Acne on the stomach: causes and treatment

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  • Causes of acne on the stomach
    • Diseases accompanied by a rash on the abdomen
  • Increased immunity for complex control of rashes. Instruction
  • Treatment of acne on the abdomen
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Belly without acne Acne is by no means the most pleasant phenomenon in our life. But if we know approximately what to do with them on the face or back and do not panic about it, the acne on the stomach usually causes a lot of questions. Where did they come from? Is it dangerous? Is it possible to treat them at home or need to urgently run to the doctor? We'll talk about all this now.

Causes of acne on the stomach

There are many reasons for the appearance of acne on the stomach and this is almost always an occasion to consult a dermatologist. First, take a good look at how they look and what kind of rashes they have.

  • hormonal failures cause disruption of the sebaceous glands, which causes their blockage. Thus, acne known to us can appear not only on the face, but also on the abdomen. If this is 1-2 pimples, then there is nothing terrible, if there are a lot of them and they are all inflamed, then the specialist can not do without the help;
  • pregnancy. The cause of the appearance of acne on the abdomen during the bearing of the child can be not only raging hormones, but also wearing a bandage that interferes with normal air exchange. To prevent this, the bandage should be worn for periods, not around the clock. Also it is necessary to choose the checked up firms, because the bandage from poor-quality materials can be dangerous;
  • allergy is one of the reasons why small pimples on the stomach are itchy. These can be blisters, reddish spots, small papules. Such a rash appears suddenly and immediately on a large area of ​​the skin. It should be remembered that the allergy can be not only food, but also the fabric from which clothes or bed linen and household chemicals are made. Remember, or you have not encountered something new lately;
  • sweating. It happens not only in children, but also in adults. Especially it is prone to people with excessive body weight, as well as fans of synthetic clothing. In hot weather, if the skin does not breathe, small pimples on the abdomen can easily appear.

Diseases accompanied by a rash on the abdomen


If the above reasons do not represent any terrible danger, then those about which we will speak now require immediate medical attention.

  • Pimples on the abdomen herpes and shingles. In this case, on your stomach you will observe a large number of bubbles with a clear liquid or pustules with pus, while the skin can be very sick. Herpes is a viral disease that requires thorough and prolonged treatment;
  • a number of infectious diseases are also accompanied by a rash. Then pryshchiki on the abdomen are accompanied by an increase in body temperature, a cough or sore throat. In this scenario, the rash is only a secondary symptom of the disease;
  • scabies. Most often it appears on the hands and between the fingers, but the itch mite can also catch the bottom of the abdomen. In the beginning of the disease on the skin appear small papules, which eventually turn into vesicles. They tend to merge into one large inflamed spot, covered with a crust. If small pimples appeared on the abdomen, which are very itchy, then this may well be the work of an itch mite;
  • diseases are sexually transmitted. Some of them, for example, syphilis, are accompanied by a rash. In the case of syphilis, the danger is that small pimples appear on the abdomen and quickly disappear, not bringing any discomfort. They are often mistaken for an allergic reaction. The rash will then return, like other symptoms, but the important time will be missed. Therefore, those who do not have a regular sexual partner and at the same time engage in unprotected sex, for any manifestations of the rash, one should consult a dermatologist and take a number of tests.

There is one more infectious disease, which is accompanied by acne - this is a molluscum contagiosum. It is completely safe and in most cases does not require treatment. In this disease, the rashes appear in the form of papules, which in the center have a small depression.

Increased immunity for complex control of rashes. Instructions for

Increase of immunity for complex control of rashes

Treatment of acne on the abdomen

The cause of rashes in the abdomen is many and while some are completely harmless, others are a symptom of serious illnesses. Only in terms of determining what trigger trigger for acne, not always can even a doctor, not to mention a person who does not have medical education. Therefore it is important for rashes in this area to always consult a dermatologist. Of course, if you have a single pimple on your stomach, this is not a reason to worry and run to the hospital rudely, but when this phenomenon is repeated again and again, you need to listen to the body.

Clean belly Treatment for acne can be divided into three stages:

  1. The first step is to find out the cause.
  2. Now the reason needs to be eliminated. If it is a disease, the doctor will prescribe you a cure. With allergies, you have to get rid of its source, otherwise no antihistamines will not help you.
  3. When acne is very disturbing, in addition to internal medication, the doctor may prescribe ointments or topical gels that should relieve itching, swelling and inflammation.

When there are a lot of pimples on the stomach and they itch to apply them well with chamomile or calendula infusion. In severe inflammatory processes, ointments that contain antibiotics or antiviral components may be needed.

It is very important to observe the hygiene of the skin. Take a shower in time, the bath is not recommended in such cases. Wear clothes made of natural fabrics. Do not comb, and do not rash acne. In the period of their healing, do not rush and rip off the crusts from them, so as not to infect the wound and then to form scars on the skin.

Video. How to remove traces of acne

Red acne on the abdomen is a signal of your body that something is wrong with it. Do not ignore it. Even if you are sure that there is nothing terrible, observe the rashes for a while and at the slightest change for the worse, do not self-medicate.

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Published: 26-01-2016