How to remove stretch marks on your legs: a cocktail of incredible recipes for everyone!

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How to remove stretch marks on the legs, hips and buttocks? For some reason, stria very much like to be located on this very "lacquer" part of the female body. They say that stretch marks are forever. Should I believe such a sad axiom?

Why stretch marks appear on the legs

Stretch marks on legs In short, with increasing body volume, the skin can not remain hollow, internal epidermal tears occur. There are also internal mechanisms that disrupt the natural beauty of the skin.

Here are the reasons why stretch marks appear on the legs and other parts of the body:

  1. A difficult teenage age. Hormones lower the elasticity of the skin.
  2. Circulatory disturbance in a specific area of ​​the body.
  3. A dramatic change in weight( both weight loss and fatness).
  4. Pregnancy.
  5. Classes in the gym( pumping muscles, for example).

Red stretch marks on the legs after a while turn pale. Themselves, without treatment, striae do not pass, but you can make them invisible.

Prevention of stretch marks

  • Contrast shower

Simple and pleasant method, it can be used even for pregnant women. True, there is one thing here: hot water is contraindicated for pregnant women. Future moms, choose a temperature convenient for you!

  • Baby cream

This method suits the ladies in an interesting position unconditionally: lubricate the skin in risk areas with baby cream. Risk zones: chest, abdomen, buttocks, hips.

  • Scrub

Scrub the body at least once a week. Choose a recipe for a pleasant home scrub. A little later we will offer a selection of recipes.

  • For pregnant women

In order not to get striae on the last terms, choose a holding bra and a good bandage for the abdomen. Find on sale cream with elastin from the series "For expectant mothers."

excellent recipes from the stretch

  • Massages

To remove stretch marks from legs, a method such as hand massage is not used. After all, the already stretched skin can be stretched even more. Occasionally a simple massage is done for prevention and then very carefully.

  • Honey massage

Lightly heat the honey in a water bath. After the bath, without wiping, apply honey and pat on the body with the palms until the honey is absorbed. It is very inconvenient to do this massage yourself. Ask for help from a man, it is unlikely he will refuse such an intriguing procedure.

  • Banana massage from stretch marks

Recommended for striae, cellulite, scars, for the treatment of injuries. Acts on the principle of vacuum. The Bank draws the skin inwards, increasing blood circulation and lymph drainage. Banks for massage are sold in pharmacies( these are not the "glass", in which canned salad).Can massage

Wraps Stretch

It is very effective to tighten and smooth out problem skin, to cure stretch marks everywhere, even on the calves. Apply after the massage, sometimes the wrap is left overnight. Apply on the skin of vegetable oil, wrap the body with food film, lie down in bed, cover with a blanket and rest for an hour and a half. Wraps from stretch marks

Oil recipes

  1. Almond oil( 1 tsp) + rosemary oil( 8 drops).Apply under a film or just rub twice a day.
  2. Peach oil + sweet orange oil. Mix in equal proportions.

Recipes folk funds from the stretch


Stretch marks on his calves, thighs, and indeed in any part of the body can be smooth with a harmless homemade scrub.

  • Sea salt + rustic cream

Sea salt of fine grinding( on a coffee grinder such salt can not be prepared) mix with homemade cream. The proportions are arbitrary. Carefully scrape the stretch marks for 5-10 seconds. Hold the mixture a little like a mask. Rinse with warm water.

  • Sea salt + sugar + vegetable oil

Mix all the ingredients in equal proportions. Apply as in the previous recipe. Look for the sale of cane brown sugar, it dissolves more slowly in water and contains many useful substances for the skin.

  • Coffee grounds + vegetable oil

Throw the remains of the coffee grounds on the sieve. Add in the mass of any vegetable oil. Apply on striae, lightly rubbing. Hold for a few minutes, wash it off. The oil can be replaced with sour cream, yoghurt, cream.

  • Bodyguard

Reviews of the body, powder from the freshwater sponge, contradictory. However, there are more enthusiastic opinions and they are more convincing. On sale there are both ready-made products( creams, gels), and a powder in a powder. Mix the remedy according to the instructions. The best component is mineral water. Apply the bodyguard as a mask, but it acts like a scrub or peeling.

Pull stretch marks with cream. ..

Creams can be used for wraps instead of oils.

  • Cream with mummy

Stretch marks on the pope Means with "tears of mountains", as they are called mummies, are safe for pregnant and lactating mothers. Therefore, they can be used for both prevention and treatment of striae. For prevention, the mummy is used 2-3 times a week. For treatment every day morning and evening. Creams with mummies can be applied even on the chest, they are convenient to treat stretch marks on the knees.

When pregnant, the cream is not rubbed, but simply smears the body.

  1. Dissolve the tablet mummy. Mix the brown "water" with baby cream. Apply on the body two times a day. Each time, prepare a new portion.
  2. Dissolve a piece of natural Altai mummy( 4-5 g) in a teaspoon of water so that no one remains whole pieces. Add the dissolved mummy to the body cream( 70-100 g), mix thoroughly, let it brew for 15 minutes and stir again. The agent is applied twice a day, held for 25-30 minutes, then washed off. The cream can be left overnight.

The best effect is achieved if you apply the cream after the bath. For the sake of this case, leave the cream to work for 3-4 hours, then rinse.

Cream with mummy spoils clothes and leaves traces on the skin. To remove stains from the fabric, wash clothes with soap and water in a water with lemon juice( 2 teaspoons of juice per liter of water).The spots on the skin take away the same lemon juice or the remedy for removing cosmetics.

  • Liquid cream lotion

Mix herbs: St. John's wort, chamomile, string. Pour half a glass of water, simmer on low heat for 15 minutes. Cool, strain, add a teaspoon of honey and stir. Add one tablespoon of aloe juice and a golden mustache. Shake well, store in refrigerator. Apply lotion lotion twice a day.

  • Aloe vera

Aloe vera juice( 0.5 cup) mixed with vegetable oil( 0.5 cups), drop into the mixture 5 drops of vitamin A and 10 drops of vitamin E. Stir well, close tightly, store in the refrigerator. Apply twice daily.

Remedy for stretch marks. Video

Procedures for getting rid of stretch marks are performed in a complex way: massage + scrub + wrap + mask + cream. The duration of one course is about 3 months. Luckwomen, who returned beauty with home remedies, claim that the extensions did not completely disappear, no. But for the surrounding stria have become invisible. The result is. And you will have it too!

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Published: 20-09-2015