Pimples on the forehead, like cones? Jokes aside, we are not Christmas trees!

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  • Folk remedies for acne on the face: Video

Acne is truly scarypunishment for any girl or woman, and the punishment is absolutely undeserved. And especially if they are located on the face, moreover - on the forehead. Of course, they can somehow be disguised: chelochka, various cosmetics, but all this, of course, will not be the same. And if this pimple on the forehead is like a bump? It's not up to make-up - such a disease needs to be treated. Urgently, not for a moment postponing to "afterwards".

Clean forehead

Acne as a phenomenon

The appearance of acne or acne itself( and the term "acne" is accepted in medicine) is a very widespread and well-studied phenomenon. But from this they do not become less painful, causing severe itching and spoiling the appearance of their mistress. Especially it concerns an internal eel, when a pimple appears in the forehead in the form of a cone. The fact is that in this zone there are much more sebaceous and sweat glands than in other areas of the face. What helps the body to maintain almost always open skin in good condition.

Types of acne

  • Face
  • Structure of a pimple
  • White pimples
  • Comedones
  • Internal pimples
  • Purulent pimples

Excess sebum secretion often clogs the mouth of the sebaceous glands, fat accumulates in the ducts, ubiquitous microbes begin their work - after 1-1,5 weeks on the pure forehead an ugly cone grows. However, for this to happen, the future owner of such a dubious decoration must violate a number of rules. Let's see what the acne comes about:

  • Pimple in the forehead area( and not only one!) Is sure to be formed if the person's hygiene rules are violated. Thus it is necessary to know in everything a measure: for example, it is necessary to wash only 2-3 times a day. Less is impossible - sweat and fat, mixed with dust, will clog the mouth of the glands, giving rise to the development of the subcutaneous eel. More is also harmful - the protective film is washed off from the skin, one of the components of which is the same fat: the forehead pores remain completely unprotected from the action of microorganisms.
  • It is extremely reasonable to treat and to the selection of cosmetics: do not use those that are too dry or moisturize the face, it's completely useless when cosmetics irritate the skin.
  • Subcutaneous pimples usually appear if not only the diet, but also the diet is disturbed. Oily, salty, sweet food is the "supplier" of acne to the skin of any person. Especially it concerns lovers of eating all kinds of fast food, drinking with strong drinks. And if you add alcohol, nicotine and large quantities of coffee here, you will probably have a visit to the dermatologist in the near future.
  • Acne on the forehead may be evidence of a malfunction in the operation of the gastrointestinal tract, liver, gall bladder. If acne appears regularly and in large quantities, be sure to consult a specialist.
  • It is quite possible and hormonal failures that is typical for adolescence, pregnancy, etc.

Remember the main thing: in whatever form pimples appear on the forehead or face, they can not be squeezed out under any circumstances! Never! Otherwise, you risk not only "dissolve" a whole colony of acne on your face, but remain with scars or scars from them for life.

Struggle with acne on the forehead

Of course, the subcutaneous pimple that appeared as a lump on the forehead should be started to be treated, first of all, by finding out the reason for its formation. To do this, you need to contact a dermatologist. Perhaps, these acne and cones are not a simple defect of the skin, but a consequence of the disease of some internal organ. In any case, the doctor will prescribe the correct treatment - in the form of medicines or cosmetic procedures.


In each individual case, its own set of preparations for the face is selected, so do not agree with the suggestion of the girlfriend to use her "miracle-ointment."She helped her, but in your case it can turn out the opposite effect. Usually after the examination they can prescribe:

  1. Metronidazole is an antiprotozium drug.
  2. Vitamin complex consisting of vitamins of group A, B, C, E;as well as zinc, copper, selenium.
  3. Azithromycin, erythromycin, amixon - antibacterial therapy with a high degree of infection of the skin.
  4. Isotretinoin, roacutane - systemic retinoids, are prescribed in severe cases of the disease.
  5. Women over 25 years of age are shown estrogen therapy.

And of course, Vishnevsky's ointment. Despite its specific odor, it gives an amazing result: it has been tested for decades and millions of patients.

Also for the local treatment of internal acne on the forehead are used funds in the form of creams, ointments, gels. It can be Metrogil-gel, Baziron AS, Zinerit, Differin, zinc ointment. The main thing in the application of all these drugs is consistency and consistency. When fighting aces with acne the most important role is played by willpower - you can never give up, stop halfway.

Cosmetic procedures

In the salons will also provide the necessary help to remove acne on the forehead, but only after the course of treatment for a dermatologist is completed. To date, several basic methods are practiced:

  • Chemical peeling.
  • Ultrasonic peeling is a gentle way to clean the forehead skin. During the procedure, the dead skin particles are removed from the forehead, the pores are well cleaned.
  • Vacuum cleaning is perfect for those with enlarged pores.

And remember, if the pimples appeared on the forehead, but do not pass by yourself, it's better not to experiment on yourself, but contact the specialists.

Mask for facial skin from oatmeal from acne: Video

Folk remedies

Birch buds

For its many thousands of years of history, mankind has learned to fight various ailments, including acne on the forehead, with its own folk methods. At your discretion, several recipes for getting rid of blackheads at home by improvised methods. It should be noted again that such drugs can give a good result only in the initial stages of the disease.

  • Experts strongly recommend washing with a decoction of birch buds( for 200 ml of water 1 spoonful of kidneys).Also, use decoctions of sage and chamomile( 2 teaspoons per 250 ml of water), linden and horsetail( a glass of water in a teaspoonful).
  • When the first acne on the forehead appears, try to make a steam bath for the face. Leaning over a saucepan with hot water( do not burn your face!), Soak 15 minutes. Then, clean the forehead with a scrub, apply a nourishing mask.
  • Make your own beautiful lotion: mix 1 spoonful of rose water and lemon juice. It is necessary to apply the mixture on the forehead for 15 minutes, then wash it off with cool water.
  • Oatmeal is a good mask that cleanses the skin and removes inflammation. To do this, take 1 spoonful of honey, mix with 2 tablespoons of crushed flakes, applied for 20 minutes on the forehead, washed off with warm water.
  • The same excellent results are obtained by the blue clay used in the manufacture of the mask. Water, lemon juice, marigold and chamomile infusions are bred with clay. Apply the mask to the whole face for 20 minutes, but it must be periodically moistened, as it dries quickly.
  • Purity, or rather, its infusion, will be a faithful assistant in the fight against acne. Take 250 ml of steep boiling water for 2 tablespoons of collection, use for rubbing and appliqués.
  • Wormwood and St. John's Wort( 1 tbsp.) Are poured into a glass of boiling water, it is infused 2 hours. Then moisten with gauze and attach to the forehead. After 20 minutes, the lotion should be removed and washed with warm water.

St. John

In the fight against such an unpleasantness as a pimple on the forehead, all means are good - if only they do not harm your health. Applying any method from the arsenal of traditional medicine, the main thing is not to overdo it. Observe simple rules and do not allow the formation of such an ailment on your face, and if it does, fight with them, and the skin will be clean and fresh.

Folk remedies for acne on the face: Video

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Published: 01-05-2015