Stretch marks during pregnancy: let the abdominal skin remain clean

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  • When and why do stretch marks appear?
  • How to prevent the appearance of stretch marks?
  • Cream from stretch marks with mummies. Instruction
  • Cosmetic procedures in the fight against stretch marks
    • Warning of stretch marks
  • Video. Folk remedies for stretch marks during pregnancy

Pregnant woman Stretch marks. .. This word is familiar to at least half of the women giving birth. Hateful pink, maroon or whitish stripes appear quite unexpectedly on the abdomen, chest, hips of the future mother. Very often they remain the companions of a woman for life, creating complexes for her and depriving him of many joys, ease and carelessness. Let's talk about stretch marks on the abdomen during pregnancy, the causes of the appearance, ways of preventing and reducing visual manifestations.

When and why do stretch marks appear?

Stretch marks appear as a result of the fact that the skin in certain areas of the body overstrains due to various reasons. Microfractures of tissues occur in the inner layer of the epidermis. How do stretch marks look during pregnancy? At first, the color of their external manifestations is pinkish-purple, bright. Over time, gaps overgrow with a special connective tissue, stretch marks lose their brightness of color, become white, bodily.

At what time do stretch marks appear during pregnancy? Unequivocally difficult to answer, it all depends on the individual characteristics of the female body, as well as on how the body will change during pregnancy. Obviously, this will happen no earlier than 3-4 months. After the first trimester, the abdomen begins to grow, the mammary glands grow, the body weight is increased. All this provokes the appearance of stretch marks, especially if there is a predisposition to this.

So, we determined why and on what month stretch marks appear during pregnancy. Now we learn what to do to combat them. As always, the most effective is a comprehensive approach.

How to prevent the appearance of stretch marks?


The following tips will certainly help future mothers to keep their skin beautiful:

  1. Balanced nutrition, weight retention is normal. It is necessary to increase the amount of protein in the food, which is responsible for its elasticity and regeneration. It is not recommended to gain weight sharply.
  2. Complete rest, sufficient for the night sleep and, if possible, day time.
  3. A well-supporting breast bra. Must have cups of appropriate size, wide straps and buckles with the possibility of adjustment.
  4. Wearing a special bandage at a time when stretch marks appear during pregnancy and even, perhaps, after childbirth.

Cream from stretch marks with mummies. Reminder

Cream from stretch marks with mummies

Cosmetic procedures in combating stretch marks

In fact, with stretch marks, you can and should fight. Let them not disappear forever, but with a high degree of probability will become unobtrusive.

  • Pharmaceuticals

The pharmaceutical industry offers us today a huge selection of special products from stretch marks. These are creams, gels, balms, etc. Active substances in them are skin moisturizing components, as well as stimulating the production of collagen.

Famous natural wrestlers with flabbiness of the skin are oils of lemon, mint, rosewood, hazelnut, wheat sprouts, almonds. And extracts from plants such as soy, carrots, tiger grass will reduce the occurrence of excessive skin tension, prevent the appearance of new strains and reduce visually existing ones. Oils can also be used in pure form.

  • Massage

All these products are very good for use during massage. The key is the regularity. Massage should be your daily companion. You can hold it with your hands or with a cosmetic mitten, a more coarse version. The means are gently rubbed with careful circular motions. The duration of the session is about 10 minutes. On striae during pregnancy this will affect the best.

  • Contrast shower

Another incredibly useful procedure - a contrast shower. Still, you should control your sensations. Water should not be excessively hot or cold. Let this procedure be only pleasant, better relaxing than stimulating.

  • Exfoliation

Treatment of striae The exfoliation procedure should also be included in the mandatory skin care. It improves blood circulation in the skin and promotes its enhanced regeneration. For carrying out you will need a scrub. You can buy ready-made cosmetics( preferably in a pharmacy).And you can try to make it yourself. There are a lot of folk recipes, the following are the most popular ones.

Salt scrub. Prepare a mixture of 1 cup of salt, 1 glass of sugar, 0.5 cups of vegetable oil. The mixture gently massaged all the problem areas within 10 minutes. Then scrub thoroughly washed with water. The skin is applied to a suitable body cream, which is better moisturizing.

Coffee scrub. The thick or simply ground coffee is mixed with oil, shower gel, sour cream in an arbitrary proportion. It is good to add to this mixture a component that has amazing, healing properties - a mummy. The skin is gently massaged for 5-10 minutes, then everything is washed off.

Stretch marks warning

So, you learned why there are stretch marks during pregnancy and how to act if stretch marks appeared during pregnancy. But it is better not to wait for the first strips on the body, but to try to warn them. Begin to care for the skin is necessary from the first days of pregnancy, and even better up to. Literally after 2 weeks of regular procedures it will become more elastic, elastic, healthy and radiant. So increases the likelihood that stretch marks on it just will not appear.

Why do stretch marks appear during pregnancy, despite careful and timely care? Unfortunately, this happens because of genetic predisposition. But do not despair and lose heart. It is quite possible to make them very unobtrusive or to try to get rid after the birth of a child.

Video. Folk remedies for stretch marks during pregnancy

Stretch marks after pregnancy can also be removed by radical methods. This is abdominoplasty, laser resurfacing, fractional photothermolysis, mesotherapy, etc. What exactly to prefer - advise a doctor or specialist in aesthetic medicine. Each of these methods has its own advantages and disadvantages, which must be taken into account.

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Published: 30-11-2015