Transfusion of blood from acne: the same autohemotherapy

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  • What and how is the blood transfusion performed?
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Well, who among us was not nervous, noticing on his body a couple of acne, and worse yet, when they got out in a prominent place? If men are more or less indifferent to this, then for most women this is a whole tragedy. This is where the troubles begin: visiting beauty parlors, healers, hospitals. Unfortunately, not everyone knows that to get rid of such troubles, blood transfusion from acne is used.

For what and how is a blood transfusion performed

Treatment of blackheads with blood transfusions Such neoplasms as acne on the body related to skin diseases can sometimes be very difficult to eliminate. Transfusion of your own blood( autohemotherapy) with simultaneous use of antibiotics helps in purifying the body of harmful substances, bacteria and microbes contained in it. This method of treatment is usually used with weak immune defense, when the body is not able to cope with any pathological processes. As for acne, autohemotherapy is used in the presence of abscesses or when other methods of treatment are ineffective.

Methods of transfusion

Autohemotherapy is performed in several ways:

  • intramuscular transfusion;
  • injection under the skin;
  • intravenous route.

To enhance the effect of blood transfusion, the use of ozone, ultraviolet and homeopathy is sometimes used. Many people are worried about the question: does blood transfusion help with acne? No doubt, it helps, but for this it is necessary to strictly follow all the doctor's recommendations. At the first stages of treatment, diets, external and internal treatments are used. If these attempts do not lead to positive results, a transfusion will help get rid of acne.

What is it for?


Thanks to this method, the human immune system resumes its work. But since the transfusion takes place with its own blood, it must necessarily be treated in a chemical or physical way. Many people do not understand this procedure, so they want to find out as accurately as possible whether the blood transfusion helps to get rid of acne. They run around familiar, are interested in details. Often the search for a remedy for the treatment of rashes causes unprecedented fatigue - both moral and physical.

But even if all the tests are passed and meet all the criteria, there is still a doubt: will the transfusion help get rid of this scourge? Besides, uncertainty and fear do not give rest. In fact, this kind of getting rid of tumors passes painlessly. One has only to bear in mind that it takes a long time to carry out such procedures, so it's worth just patience.

Procedure for blood transfusion

Human blood Autohemotherapy should be performed under the supervision of a physician. It is not recommended to do this procedure at home, because it is very important to maintain sterility. It is also important that the collection of blood is taken from the vein, and this requires the necessary knowledge. Transfusion can be prescribed only by a doctor on the basis of diagnosis and appropriate tests.

This procedure refers to immunocorrective therapy. Its action is aimed at the destruction of pustular eruptions of infectious nature. Treatment with the method of blood transfusion in the event of acne helps the body begin to fight the disease on its own.

But how do blood transfusions from acne? Given the condition of the patient, can be conducted from 12 to 15 sessions. The first time only 1-2 ml is administered, the subsequent days the dose is increased by 1 ml, bringing it up to 10 ml. Sometimes doctors recommend to continue the procedure, but in this case the plasma is introduced in decreasing order, that is, with a daily decrease of 1 ml. Such autohemotherapy is called stepwise.

During the transfusion procedure, the entire human body restores its efficiency, all important processes are activated. Since the injected blood dissolves poorly, small temporary seals can remain at the injection site. One should not forget that some people have painful sensations at the site of the injections. To get rid of such a negative phenomenon, there are several ways:

  • to the place that bothers, a hot-water bottle with warm water is applied;
  • significantly improves the use of compresses from various herbs;
  • use of a special iodized grid;
  • holding a light massage.

When asked whether the blood transfusion from acne will help all people without exception, experts say that, despite its effectiveness, there are some limitations:

  • oncological diseases;
  • inflammatory phenomena and their exacerbation;
  • pregnancy and lactation;
  • is a serious form of chronic diseases.

Sometimes a blood transfusion with pimples does not give positive results, so in such cases the process repeats in six months.

Recipes for acne from acne.

Healthy Acne Recipes

Reminder Video. Mask of black clay for the face

This method of fighting pimples in recent years has become very popular. To get rid of tumors in time, you need to pass all the tests and pass the necessary tests. After all, each person, like his body, is individual, so an experienced specialist selects the treatment technique for each individual person.

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Published: 03-02-2016