Get rid of stretch marks after childbirth, do not put a cross on beauty!

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Unfortunately, when a newly mum looks at her reflection in a mirror, she does not always want to rejoice. An extra fat appeared, cellulite became visible, the abdomen was hanging, and those hateful stretches all over the body. .. Well, what kind of joy could there be? However, do not rush to drop your hands and put a cross on your beauty. Everything is fixable, and how to get rid of stretch marks after birth, we now talk.

Why stretch marks appear during pregnancy

Treatment of stretch marks after childbirth No matter how beautiful the time of pregnancy, it is still overshadowed not by the most pleasant changes in the body of a woman. And if during this period people think more and more that the baby is born healthy, when a small miracle is already quietly snuffling on the hands, the thoughts of mothers begin to return to reality. Postnatal stretch marks cause a storm of feelings. Why is it that in this period the fine sex is exposed to these cutaneous injuries?

Everything is related to two main factors:

  • Physical increase in the volume of the abdomen, chest, thighs.
  • The action of various hormones. In particular, cortisol, which is produced by the adrenal glands during pregnancy in a larger amount, contributes to the fact that the collagen fibers become brittle.

The skin is stretched and if it is not elastic enough, it starts to tear slightly. Often at this point, the stretch marks, causing an irresistible desire to rub the problem place. It happens that even the clean skin suddenly began to itch. You can be sure that soon there will be breaks in this place, if you do not react in time.

Now you might think that stretch marks after delivery will appear, as the above described processes can not be controlled. This is not quite true. In fact, you can prevent their appearance or reduce the intensity, if properly treated with the skin. But what should we do if the gaps still appeared?

Your plans after the birth of

Body without stretch marks The first thing that a woman who has just given birth needs to do is recover after such a difficult test. Pregnancy and childbirth are a big stress for the body and it will take time to get back to normal. The same goes for the skin. Therefore, do not rush to immediately run to the gym and sauna. In this treatment of stretch marks after childbirth should not be put off in a long box, since old, whitened breaks are much harder to clean than fresh ones.

Since stretching is in deep layers of the skin, it is naive to believe that it is enough to smear with a cream and it will immediately disappear. This will not happen. No matter how expensive and advertised the cream is, it is absolutely useless without an integrated approach to the problem. Here's how you should begin to act:

  • Take care of the whole body. You need to firstly bring the muscles into tonus, especially in the stomach, because the relaxed muscles provoke the appearance of new stretch marks. But do not rush to immediately press the press, this can not be done until the straight abdominal muscles are closed. At the first time after childbirth, you can do the "pump" exercise, pulling and protruding your stomach, lingering in each position for a few seconds.
  • Set up the food. Since a set of excess weight provokes the appearance of stretch marks, you not only will not get rid of them after childbirth, but also acquire new ones.
  • Start doing peeling and grinding during the shower. One of the most beloved women was a scrub based on natural coffee. It is very easy to prepare by mixing a little grinded grains with some kind of butter or shower gel.
  • Puppy massage stimulates blood flow, which, in turn, accelerates the regenerative processes in the skin.

Effective recipes for

Whether stretch marks can pass after giving birth, depends only on your actions. If you sit back, nothing happens. They will age, fill with connective tissue, and then remove them will be very difficult. But if you are not lazy, and try different methods on your own and choose the most suitable one, then after a month or two you will notice encouraging results. We offer your opinion some of the most popular recipes.

  • Breast without striae The leader in this area, perhaps, is a cream with a mummy. It is this remedy that has become popular with many women who want to remove the postnatal stretch marks and pull up the general tone of the skin. To do this, dissolve the mummy in water and mix with any cream or oil. They can just be smeared daily or do with it a massage, which will only strengthen its effect. The smell of a remedy, let's say, an amateur, so for other sensitive methods, there are other ways.
  • No matter how strange it sounded, you can get rid of stretch marks after delivery with apple cider vinegar. To do this, it is bred in half with water, dampened with a solution of a cloth or napkin and applied to the problem site. Then it all turns into a film. It takes 1-2 hours to walk. Caution, for sensitive skin this recipe is not suitable.
  • If the stretch marks after the delivery, then a cold compress or rubbing of oils will help to cope with it. You can use Panthenol's cream. It is important not to scratch them, because it can provoke the appearance of new ruptures on the skin.
  • Collagen from stretch marks is also very effective. It is used both at home and in salons, when a specialist introduces it directly into the stretch. At home, you can rub it into your skin or drink collagen. Be careful, because it is of two kinds: one is for use during pregnancy, and the other is after.

Wheat oil against stretch marks. Instruction

Wheat oil against stretch marks

How to remove stretch marks on the chest after childbirth? This is the most difficult part of the body to treat. First, if you are breastfeeding, the breast continues to increase in size and after delivery. Secondly, the skin here is very thin, and the breast itself can not be exposed to various dubious means. Here we allow only light massage, rubbing, contrast shower and moisturizers.

Specialists in cosmetology salons will be happy to answer your question, how to remove stretch marks after childbirth. Modern medicine can do wonders, so many of the methods it offers are very effective. In the extreme case, the problem area is even surgically excised and a new clean skin will grow in its place.

Video. Remedy for stretch marks

If you are not sure whether the stretch marks go completely after childbirth, then start at least something to do. Even if you can not completely get rid of them, then significantly reduce their number is quite realistic.

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Published: 01-10-2015