The prickling pimples on his face: what's the matter?

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  • Why does acne appear on my face?
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Acne, more known to us as pimples or acne, is considered the most common skin disease in young people, especially adolescents. In most cases, their appearance is accompanied by unpleasant painful sensations. But it is not uncommon for people who are prickly to acne on the face and those of a more mature age.

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Clinical picture

For any problem skin, special care is required, and that it has the most healthy appearance, it must be constantly taken care of. Red sores on the face are one of the most dangerous skin problems. They are also called furuncles in another way, because inflammation occurs under the skin. The same disease is called furunculosis. Formations of this kind differ not only in their painfulness, but also in the difficulty of removal.


Regardless of the reason for the appearance of sores on the face, the process of their appearance is almost always the same. At first, minor red spots appear, then painful sensations appear, after which the spots turn into hard tubercles and gradually transform into abscesses. The ripening process lasts about 2 weeks, accompanied by painful and not very pleasant aesthetic appearance.

Structure of the boil. Figure

Structure of the boil

Why does acne appear on my face?

It is worth noting that acne is, first of all, the external manifestation of any disease. Therefore, the elimination of this scourge without understanding the causes that gave rise to it is a very long and exhausting procedure, often ineffective, and even completely useless. Moreover, eliminating only the external symptoms, the underlying disease in any case will generate more and more new inflammations. As a result, serious complications can arise.

But, nevertheless, regardless of the disease, all the causes of the appearance of internal pimples are reduced to the incorrect operation of the sebaceous glands. This leads to the following:

  • breakdown of fat release;
  • occludes the ducts of the sebaceous glands;
  • in the clogged glands disrupted metabolism, resulting in - an inflammatory process;
  • activating, skin bacteria begin to form on the face very painful red pimples;
  • violation of the digestive system;
  • endocrine disorders;
  • hormonal imbalance.

What diseases prevent acne?


The doctor, when he comes to the treatment of inflammation, first of all finds out what exactly this ailment provoked. Having conducted the necessary examinations and finding out the exact causes of the disease, the doctor will give recommendations, suggest the optimal method of treatment.

Often people, because of any circumstances, prefer folk methods of treatment. But even in this case it is important to know what is the reason for which body you need to pay more close attention. This will help you to choose the right remedy, for example, for the treatment of an ordinary rash, or when acne on the face hurts and fester.

It turns out that depending on the place where the pimples are localized, it depends what is the source of their appearance:

  • If the pimples are located on the forehead along the hair growth line, then this indicates problems with the gall bladder, and if around the eyebrows - then with the intestine.
  • Acne near the bridge of the nose suggests that the liver is overloaded. Eat less smoked, roast, reduce the consumption of protein.
  • Spotted with pimples of the nose - the heart and blood vessels are not working well. Balance the power, increase the load. Acne near the lips - broken digestive system.
  • Pimples on the chin appear as a result of lack of sleep, bad habits, indicate a violation of the hormonal balance.

How to remove an internal pimple. Our video

Remember, from any situation there is a way out, so complex or panic about the appearance on the face of internal sore spots is not worth it. If you constantly take care of your skin, systematically and purposefully carry out prevention and treatment, over time you can forget about acne forever.

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Published: 23-07-2015