets. The selection of herbal remedies is better coordinated with a specialist.