Purification of the lymphatic system - exercises, diet, folk remedies, author's technique

The human body contains about 1-2 liters of lymph, or syphilis. This transparent liquid contains a large number of lymphocytes. The lymphatic system is closely connected with the circulatory system, it returns water, salts and proteins from the body tissues to the blood.


  • 1 Lymphatic system functions
  • 2 Reasons for slowing lymph circulation in the human body
  • 3 How to understand that the lymphatic system needs cleansing
  • 4 Stimulation of the lymphatic system
  • 5 Lymphatic cleansing for Butakova
  • 6 Cleansing the lymphatic system with folk remedies
  • 7 Diet after cleansing activities

Lymphatic system functions

Lymphatic system

Lymphatic systemThe system cleanses the body of toxins and bacteria.

Lymph nodes, purify lymph from viruses, toxins and bacteria, thereby raising human immunity. This task is the main among the functions performed by the lymphatic system.

Thanks to its work, interstitial fluid is purified and redistributed in the human body. This happens with the help of a whole system of lymph nodes. In them from the capillaries get excess fluid from interstitial space.

At the first level, this fluid undergoes initial purification in smaller lymph nodes. Then, in large vessels, the lymph passes to the next stage of purification, into larger lymph nodes.

Purification products( dead cells, bacteria, viruses) can not reach the liver during lymphatic stagnation - this is a waste recycling plant and the final stage of the purification process. They settle in the lymph nodes, causing them to increase, are partially excreted through the skin, the mucous eye and the person's airways.

Causes of slowing of lymph circulation in the human body

Delay of lymph flow, problems with elimination of toxins and residues of pathogenic viruses and bacteria can be associated with the following reasons:

  • Prolonged psychoemotional stress, stress. Many doctors - clinicians consider the stress factor the cause of the vast majority of pathologies of human organs and systems.
  • Imbalance in the digestive system. The lymphoid tissue of the intestine becomes unable to perform the purification function in the event of a disturbance in the diet.
  • Iodine deficiency through the endocrine system of the body, closely related to the lymphatic system, affects the fact that the body is defenseless against toxins, the lymph flow is blocked.

How to understand that the lymphatic system needs to be cleansed

Lymphatic system

Cleaning of the lymphatic system should not be done during pregnancy and lactation.

The products remaining after cleansing the interstitial fluid and emerging non-traditional way cause various diseases:

  1. papillomomatosis,
  2. skin pigmentation as single spots,
  3. acne,
  4. pelvic inflammatory disease,
  5. inflammatory joint disease,
  6. allergic reactions,
  7. edema of small joints,
  8. flatulence, bloating,
  9. thrombophlebitis.

Performing regular cleansing of the lymphatic system, you can get rid of allergies, increase your immune level, rejuvenate organs and systems. The recommended frequency of cleansing is 3-4 times a year at the first stage, afterwards 1-2 times.

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Contraindications for cleansing the lymphatic system - pregnancy, lactation. Limitations for this procedure can be: diabetes, heart and vascular disease, hypertension.

It is possible to apply soft methods of purification under medical supervision.

Stimulation of the lymphatic system

Lymphatic system

Natural juices can help avoid stagnation of the lymphatic system.

To avoid stagnation of the lymphatic system, you need to drink natural juices. Regulation of acid-base and water-salt balance in this way will accelerate the circulation of lymph.

In the same way, physical activity and massage work on the body. For use, you can use the exercises "Nishi's healing system."

Japanese doctor Katsudzo Nishi offers such an exercise to stimulate the lymphatic system: you have to shake up the limbs in the supine position.

In this case, the muscles should be as relaxed as possible. The desired result will result in daily exercise of this exercise for 2-5 minutes in the morning and in the evening.

The same result can be achieved by performing an exercise for joints from the health course of Mirzakarim Norbekov. He recommends every morning to bend and unbend all the joints, rotating them after extension. It is necessary to begin with small joints and to finish large. Such movements due to muscle contraction will help to move the lymph around the vessels and avoid its stagnation.

Body massage will help cleanse the lymphatic system as well as gymnastics. Carrying out it, it is necessary to follow the rule firmly: massage movements are conducted towards the center from the periphery of the body, along the course of movement of the lymphatic fluid. Hands and feet are massaged from the bottom up, because lymph can only move in this direction. The lymph nodes can not be massaged.

It is also possible to clean the lymphatic system by visiting the sauna and bath. Here there is an immutable rule - the temperature of the air, in the room, bath or water in the shower should not be above 60? C.

