Common and little-known causes of acne on the face

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  • Hormonal reconstructions
    • Taking medications
  • Our video! What causes acne on the forehead and how to treat them
  • Internal causes of acne
  • External causes of acne
  • Oatmeal mask for acne. Home recipe! Acne and beauty are notions that are mutually exclusive. As soon as we notice even the slightest hint of them, it starts to irritate us. Immediately they want to cover up something or hamper, which makes the problem worse. Have you ever wondered what are the causes of permanent acne on the face? Everyone knows about hormonal storms and poor nutrition, but, maybe, there are some that you did not even know about?

    Hormonal reconstructions of

    Clean skin One of the most common causes of rashes on the face is changes in the hormonal background in different periods of life. Among them we can distinguish the following:

    • Period of puberty. Acne in teenagers is a common thing. Some suffer from them more, some - less, but there is no one who does not know what pimples are.
    • Time before menstruation. One of the obvious signs of the approaching special days in the calendar of each girl are pimples, which suddenly pop up on the face. There is nothing terrible in them, as they are temporary and take place about a week.
    • Pregnancy. It is during this period with pimples that it is more difficult to fight, as the female organism is overcome by a real hormonal storm. Some hormones, which begin to be intensively developed, so that pregnancy proceeds normally, at the same time provoke a more active work of the sebaceous glands.
    • Endocrine Disorders. Disturbances in the thyroid gland, adrenal gland or balance of female and male hormones - all this can be the cause of acne on the face.

    Taking medications


    Contraceptive oral contraceptives have among their side effects the appearance of acne. If you take them on a regular basis, and this is accompanied by copious rashes, it makes sense to consult your doctor so that he can choose another remedy for you.

    Also, acne can be the result of taking steroids. In this case, they appear not only on the face, but also on the back or shoulders. Acne spread quickly and occupy large areas, have the property of merging. They quickly disappear after the drug is discontinued. For athletes, long-term use of such drugs is not recommended, as this leads to a deterioration of the skin condition.

    Our video! What causes acne on the forehead and how to treat them

    Internal causes of acne

    In addition to hormonal changes, the appearance of acne on the face causes internal causes associated with various diseases and heredity. These include:

    • Allergy. Usually it is easy to distinguish, because rashes appear suddenly and are accompanied by itching. Such a reaction can cause, like food products and drugs, and contact with toxic substances and their evaporation.
    • Disorders of the digestive system or eating unhealthy foods. Dysbacteriosis and pimples on the face are inextricably linked. The food is not digested as it should, the processes of putrefaction begin in the intestines and harmful substances enter the blood.
    • Stress. All diseases from nerves. Heard about this? The same goes for acne. Nervous overexertion not only provokes their appearance, but also aggravates an already existing problem. Lack of sleep is a common cause of stress.
    • Bold skin type. This is what your parents awarded you. Sebaceous glands are predisposed to more active work, because of what they quickly clog, especially if you do not care for your face. Demystecosis. This disease is caused by a microscopic mite that feeds on sebum and cosmetics, which we apply to the skin. Demodecosis is a fairly common reason for the appearance of pimples on the face, so if they strongly bother you, then you need to pass an analysis for the presence of this parasite. Note, when the pimples are grouped, for example, on one forehead, only on the right cheek, or are located in one line.

    External causes of acne

    Acne can also appear due to external factors, so be attentive to your face. Here's what leads to skin rashes:

    • Lack of proper facial care. No matter how tired you are, you must remove cosmetics and wash yourself. Timely cleansing and moisturizing will save you many problems. However, do not overdo it. Too frequent peeling and washing - the reasons for the pimple on the face, because they overdry the skin.
    • Cosmetics of poor quality or inappropriate to your skin type. For example, powder clogs the pores much more than a foundation. This should be taken into account when selecting masking means. What to say that they should be tested and with a normal shelf life.
    • Extruding acne and self-medication are two more reasons for the appearance of acne on the face. When squeezing out, you spread pathogenic microbes to still uninfected areas of the skin, and inappropriate methods of treatment will only lead to an exacerbation.
    • Dirty hands, brushes and makeup sponges. To touch hands at all is not recommended, especially unwashed. And on the instruments, if they are not cleaned in time, the bacteria are collected, which you smear on the face when applying make-up.
    • Acne on the face Phone. Do you know how many microbes live on your mobile phone? Specialists, he is recognized as one of the dirtiest things in our everyday life. It must be wiped with special napkins or alcohol every few days.
    • I Do Sports. You, probably, were surprised, after all, that can be healthier than sports. But during training we have sweating, which is mixed with sebum and dust particles, and this is already a favorable environment for the reproduction of microbes.
    • Felt. This part of the hairstyle interferes with the normal air circulation, which is why numerous acne can be observed in the forehead area.
    • Pillowcases. If you do not change them in time, it can cause the appearance of acne on the face, as a lot of microbes gather in dirty laundry. Change them every week.
    • Hot weather and excess ultraviolet. When it's hot, we sweat and it's the same as when we go in for sports. But the ultraviolet, useful in small amounts, when abused by it leads to the fact that the skin coarsens and begins to produce more lubricant, respectively, pimples appear.
    • Toothpaste. If the rash is located mainly around the mouth, then it can be a reaction to toothpaste. Replace it with another, giving preference to more natural.

    Oatmeal mask for acne. Home recipe!

    Oatmeal mask from acne

    As you can see, there are many causes of rashes. Some are eliminated quite easily, others require thorough treatment, so if you can not cope with acne for a long time, you should definitely contact a dermatologist who will tell you what to do next.

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    Published: 24-05-2016