How at home do an enema? How does the enema affect the human body?

An enema is called a special medical process during which, for medicinal purposes, it is produced into the human body through its posterior passage into the rectum of water or a liquid medicinal substance. A standard set of tips is used for this procedure. In cases where there is a need to fill the rectum with water or liquid drug suspension, then use special tubes on the tip with tips for deep enemas.


  • 1 Characteristics and classification of
  • 2 Features of treatment procedures with an enema at home
  • 3 Basic methods of delivery of enemas
  • 4 Features and rules for using a cleansing enema
  • 5 Methods for achieving more effective effects of an enema-based cleaning fluid
  • 6 Possible difficulties in using the enema

Characteristics andclassification

Eschmarch mug for bowel cleansing

Eschmarch mug for bowel cleansing

The enemas are characterized by a whole set of features, in whichtheir purpose, composition, volume, temperature and the amount of solution introduced are used. On the basis of such characteristics, there is a certain classification of such a medical procedure, which looks like this:

  1. Types of enemas by appointment. This includes: purification( for cleaning the body of toxic substances);therapeutic( the body injects the medicinal liquid for a certain time);nutritional( in the body, nutrients are introduced to support its vitality);erotic( a medical procedure aimed at obtaining sexual satisfaction);psychotropic( causing alcohol or drugs intoxication from the introduction of alcohol or drugs into the body);ritual( used in various cult sects, as a rite of purification).
  2. Types of enemas by the volume of the injected substance. They are divided into: microclysters( the volume of drug substance is 10 - 100 ml);Cleansing enemas( the volume of the injected substance is about 1.5 - 2l for purification from toxic substances);siphon enemas( the volume of substance of one procedure is 15 - 20 liters, which is poured in portions of 1 - 2 liters).
  3. Types of enemas in the composition of matter. They are:
  • Simple
  • Soap
  • Glycerin
  • Medicinal
  • Hypertonic composition
  • Oil composition
  • Oxygen filling
  • With additives of food acids( citric acid).

Types of enemas according to the temperature index are divided into:

  1. Cold enemas( the temperature of the administered substance should be below room temperature)
  2. Hot enemas( the temperature of the injected liquid should be 40 - 45 ° C)
  3. Cool enemas( the temperature of the substance should be at room temperature)
  4. Warm(the temperature of the injected liquid should be slightly above normal human temperature and not exceed 40 ° C).

It should be noted that of the types of enemas considered, one is often used in practice and enters the treatment process as one of the main procedures, while others have become history and are practically not used anywhere. They are only described in medical textbooks and encyclopedias. An example of such a historical enema can be a tobacco or nutritious type.

Features of treatment procedures with an enema at home

The setting of an enema is an unpleasant procedure

Creation of an enema - an unpleasant procedure

It is commonly believed that every person should be able to put an enema. Especially this procedure should concern those who are actively engaged in health starvation. But as the statistics show, many people are very far from the ability to perform such procedural actions. They have a vague idea even of what benefit for their body can bring an enema, at least for the purification of the accumulated toxic substances. To achieve this goal, you only need to have three qualities - desire, will power and experience. The experience itself consists of special knowledge and skills acquired during the implementation of such simple, health-improving prophylaxis for the body.

For those who are interested in the question of how to make an enema at home, it is worth noting that this procedure is very useful in combination with health starvation. For this, it must be carried out in the following stages:

  • Stage 1 - preparatory. Enema must be used to clean the colon from toxic accumulations.
  • Stage 2 - the final stage. The enema should be used to maintain the digestive process until it begins to function properly.
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During the healing fasting, the enemas greatly facilitate this process, especially in its early days. Therefore, it must be done at the very beginning of this useful prophylaxis for 7-10 days at a frequency of no more than 1 time in 2 days.

The basic methods of delivery of enemas

The usual standard form of enema consists of a capacity of 1 -2 liters, hoses, tip and clamp. In fact, such a device can be very simply done independently from improvised means. But, despite the simplicity of such a device, it still should be bought in a pharmacy in the factory version, in order to avoid unforeseen accidents. Before starting the cleaning procedure with an enema, first of all you need to think about the water that fills its capacity. For example, if you use it before starting cleaning your body with hunger, you can add various additional substances to the water, such as manganese, soda, and herbs. And in the course of the fasting itself, the use of water and a weak solution of potassium permanganate will be perfect( water should be a little pink in color).Such a solution will not cause irritation of the intestines to be cleansed and is very well excreted from the body without any consequences.

It is very important to remember that the procedures with enema should always be performed with boiled and non-cold water( body temperature of a person).The very same amount of substance introduced into the body should not exceed 2 liters per preventive action. Such a volume is enough for a thorough and thorough cleansing of the intestine. In the process of supplying the enema, there is nothing complicated. In order for it to be performed in the right way, the following rules should be followed:

  • 1st rule - the container with the substance must be above the trunk.
  • 2nd rule - the tip must be necessarily lubricated, with some kind of vegetable oil.
  • The 3rd rule - the tip should be inserted into the rectum for 5-7 cm.
  • 4th rule - before starting the substance from the container, the knee-elbow position of the body should be taken, and then the clamp can be released.
  • 5 th rule - the procedure must be done in a relaxed environment.
  • 6th rule - after entering all the liquid into the body you need to pull out the nozzle and try to keep the liquid inside the intestine for 5-10 minutes.

Accurate implementation of the points of the reviewed rules and preparatory actions taking into account all necessary features give an exhaustive answer to the question of how to make an enema at home.