Physiotherapeutic heating of lymph nodes for health purposes is not applied.

Purification of lymph by Butakova

Lymphatic system

The lymphatic system is very important in the prevention of diseases of many organs and systems.

Doctor Naturopath OA Butakova has developed a purification system, tested it on herself and her patients and introduces this procedure to cleansing the lymphatic system of all comers.

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She believes the role of lymph is very significant in the prevention of diseases of many organs and systems. A doctor with more than 25 years of experience advises to combine the motor load with the following lymphatic cleansing sequence:

  • Activation of fluid transfer from interstitial space to lymph nodes, kidneys, liver and intestine.
  • Adsorption from the intestine of toxic substances.
  • Replenishment of minerals and vitamins lost as a result of cleaning.

For the purification course you need: licorice in tablets, alga Spirulina in tablets, vitamin complexes and probiotics. If there is no opportunity to purchase probiotics or vitamin complexes, they can be replaced with activated carbon and vitamin C in combination with folic acid. Cleaning sequence:

  1. Licorice - taking 3 times a day, dissolving the tablet in warm water.
  2. Spirulina - 40 minutes after licorice, 2 pieces, half an hour before meals.
  3. Probiotics and vitamins - in parallel with the reception of Spirulina and licorice.
  4. On the course of purification Butakova OAIt takes from 10 to 14 days.

Learn how to clean the lymphatic system from the video:

Cleansing the lymphatic system with folk remedies

Rosehip tea

Rose hips have beneficial properties for the lymphatic system.

There are many popular recipes for the purification of lymph by improvised means: juices, food and infusions or decoctions of herbs.

Patients with chronic diseases are advised to visit a doctor before using folk remedies in order to assess risks and contraindications.

Allergic reactions and individual intolerance to certain foods in absolutely healthy people can not be discounted. Methods of cleansing lymph:

  • Rolling in the mouth of a spoon of unrefined sunflower oil. This is done in the morning, distilling through the teeth and back oil, which after 20 minutes becomes thick and changes its color. Oil does not swallow, but spits out.
  • Take 4 days of broth in the milk of onions and garlic. One head of these vegetables should be crushed, add the lemon, cut together with the peel. Everything boils in milk for a few minutes. The resulting broth should be divided into 4 days for half a glass twice a day for half an hour before meals. During cleansing, you can not eat any dairy products, except for broth.
  • A mixture of beet, carrot and cucumber juices in a proportion of 1: 6: 3 in the amount of 2 liters is drunk per day every hour in a glass.
  • Regular use of cornel, barberry, sorrel, black chokeberry, red currant perfectly cleanses the lymph.
  • The same properties have a collection of rose hips, willow-tea, oregano, plantain, grass of the bird's mountaineer. Collect during a month brew and drink instead of tea.
  • 450 ml of celandine juice, obtained from milled stems and leaves, fix 70 ml of alcohol for longer storage. Before each meal take it, starting with one drop and adding each time one more. When the number of drops per pass reaches 15, they are reduced by one, returning to the original amount.
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Diet after cleansing activities

Fresh fruits

Fresh fruits help the body to heal and prevent stagnation of the lymph.

To save the effect of cleaning the lymphatic system, a specially selected diet will help. It itself can serve as a mild cleanser, a rational nutrition system will prevent a return to previous indices, to stagnation of lymph. Recommended products:

  1. Fresh fruits, especially useful cranberries and avocados.
  2. Spicy greens, lettuce. Seed flax and linseed oil.
  3. Spirulina is a kind of seaweed. Walnut nuts, almonds.

A unique combination of microelements, vitamins, polyunsaturated fatty acids, antioxidants in the products helps the body to heal, prevents lymph drainage. The optimal drinking regime will complement the effect - 6-8 glasses of quality purified drinking water, herbal teas, clover infusions, echinacea, calendula, bedstraw, flowers and leaves of the mullein.

All these components can be mixed in an arbitrary proportion and drunk to quench their thirst as tea over a glass several times a day. It is desirable to minimize the consumption of food, slagging the body:

  • Products with preservatives and synthetic flavors.
  • Refined cereals, sugar, sunflower oil.
  • Sweets, baked pastry.
  • Smoked products, pickles.
  • Carbonated drinks.
  • If you comply with these rules, slags and toxins will gradually disappear from the body, stagnation of the lymphatic fluid will not.

After purification of the lymphatic system by various means, the result is felt almost immediately. Normally, the nervous system comes, chronic inflammatory diseases go to the stage of remission, the strength and frequency of allergic reactions decreases, immunity rises significantly.

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