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  • Acne on the cheeks: where do they come from?
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  • Get rid of pimples on the cheeks
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Clean cheeks

Acne on the cheeks: where do they come from?

The appearance of acne or acne on the face in general, and on the cheeks in particular - a phenomenon quite common. Someone thinks that this problem is typical only for adolescence. In part, so it is.

But what to do when it's time girlhood has long ago passed, and pimples - here they are, on the face? Which side to approach to the treatment of acne on the cheeks: where to start and what to treat? The doctor-dermatologist in such cases will immediately send the patient to the examination. After all, most likely, the reasons for the appearance of acne are hidden inside the body.

Hormones and digestive tract

After laboratory tests, it is found that the "culprits" of the appearance on the cheeks of acne are most often violations of the hormonal balance and problems with the gastrointestinal tract. With dysbiosis, dysbiosis caused by a stomach ulcer, cholecystitis, gastritis, the appearance of acne is simply inevitable - because the whole life support system of the organism is broken.


Failures in the hormonal system are usually accompanied by an increased content of the male hormone - testosterone. This hormone disrupts the normal functioning of the sebaceous glands, which leads to the formation of acne and acne on the cheeks.

Pimple or not a pimple?(Diagram)

Names of the phenomena on the skin

Hygiene and Cosmetic

Have you noticed the habit of propping your cheek with your hand while listening to your interlocutor? Little things? No, it's far from trivial, because often because of this and there are pimples on the cheeks, the imminent treatment of which will take away a lot of nerves, time and money. And prevention is very simple: do not touch your face with a person unless you absolutely need it. Hands are always dirty! If there is such a habit - control your behavior, and half of the eels will disappear by themselves.

Another problem is comedogenic cosmetics. If you constantly use, for example, foundation creams - very quickly pores the skin pores.

Subcutaneous fat accumulates in the ducts, the process of multiplication of microorganisms begins there - the pimple is ready. In order not to "tear off" the girl's phones in search of advice, how to remove acne on the cheeks, remember: cosmetics is good only in moderation.

An important role in the formation of acne and acne is nutrition, its mode and the quality of products. If in your diet an important place is fast food - wondering the appearance of acne is not worth it. The same can be said about the adherents of coffee, cigarettes, alcohol. Do not discount the allergic reactions of the body. If you remove from your life bad habits - after them and pimples from the cheeks.

Folk remedies for acne on the face: Video

Get rid of pimples on the cheeks

Pimples on the cheeks

Noticing the prick on the cheek, you should not panic: it is quite possible that such a single phenomenon will pass by itself. And in any case do not take in head to put pressure on acne - this can turn into serious infectious problems. But if you still could not resist and squeezed out a pimple on your cheek - this place should be urgently disinfected with alcohol or hydrogen peroxide. In case of severe redness or swelling, consult a doctor immediately.

We go to the pharmacy

Today on the shelves of pharmacies you can find a lot of drugs designed specifically for fighting acne. Pharmacists are sure to advise how to treat acne on the cheeks, what means it is best to use.

An excellent result gives creams "Baziron", "Zinerit", "Skinoren".This is a powerful tool, so before using them, be sure to read the instruction leaflet. Be sure to apply these drugs to the cleansed face, using chlorhexidine for cleansing, which is also sold at the pharmacy.

Home first-aid kit

You can apply the medication from the first-aid kit:

  • Conventional iodine will be a godsend for those who have not yet matured pimples, but have only become red painful specks. You need to pinpoint them with iodine for 7 days. Of course, we will have to give up walks, but the pimples will disappear, without turning into trouble.
  • aloe will become an excellent assistant in the fight against acne. To remove pus from the pimples, the cut leaf of the plant is applied by the flesh to the problem site and fixed with a plaster. Repeat this procedure three times, preferably in the evening.
  • Somewhat odor is Vishnevsky ointment and ichthyol ointment .But the wonderful properties of these drugs compensate for unpleasant sensations. Put on the napkin ointment patch on the pimple. It is best to do this at night. After 4-5 sessions, acne will disappear.
  • How to quickly get rid of acne on the cheeks - will help this recipe. 1 teaspoon of soda and sugar must be dissolved in a glass of boiling water. Moistened in a solution with a cotton pad gently wipe your cheeks. When the face dries, wash with household( or tar) soap. Now apply a thin layer of butter, wait an hour. At the end of the procedure, wash again, but without soap.
  • Prepare ointment from raspberry leaves .Washed leaves should be lowered into boiling water, immediately taking out, squeezing out the juice from them. Mix it with butter so that a thick mass forms. For the night with this ointment, rub acne and pimples on the cheeks. Keep the product in the cold.

Acne on the cheeks is so unpleasant phenomenon that it is necessary to fight them immediately, only after noticing the first signs of their formation. Do not at all expect that they will pass by themselves!

Facial mask of oatmeal from acne: Video

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Published: 27-04-2015