Corked pores, or my light, mirror, tell me why? !

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What is comedones

Face without pores Our skin is dotted with small holes through which it breathes and emits a protective grease. This grease - sebum - moisturizes and creates a barrier that prevents the harmful effects of the environment. In a normal state, the pores are almost invisible and do not cause any trouble.


But for owners of the problematic type of skin, things are quite different. Pores expand, and dirt gets there. As a result, they cease to function properly. Comedones - this is the contaminated pores, which look like black dots. Sometimes they rise above the surface of the skin like small tubercles. Corked pores on the face can become inflamed, becoming acne.

Why does this happen and how to deal with this scourge? Let's try to figure it out!

Facial skin pores( scheme)

Pores of the skin of the face

Causes of comedones appearance

Bold and combined skin type most often leads to the appearance of nasty points and tubercles on the nose, cheeks, chin and forehead. And all because this skin produces fat much more than it needs. Enhanced production of lubricants can be due to genetics. Or provoked by improper care of the face and unhealthy lifestyle.

  • Deficiency or improper skin cleansing is one of the most common reasons why pores are clogged. Dust, particles of dirt, cosmetics fall into the skin holes. And if they are not cleaned in time, then they get lost in a dense mass and close the pore like a lid. At the same time, fat does not stop working out, but it has nowhere to go. It accumulates inside such a "container", whose contents can easily become inflamed.
  • The blockage of pores on the face is due to eating certain foods that contribute to the increased secretion of sebum. First of all, it concerns such favorite chips, dried crusts, sweet carbonated drinks all young people. Then follows the spicy seasonings and sauces, mayonnaise, fatty and sweet food, smoked meat.
  • Cosmetics that do not match your skin type, provoke comedones very actively.
  • Clogged pores on the face appear in the amateur to apply decorative cosmetics in several layers, thus creating a kind of "non-breathing" mask.
  • If you are accustomed to sit by the computer for days, appearing in the fresh air only during the breaks to work / study or home, then the blockage of pores is inevitable.

How to quickly and easily cleanse the pores of the face at home: Video

What to do

Find out why the pores on the face are hammered - this is only half the case. If you do nothing to improve the condition of the skin, you may not dream about the face, as on the covers of glossy magazines. Only when you are really tired of hiding from other people's eyes, you need to boldly go into battle.

In the beginning, especially if the skin condition is neglected, it is necessary to "sweat".But then, when the inflammations come down from the face, it will become velvety and well-groomed, you will only need to maintain all this beauty.

  1. Clean your face and wash your face at least twice a day. Do not interfere with special tools designed for problem skin. In the mornings it is good to wash with clay. To do this, dilute a teaspoon of white clay in a glass of water and massage her skin, leave it so for a few minutes, and then rinse your face with cool water. If you have a lot of inflamed acne, then you can use blue clay. Wash your makeup as soon as you come home, let your skin breathe freely.
  2. Once a week, do pilling. Again, you can use the purchased means, and you can do it with the help of ordinary oatmeal. Squeeze in your hand a little flakes and dip into warm water. By adjusting the degree of softening of the oatmeal, you will achieve different results. Harder flakes will polish the skin and open the clogged pores on the cheeks, and soft ones will nourish it with useful substances.
  3. Make masks 1-2 times a week, which contain fruit acids. Use either fresh acidic fruit or special remedies. Good results are given by masks with salicylic acid, which can be purchased at the pharmacy.
  4. At the end of any procedure, wash your face with cool water or rub it with an ice cube. The cold will narrow the pores too wide.

Miracle remedy for comedones - honey massage of the face

Clean pores No matter why the pores on the face are clogged, they need to be uncorked urgently. Before the honey massage, be sure to test the action of honey on the elbow. You can not use honey if it is allergic or there is a capillary mesh on your face.

  1. Apply honey a thin layer on the skin and wait five minutes. You will see that in places the honey has absorbed, and in some areas its drops are still visible. The latter are those places where there are damages or clogged pores. Here they need to work from the heart.
  2. To do the massage, it is enough to put the pads of the fingers on the skin and gently tear them away. Do not overdo it, we do not need bruises on our face at all. This method acts like a vacuum, the sebaceous plugs just fly out of the pores.
  3. Rinse your face and apply moisturizer.

During the procedure, you will notice that honey on the face and fingers will turn into a white mass. This is due to the fact that it combines with slag and dirt. With this massage, you not only deeply clean the skin, but also strengthen the blood circulation. What will help smooth out fine wrinkles.
Regularly caring for the face, you will make even the most finicky skin look unsurpassed. Do not be lazy, ladies, and then you will not be staring after the beauties, but others will not miss the opportunity to compliment you!

How to reduce pores on the face: Video

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Published: 20-03-2015