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Pure face When a colony of acne blossoms on the face, a woman thinks: horror! But the "horror" lies ahead, and the name to it - the scars-post-acne. Even if you do not touch your skin with your hands, the scars will be. The larger the abscess, the deeper and more noticeable the scar. From such an injustice I want to cry, right? But we will try to do without extremes and together we will think about how to remove stains on the face from acne as soon as possible.

When the scars do not adorn the

Oh, how many desperate tears are spilled into the pillow by the teenage girls! And how many tons of foundation is bought by mature women! A few days of respite, and all at the beginning: one pimple, two, three, many. ..

Everyone bored with visiting the dermatologist does not lose relevance on our website. The fact is that the means for treating blackheads are selected depending on many reasons. But the spots on the face after the acne are sent to treat the beautician.

Apparently, the only right advice is to prevent inflammation of the eel. The fact that the purulent process "eats" healthy skin tissue. When the pimple passes, there is a fossa or unevenness.

The pimple. Comedo. The abscess


The pimple. Comedo. Abscess

How to stop the abscess

The red spots on the face after the pimples disappear with time. But the scars remain for a long time.

How to prevent an inflammation of a pimple on the face:

  1. Sea salt. Wash with water, which is added sea salt or apple cider vinegar.
  2. Cosmetic ice. Wipe your face with an ice cube made from a strong broth of chamomile or parsley. This same agent brightens the dark spots on the face after acne.
  3. Garlic. Several times a day, cauterize the inflamed place with a fresh cut of garlic cloves.
  4. Alcohol tincture of calendula or valerian. Gently rub the tincture into the inflamed place several times a day.
  5. Tar soap. Drip water on the soap and soak to get a liquid ointment. Apply to the spots prickly. Soap rests in the morning.
  6. Get enough sleep. Nedosyp is harmful to the skin. Go to bed no later than 22.30.
  7. Control your hands. Do not touch your face with your fingers. You know that under the fingernails of which the colonies of microbes live.
  8. Drink soothing. On the eve of stressful events, drink soothing herbs or something more important. Less nerves - less acne. Here such progression.

Complex of cosmetic procedures from spots-post-

The correct( namely, CORRECT!) Procedures can stop such phenomenon as the formation of new acne and help remove spots from acne on the face. The main role is played by purification. Be careful, inflamed skin is cleaned very gently.

  1. Cleanse your face with a mild scrub twice a week. If there are purulent pimples, wait for them to stoop.
  2. Dissolve a small amount of medical paraffin in a water bath. Apply to stains. When the paraffin is solidified, remove the crust. Means with cinnamon( see prescription a little lower) and paraffin are contraindicated in couperose.
  3. After the paraffin mask, apply a cream with vitamins A and E on the face.

Powerful bleaching agents against spots after acne

Applying the mask

Acne spots on the face - a phenomenon, unlike scars, is temporary, because it's not difficult to remove them. Sometimes, a course of whitening procedures is enough to keep the skin clean again.

  1. Hydrogen peroxide 3%.Mix kaolin( white clay) and waterlog( 1: 1), drip 3-4 drops of peroxide into the powder. Apply on problem areas for 10 minutes.
  2. Apple cider vinegar 6%.Prepare a lotion of purified water and vinegar( 1: 3), wipe your face twice a day.
  3. Lemon juice. Whisk the chicken with a fork, pour the lemon juice( 2 tsp).Saturate this composition with a cotton pad and attach to the problem site for 20 minutes.
  4. Green clay. Green clay( 2 tablespoons), rosemary oil( 3 drops), stir the water( to the density of gruel).To put on 15 minutes it is point.
  5. Cinnamon + clay. Mix cinnamon and green clay in arbitrary proportions. Apply for 15 minutes.
  6. Ygang-ylang oil. Warm milk( 1 tsp) mixed with essential oil( 1 drop), apply to the spots prickly. Simultaneously, feed the skin with olive oil. This is a very effective complex.
  7. Tomato. The flesh of one ripe tomato is mixed with starch( 1 tsp), apply on face for 15 minutes.
  8. Cucumber. Rub the cucumber on the grater. Apply on the face a thick layer. Wash off after 20 minutes. The mask is very juicy, so it is put lying down, placing a towel under your head.

Do not want to bother with folk remedies? Please, ready funds:

Remedies for stains after acne from the pharmacy

Fasting Acne

Some pharmacy products have an excellent reputation. Most of them help and from acne on the face, and from the spots. Double use in one tube.

  1. Bioseptin gel does not work immediately. But it helps seriously and for a long time. The gel cures acne and brightens the spots.
  2. "Ichthyol ointment" is applied in a continuous layer. An hour later the remnants are dipped in a napkin. This is a daily procedure.
  3. "Balm of bodyparts with marigold extract" is gently rubbed before going to bed. After 15 minutes, apply the cream "D-Panthenol".Both of these agents cause mild burning. Do not be scared, it should be so. In the morning instead of tonic face rubbed "Corvalol"."Corvalol" dries the skin, so you need to be careful with it.
  4. Ointment "Kontraktubeks" is applied to spots and scars pointwise. Do not rinse. Repeat several times a day. Ointment causes a slight itch.
  5. "Skinoren-gel" treats directly acne. Just overdry the skin. Therefore, apply it several times a day, but point-wise, pre-moisturizing the skin with cream. The gel also causes a slight itch.

How to read the label correctly

How to cleanse the face of stains left after acne so as not to harm the skin? Some remedies can enhance irritation, although the label says otherwise. These are creams and ointments containing hydroquinone, which, among other things, is a potential carcinogen.

And here are the products, which, on the contrary, are very desirable for "spotted" and scarred skin:

  • cortisone;
  • retinoids;
  • arbutin;
  • kojic acid;
  • glycolic acid;
  • with salicylic acid;
  • vitamin C;
  • licorice extract;
  • extract of mulberry.

Means with these components can be bought without a prescription. Nevertheless, it is very important to read the instructions carefully. Not every remedy( gel, lotion, scrub, cream, etc.) is right for you.

Face mask with badyag. Our video

Be beautiful!

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Published: 27-07-2015