Features and rules for using a cleansing enema

Different tips for cleansing enema

Different tips for a cleansing enema

Among the extensive classification of enemas, the most used at home, is a cleansing enema. It is used as the main and additional remedy for the following diseases and disorders of the functioning of the human body:

  • If there are infectious symptoms of the disease, as well as during intoxication caused by poisoning from the use of poor-quality products or exposure to harmful microbes. Enema with such violations of the body is put every day.
  • When suffocating attacks of bronchial asthma occur. The enema should be placed 3 times a day until the manifestation of this disease completely ceases.
  • When a very high temperature occurs. The enema is applied 3 times a day until the temperature indicators are fully normalized.
  • If there is obstruction of the stool or its poor patency, which is usually called constipation. Enema is applied once, when there is a similar disruption in the working capacity of the body.
  • When poisoning the body with spoiled food. It is necessary to immediately put 2 -3 large enemas.
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To cleanse the enema it was extremely important to correctly approach the preparation of the fluid that will be injected into the body. To do this, take the boiled water, and add to it lemon or malic acid( with a proportion of 1 tbsp spoon acid per 1 liter of water).It should be remembered that the temperature index of water should not be lower than room temperature, since its very cold state can cause a strong irritation of the intestinal walls. Also, do not use strongly heated water, which can cause negative consequences when using the enema or at the end of this process.

The necessary tools for a cleansing enema

Necessary tools for cleansing enema

It is worth remembering that the fluid temperature used for the enema has different criteria that depend on the disease itself. For example, with atonic constipation it is necessary to put a cool type of enema, the temperature of the liquid should be slightly lower than room temperature, about 18-20 ° C.But when there is a manifestation of spastic constipation, the temperature of the liquid should already be at a temperature of 38-40 ° C. So we need to pay a lot of attention to this issue.

This is especially true for women, as women's organs are very often endangered by inflammation, and very cold enemas can cause very dangerous inflammatory diseases. There are cases where the infused liquid can not pass and fill the rectum. There can be several reasons for such a violation. This includes:

  1. Water obstruction due to the high density of feces located in the rectum. To achieve a positive result in such a situation, the enema tip needs to be set deeper, and the container with a liquid should be raised higher. Or do the opposite, tip a little and let in small portions of water, thus creating some pressure, which in turn crushes the stool masses.
  2. The tip can not pass through the second anal sphincter, which has shrunk and does not allow fluid to pass through. The cause of such a violation can be tension and fear. Just need to relax and do not fear anything, and you need to impress yourself that the enema is a non-painful procedure, after which there are pleasant sensations in the body. It should be added to all this that the anal sphincter can not open when entering the rectum of the enema tip because of its strong elasticity, which can be in people who have a strong trained body. In this case, it is necessary to use an elongated tip that is inserted to a depth of not more than 15 cm.

Ways to achieve a more effective impact of the cleansing fluid administered through the enema

In response to the question of how to make an enema at home except for its correct use,helping the tissues of the intestinal wall to better absorb the cleanser, which it is filled with. These include:

  • The first way is after the infusion of fluid, you need to spend a relaxing retraction of the abdomen.
  • The second method is to perform a physical exercise, which, after filling the intestine with a cleaning fluid, lies on your back near the wall, raise your legs and buttocks up and fix this position with your hands, propping your lower back. Then legs with such a sports stand with heels need to lean against the wall, and the stomach as much as possible to relax. To achieve maximum relaxation of the abdomen, you can by stroking it lightly from the lower part of it to the beginning of the chest. In such a weakened state, the intestine most assimilates the filled cleanser. To achieve the greatest therapeutic effect, it is necessary in this position to be at least 10 minutes.
  • The third method is the fixing. After the stand with your legs raised, you should lie on your right side to allow the liquid to reach the most inaccessible areas of the intestine, in which a huge amount of toxic substances is deposited. For people suffering from hypertension, the stand with raised legs can be completely changed to the position on the right side.
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After such preventive manipulations with the body, the bowel release should occur in several stages. Do not be scared. This is normal. But do not delay the process of emptying for too long, since the liquid in the intestine will absorb into its tissues, which means that the toxic substances will go back into the body.

Potential difficulties with the application of the enema

Slimming enema

Slimming enema

It should be said about the negative aspects that can arise when using as a primary or additional therapeutic agent as an enema. These include:

  • Poor promotion of therapeutic liquid in the intestine. If this situation arises, the procedure must be stopped for a while to wait for a more favorable moment. Such a negative moment can arise in those people who make an enema for the first time, and also it can appear with excessive gas production and constipation.
  • Possible painful sensations after the beginning of filling of the intestine with medical fluid. The main reasons for such a moment may be a too cold solution or the presence of obstacles on its way that prevent it from spreading evenly throughout the intestine. In order to avoid such a negative moment, it is necessary to check the temperature of the liquid before the start of the procedure, monitor the rate of filling, empty the intestine before putting the enema.
  • Some people after a procedure with an enema, there is a fluid retention inside the intestine, which can come out on the outside for some time. Therefore, if you have this symptom, you do not have to leave the house for at least one hour to avoid getting into an unpleasant situation on the road.

Many believe that the very frequent use of enema is very harmful to the body, and it must be done only in extreme cases. The view of this format is not entirely correct. Given all the tips and points that are given in the article, as well as the recommendations of doctors, an enema within reasonable limits can be used as an excellent preventative against many diseases. So you should not be afraid of it and avoid it.

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