We consider the calorie content of omelets and other "light" dishes

omlet It's always necessary to have breakfast. We have been taught this from the earliest childhood. And for breakfast, you need to eat certain foods, which would give the body the opportunity to wake up, cheer up and begin to perform their daily duties. And in the breakfast menu is often found such a dish as an omelet. It is considered just such a morning dish, along with porridges. It is believed that the caloric content of omelets and other "light" dishes makes a diet consisting of them suitable for those who try to keep their weight in the norm. Is it so?


  • Why breakfast in the morning?
  • Omelette for breakfast
  • Oatmeal, sir!

Why breakfast in the morning?


Almost all the substances necessary for the proper functioning of our body we get with food. Some of them are needed by themselves, while others are used for metabolism, splitting into components. These are very complex biochemical processes that are not yet fully understood. But it is already known for sure that in order to preserve your health, youth, strength and beauty for a long time, you need to eat right.

According to scientists, dieticians, physiologists, a person should eat no less - 4-5 times a day in small portions. In addition to this rule, there is one more - a varied diet. After all, all food is rich in its useful components. Therefore, in the diet of man must include and vegetable products and products of animal origin.

Yes, it also happens that some specific foods can not be eaten. Such a restriction on the diet can be imposed by the doctor after the examination - as a result of identified diseases or health problems. Some people set a certain framework for themselves, for which they try not to leave.for example, vegetarians. But the entire diet is the basis of health.

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It seems that since the time of Julius Caesar, the proverb goes around the world:

"You eat breakfast yourself, lunch is stripped with a friend, and dinner is given to the enemy."

This principle is adhered to by modern nutritionists, recommending to all people a full breakfast and a meager supper. Although, in the opinion of many, this saying refers not to food, but to communication - in the morning, be alone for one day, spend the day in communication with friends and colleagues, and in the evening you can "go out" to communicate with unfamiliar people.

But we are talking about nutrition, and therefore the ancient saying will be perceived as the advice of all dieticians from ancient times to the present day.

So, breakfast should be full, but not heavy, to help the body to wake up, and not make it sleepy again, to energize the activity, and not the desire to go to bed and another hour or two to take a nap. That's why omelets and breakfast cereals are the best option.

Omelette for breakfast


The omelet is considered to be a dish of French cuisine. It is prepared without any additives - milk, water, eggs, ham, etc. On an omelette there are not a few similar dishes in other national cuisines. For example, the Russian drachana - whipped eggs are bred with milk and add flour or cereals. The rumor of today's eater is the name of the Russian version of the omelette is not very pleasant. However, in the old years it sounded not too presentable either. And maybe that's why this dish came to us with its cacophonous name.

Also from the whipped eggs is prepared the Spanish tortilla, Japanese Omu-Rice, Italian fritta and many other dishes.

What is the caloricity of the "normal" French omelet? It will consist of the calories used in the preparation of products - eggs and oil for frying. Those.one chicken egg is an average of 74 kilocalories plus a teaspoon of butter for frying - this is about 37 kilocalories. Here also we consider - 74 + 37 = 111 kcal. Those.if the average adult, who leads an active lifestyle, a person needs 3,000-35,000 kcal per day, then the omelet from one chicken egg will be only 1/30 of the caloric intake needed per day. By the way, dietitians do not recommend eating more than one egg a day in their diet. Therefore, such an omelette is the best option for a breakfast menu.

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But after all, most often we prepare an omelette not classical French, but some other - on milk, with the addition of ham, tomatoes, green onions, toast, and so on. Therefore, the calorie content of an omelet for breakfast rises sharply. And those who follow their diet, counting calories, will have to do the calculations anew.

Here is one of the interesting recipes for making an omelet for breakfast

Oatmeal, sir!


But breakfast from one egg, whipped and fried in a teaspoon of butter, will hardly allow you to live at least a couple of hours without feeling hungry. Breakfast should give strength to work, study, play, travel - to whom that is due by age. Yes, and useful substances in breakfast should be a lot. Therefore breakfast should consist of several dishes. And in addition to the omelette, porridge is the most suitable. Yes, yes, the porridge, which all of us were fed as a child.

Manna porridge - hello from early childhood - too high-calorie. But more prodigal porridge gives more strength, energy and health. There are a lot of vegetable fibers - fiber, which sets up the intestine, there are a lot of vitamins and useful microelements that can give our body the necessary substances for full-fledged work.

Porridge buckwheat, corn, rice, wheat, millet are also useful. The amazing property of such a dish as porridge is that it is mono prepared on both water and milk, adding sugar only to your taste, replacing it with honey, raisins, dried apricots, fresh berries and fruits if desired or necessary. P.

Breakfast, including, a French omelet from one egg, a portion of porridge with berries, a cup of coffee or tea - the most delicious, the most useful!

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Take care of yourself and stay healthy!
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