Ointment against acne on the face: all ingenious is simple

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Ointment against acne on the face is the most popular among adolescents remedy. Why? It's simple: it's easy to apply, it's inexpensive, the effect is obvious. What you need to remember, choosing a means for beautiful skin, because the recipe for an ideal ointment has not yet been invented.

For the sake of fairness. ..

Pure face Among the huge amount of budgetary and not very means to choose something of its own is not easy. It is known that the skin reaction is individual. And every man has his own way of life. Here are some factors that provoke acne:

  • Incorrect nutrition. Semi-finished and fast foods are the main enemies of clean skin.
  • Increased skin greasiness. The sebum blocks the pores.
  • The habit of squeezing out acne, as well as the habit of touching a dirty face with unwashed hands.
  • Use of inappropriate, comedogenic cosmetics.
  • Abuse of a voice-frequency cream, powder, a habit to leave cosmetics for the night.
  • Stressful situations.
  • Hormones( puberty, menopause, oral contraceptives).
  • Diseases.
  • Bad habits.

If all this is about you, then it's time to change something in your life. The ancients said that you can not buy health. Like the purity of the skin, however.

Analysis of popular ointments for acne

Who are they, fighters from pharmaceuticals? What are their strengths and weaknesses? All these ointments from acne on the face have been recognized by the acne sufferers of adolescents, and in people of more mature age too.

Simple and effective ointments

  • Zinc

Disinfects wounds, relieves inflammation, adsorbs pus and sebum( and, therefore, treats comedones as well).Not very pleasant smells, but you can tolerate. Among the shortcomings can be called that the remedy is inconvenient to use: to get the result, you need to apply it every 1.5 to 2 hours. It dries the skin. Apply it in mild acne.

  • Ichthyol

Ichthyol ointment takes a strong place in the rating of acne remedies. This is a very old and proven method."Ichthyolus" dissolves comedones, if they are not too deep. And also resolves the postmortem scars. He treats internal acne, helps to get rid of a pimple for a couple of days.

  • A person without acne Liniment of Vishnevsky

The agent was invented by the Russian military surgeon for treatment of purulent wounds. As part of the means of birch tar, hence its not quite pleasant smell. Liniment Vishnevsky, as well as "ichthyolka" - an excellent ointment from internal acne on the face. These drugs help the pimple to come out and ripen faster. One thing: ointments can not be applied to large areas of the skin, so they are used in the form of local compresses: they are applied to cheesecloth and fixed on a problem site with a patch.

  • Salicylic

A relatively "light" ointment for the treatment of acne on the face. It is recommended at the initial stage of acne, especially in adolescence. As soon as you notice the first acne, run to the pharmacy for a "salicylic".Salicylic ointment can be replaced with boric acid.

  • Levomekol

Pretty good ointment from acne on the face, accelerates the maturation of inflammation, heals tissues, dissolves scars. Helps to get rid of internal acne, it acts very quickly. Levomekol is used to treat zaed in the corners of the mouth. Of the side effects called dryness and peeling of the skin. The drug is addictive.

  • Retinoic ointment

It is based on the beneficial properties of vitamin A. Retinol( vitamin A) reduces the greasiness of the skin, prevents its cornification, and resolves scarring. As a result, fewer comedones and, of course, much less acne. Of the shortcomings - it takes about 3 weeks before the remedy begins to act. It is recommended to use retinoic ointment with a complex with other means.

  • Grape ointment

Traditionally used in the treatment of demodex. Ointment eliminates greasy gloss, improves skin condition. Now this tool is not very popular. Although, perhaps, this is exactly what the skin will like.

Cream for acne. Reminder

Acne cream

"Heavy artillery"

  • Skrinoren-gel

The best ointment from acne on the face, if the situation is started. Perfectly heal the skin from multiple rashes. Acts quickly. Scrinoren has a significant disadvantage: it is addictive, in this connection, after a while ceases to function. There is an opinion that the gel dries the skin, so if you have dry skin types, be careful.

  • Differin

Treatment for acne on the face Has excellent reviews, but not all fit. The product dries heavily the skin, causing profuse exfoliation. It is recommended to the owners of thick sebaceous skin.

  • Baziron

Remarkable ointment for inflammation on the face, refers to high-speed products - the skin becomes cleaner in a week. In addition to getting rid of rashes, patients have the right to hope for the treatment of comedones and post-acne scars. After Baziron, the skin needs to be moistened or discarded.

  • Zinerite

Recognized by users as one of the best ointments from pimples on the face. Acts quickly, fully corresponds to the qualities claimed in the advertisement of this tool. The minus of the drug is that it is an antibiotic that is addictive. In this regard, you can not use constantly, you need to take a break.

  • Metrogil-gel

Has both positive and negative feedback. At the heart of this ointment against inflammation on the face Metronidazole, a fairly powerful antibiotic, which is very popular with dermatologists-venereologists. Metrogil is used together with other external means. The gel works on most pathogenic microbes that cause acne.

Video. How to get rid of internal acne on the face with lemon

Ointments for acne have many positive effects: they are usually available. More or less effective( it all depends on whether the tool is right for you or not).At the same time relieving the skin of acne, ointment makes an excellent prevention of scars and scars. No pustule, no scar - it's easy!

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Published: 03-02-2016