Internal pimples on the face: a hidden drama

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  • Because of what there are pimples on the face
  • Treatment of internal acne
    • External factors
    • Internal factors
  • The course of treatment of acne from a dermatologist. Reminder
  • Folk methods to eliminate internal acne on the face
  • Mask from internal pimples on the face. Video Magical Skin

Because of what there are pimples on the face

Pure face With such a problem as the appearance and treatment of internal acne on the face, sooner or later, but everyone faces. But only a few know that their occurrence is a signal that indicates the onset of the inflammatory process in the sebaceous glands. First, a weak compaction is felt under the skin, then it turns into a reddened bug, the touch to which causes pain.

So because of what all the same formed internal pimples on the face, what are the reasons for their appearance? It is proved, any defect of the skin reflects the inner well-being of a person. In this sense, subcutaneous pimples are not an exception, the main causes of which include the following:

  • poor skin care;
  • improper power supply;
  • hormonal disorders in the body;
  • problems with the digestive tract;
  • occlusion of sebaceous gland ducts with skin fat;
  • presence of skin diseases.

According to doctors, first of all you need to treat not the consequence, which are on the face of patients internal pimples, but the cause that caused their appearance. To do this, you should contact a specialist who will conduct all the necessary examinations and necessary tests.

Treatment of internal acne

First of all, you need to remember that subcutaneous pimples should never be squeezed out. This is fraught with the fact that after such an ill-considered procedure can remain ugly difficult to remove scars. But the most dangerous is, firstly, the risk of entering into the wound infection, or, conversely, the risk of spreading the infection from the open pustule to other areas of the skin.


After it is established, why there are internal pimples on the face, you can proceed to their treatment. But even here everything is not so smooth. Methods of treatment vary greatly from one another, depending on whether external or internal factors have influenced their development.

External factors

These include:

  • unsatisfactory skin care;
  • low-quality cosmetics;
  • inappropriate climatic conditions.

If specialists establish that the causes of internal acne on the face are hidden in external factors, you can contact a specialist cosmetologist. Having determined the type of your skin, he will be able to assign suitable funds and preparations.

A person without acne

Alternatively, ozone therapy may be offered. As it turned out, acne does not like oxygen, so ozone-oxygen injection is often used to fight them, after which acne disappears in a few hours. Under the influence of oxygen, swelling and redness decrease, microbes die, and painful sensations go away.

Internal factors

If the cause of rashes on the face are problems with internal organs, cosmetic measures alone are unlikely to help in this case. This will require a comprehensive approach and treatment of the whole organism. In addition to medications, in order to achieve a better result, the doctor may additionally prescribe some cosmetic procedures: special cleansing, massage with liquid nitrogen or facial peeling.

The main internal factors provoking the appearance of acne on the face are:

  • weakened immunity;
  • hormonal imbalance;
  • problems with the gastrointestinal tract;
  • thyroid dysfunction;
  • interruptions with outflow of sebum.

Do not undergo proper examination, in any case, do not even try to treat yourself, as the diagnosis may be completely unexpected. How to effectively cure internal acne on the face and provide additional skin care will only be a doctor after determining the true problem.

Course of treatment of acne from a dermatologist. Reminder

The course of treatment for acne from a dermatologist

Folk methods for the removal of internal acne on the face

The fight against internal pimples was carried out by our ancestors with the help of natural ingredients. Adopting for treatment according to ancient recipes, one must bear in mind that folk methods do not cure so much as they heal the affected skin and smooth out the manifestation of the disease.

Internal pimple, which appeared on the face, should not be treated with folk remedies alone. For these purposes, it will be wiser to take the help of a doctor and get rid of the problem in a comprehensive manner.

Mask from internal pimples on the face. Video Magical Skin

To avoid the problems associated with the appearance of internal pimples, take care of healthy nutrition, rest fully, do not avoid reasonable physical activity and always be in a positive mood.

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Published: 09-08-2015