Subcutaneous pimples. What is this ailment?

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  • How subcutaneous acne is formed
    • Clinical picture
    • Factors provoking the appearance of internal acne
    • Prevention of the disease
  • Toning mask for acne for oily skin. Instruction
  • Treatment
  • Video. How to get rid of internal acne on the face

Of all the types of rashes, the most unpleasant, perhaps, are subcutaneous pimples. Not only that they are very long and painfully ripening, these "surprises" are able to appear on any part of the body, up to intimate places. There are often cases when people start to complex with their appearance, and they have self-doubt. So what kind of attack is this?

How the subcutaneous pimples

A person without acne are formed Having found out on the face or any other place a mature pimple, first of all it is necessary to think what the reason for its appearance. In the future this can facilitate the treatment of subcutaneous pimples and avoid unforeseen consequences.

It is known that sebum serves us as a natural remedy that softens the skin and hair, making them more elastic. In addition, it is also a kind of antimicrobial protection. Speaking to the surface of the skin through the sebaceous glands, under certain conditions, fat forms sebaceous clots.

Overlapping the ducts, they clog the microbes and bacteria that are there, which provokes the onset of inflammation. Because of this, suppuration begins under the skin, pus rises to the surface, thus forming a swelling of painful tubercles - subcutaneous pimples.

Clinical picture


Regardless of what specifically caused the formation of subcutaneous acne, the clinical picture of this disease is almost always the same. In the beginning, there is a slight reddening, then pain begins to appear, and soon there are hard tubercles, which gradually transform into abscesses. The whole process usually takes 1-2 weeks and is accompanied not only by unpleasant painful sensations, but also by a not very aesthetic kind.

Factors that trigger the appearance of internal acne

"Trigger hook", or the reason why subcutaneous pimples appear, can serve as any of the following factors:

  • colds;
  • improper power supply;
  • non-compliance with hygiene rules and regulations;
  • problems in the work of the endocrine or nervous system;
  • hormonal changes;
  • allergic reaction;
  • bad habits, such as smoking or alcohol;
  • heredity.

All this is only an impetus for development in the hypodermic sebaceous glands of inflammatory processes. The main culprit, from which the subcutaneous acne begins to intensively ripen, is the pathogenic microflora. In ordinary life, bacteria that live on the skin of any person, do not show themselves much. But they need to create "favorable" conditions, as they immediately, penetrating deep into the skin, cause inflammation, the treatment of which can take a lot of time and energy.

Prevention of the disease

Acne Treatment To lessen the problem of how to treat subcutaneous acne less often, to prevent this skin imperfection specialists recommend adhering to certain rules and carrying out certain preventive measures:

  • strictly observe the rules of personal hygiene;
  • regularly and properly take care of your skin;
  • adhere to the diet, eat environmentally friendly and quality products;
  • to use high-quality cosmetics suitable for your skin type;
  • choosing clothes, give preference only to natural fabrics;
  • to go in for sports, often to be outdoors.

Toning mask for acne for oily skin. Instruction

Toning mask for acne for oily skin


Today, there are a lot of tools and options for how to treat subcutaneous pimples, but the most effective way is, nevertheless, a visit to a dermatologist. After all, the pimple itself is only a consequence of some malaise in the body, and the true cause that caused its appearance can be determined only by the doctor. In accordance with this, he decides which treatment is most effective for each individual case.

To effectively treat this trouble, two treatment regimens are used simultaneously. While one of them is working on excluding the cause of subcutaneous acne, the second one at this time is struggling directly with the rashes themselves. As for clarifying and eradicating the very disease that caused inflammation, then the doctor can solve this problem only. The second part of the treatment is based on the selection of a method of combating abscesses. These can be ointments, creams, antibiotic gels or procedures( for example, ozone therapy or autohemotherapy), but they should also be used as prescribed by a dermatologist.

Pure face Pimples often appear in such inconvenient places, where it is not about aesthetic beauty, but about comfort. For example, the subcutaneous pimple appeared under the arm, although not visible from the outside, but it causes a lot of inconvenience. It can be cured with disinfectant ointments like Differin or Zinerit, as well as "pulling" compresses with ichthyol or Vishnevsky ointment.

Hypodermic pimples not neck can be lubricated overnight with antibiotics( eg, Klindovitom), rub twice daily with calendula or salicylic acid. These procedures disinfect the skin and dry the inflammation.

Ozone therapy destroys all pathogenic microflora, removes and removes inflammation, even in the places of appearance of cones. Autohemotherapy, that is, the transfusion of their own blood, promotes rapid healing of damaged skin and resorption of acne. But before treating a subcutaneous pimple in this way, you must first try out all available traditional methods of treatment. And if they do not give a positive result, then the doctor appoints a transfusion procedure, which activates all metabolic processes and immune mechanisms in the body.

Video. How to get rid of internal acne on the face

Remember, the first rule of any civilized person is strict adherence to hygienic norms and daily care for your skin. Even if you have to do without make-up on some days - it's better to spend an extra hour cleaning the skin than a lot of time to treat subcutaneous acne. After all, if during the day the fat on the skin blocks the pores - inflammatory processes can not be avoided.

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Published: 03-02-2016