Diet 5 tablespoons for weight loss: turn to a healthy lifestyle

Diet 5 tablespoons for weight loss: turn to a healthy lifestyle

One of the most popular diets at the moment is a diet of 5 tablespoons, which is not just a diet that allows you to bring your weight back to normal, but a way of life that must be maintained throughoutthroughout his life.

Nutritionists say that most fat people can not cope with a constant sense of hunger for the reason that they have a stomach stretch. This is due to the constant use of large amounts of food and fluid, due to which the walls of the stomach begin to stretch. Therefore for them even short-term diets are a big test, since even after eating the stomach does not fill up completely, there is free space in it, which causes hunger.

Diet 5 tablespoons

The diet of 5 tablespoons is aimed at reducing the volume of the stomach to a normal state, at which rapid saturation occurs. Accordingly, that having reduced the stomach, you can get rid and superfluous kgs. The main thing is to survive the first week - one and a half, and then you can easily go to a healthy lifestyle and lose those extra pounds.

Rules of the diet 5 tablespoons

There are certain rules, the fulfillment of which will allow you to achieve the set goals:

  • the amount of food eaten at a time should not exceed 200 g( 5 tablespoons or 15 teaspoons);
  • you can eat anything and anytime, the main thing is that the break between meals is at least 3 hours;
  • drinks are allowed almost everything, but only without sugar;
  • solid products( cheeses, vegetables and fruits) must be weighed before use;
  • consumes salt to a minimum, because it causes appetite;
  • needs to drink a lot of liquid, but immediately after a meal it can not be done, as the walls of the stomach will also begin to stretch and there will be no sense from observing the diet.

5 tablespoons

As you can see, the rules are very simple. Even a child can fulfill them. Observance of all these rules will allow you to get rid of 5 kg per week. Continue to follow the diet is recommended and after the weight is normalized. According to nutritionists, the body adapts to everything and once the weight returns to normal, it will stop falling and will be in the same pair.

Video about a diet of 5 spoons