How to get rid of acne

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  • Is it real to quickly return the skin to its former attractiveness?
    • Tincture of dandelion root from acne. Instruction
    • The main ways to quickly get rid of acne
    • What means are removed acne
  • Video. Mask for the face with soda and honey from acne and acne

The crazy pace of modern life is so fast that if something happened, then we try to get rid of any problem as quickly as possible. Better yet, if immediately. There is no exception to the fight with suddenly jumped pimples( acne), especially on the face before some important meeting. So I have to contrive how to get rid of acne in one day.

Is it real to quickly return the skin to its former attractiveness?

Pure face When at a critical moment somewhere in a prominent place there are unattractive acne, a person in an emergency goes over even to radical measures, thereby aggravating an already serious problem. But why do they appear at crucial moments? After all, not under the law of meanness? Apparently, there is a reason for that.


It turns out that if a person is nervous( and before any serious event this happens with almost everyone), there is a sharp release of hormones, which is a direct way to the appearance of acne. In addition, their appearance is affected:

  • improperly selected diet;
  • increased fat content of the skin;
  • nerve strain;
  • insufficient skin cleansing;
  • is a metabolic disorder associated with some kind of disease.

Tincture of dandelion root from acne. Instruction

Tincture of dandelion root from acne

The main ways to quickly get rid of acne

Since the treatment of acne takes quite a long time, and their presence creates a pretty icky appearance, for emergency cases, there are several ways how to remove acne in 1 day. They are not only inexpensive, but also affordable. The main thing that in their structure there were components which possessed though one of the following properties:

  • calmed a skin;
  • had an antiseptic effect;
  • stimulated skin regeneration and circulation.

There are only three effective ways to get rid of acne in a day:

  1. squeezing is usually the first thing that comes to mind, but it's better to entrust such a procedure to a specialist, since it is not recommended to do this yourself at all, so that it does not get worse;
  2. with medication;
  3. folk remedies.

It should be borne in mind that it is unlikely to completely get rid of acne in 1 day, but making them less noticeable or at least reducing in size is quite realistic.

How to remove acne

Almost every home has the most common drugs. Thanks to some of them, any person can easily get rid of acne in one day. Just need to know what kind of drug it is, and how to use it correctly.

  • Acne Treatment Salicylic acid( 2%), preferably an aqueous solution. In extreme cases, if not, you can always buy at any pharmacy. It is necessary to put a tampon on inflammation, to withstand 15 minutes.and rinse with water.
  • Aspirin. Finely crush one tablet, mix the powder with any baby cream and this mixture to lubricate the problem areas. After a 20-minute exposure, wash everything off first with warm water and then with cold water.
  • Drops for the nose. With a cotton swab or a tamponchik, apply a spot on the pimples and 3-5 minutes.cauterize.
  • Aloe. This tool allows you to cope not only with the problem of how to get rid of acne in a day, but also from redness, spots, black spots and much more. You need a cut leaf for 15 minutes.attach to the pimple, then just remove, nothing washing off. The procedure throughout the day is repeated once every hour.
  • Levomekol. Spot ointment on acne and do not rinse.
  • Calendula tincture. This means very well dries and restores the skin, which allows you to cope with even such a problem as to get rid of the pimple in one day. It is necessary to apply three times a day every 8 hours to inflamed places. If the skin is very sensitive or dry, for coughing up with acne tincture enough and one or two times.

There is an opinion that very well cleanses the pores, removes redness and dries acne toothpaste. No one conducted any special studies, but practice shows that only half of all people who used this method achieved the expected effect.

Video. Face Mask with soda and honey from acne and acne

Remember, any acne is an inflammation caused by some kind of malfunction in the body, and is just an external manifestation of the problem. Any attempt to disguise them or use the funds to help get rid of just one day from acne and other inflammations is a temporary measure, and until the very root cause of suppuration is destroyed, the pimples will not completely disappear. They need only be treated. And thoroughly.

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Published: 04-02-2016