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Heels are a favorite bad habit, which no woman can refuse. By the way, during the course of our life our feet overcome the cosmic distance: we make a foot trip around the earth 4 times. Is it surprising that the first can not withstand the heel? And it's on them that the main load falls, when a lady boots shoes on heels. How to prepare a cream for legs from cracks on the heels - effective, natural, safe?

Why does the heel crack?

Cracks on the heels Causes of cracks are different: from health problems, to foot conditions( joke).If the heels suddenly became dry and covered with cracks, pay attention to your health. Here are the internal causes of the problem:

  • impaired metabolism;diabetes;
  • Nervous Diseases;
  • chronic or acute diseases( GIT, thyroid, tuberculosis, etc.);
  • dermatological problems: psoriasis, fungal infections, dermatitis, ichthyosis;
  • helminthic invasion;
  • vitamin deficiency;
  • menopause, pregnancy, hormonal contraceptive use.

Affect the condition of the feet and the conditions of "existence" of the legs: life, the profession of a woman, care. Adverse factors include:

  • dry, polluted air;
  • harmful environmental factors( wind, frost, ultraviolet, temperature extremes);
  • chlorinated water;
  • work in harmful production;
  • wearing tight, open shoes;
  • use for washing and household aggressive detergents;
  • and so on. ..

Female legs suffer from diseases 4 times more often than men's. And the fault is the heels. And more: nine out of ten women wear shoes that are small. But uncomfortable shoes are one of the most frequent causes of cracks, calluses, burrs and other problems.

Daily Foot Care

  1. Wash your feet with cool water 2 times a day.
  2. Take preventive baths once a week( with sea salt, decoction of oak bark).
  3. Clean the dead skin of your heels once a week. It is very convenient to remove not steamed, but dry skin. Work off the nail file before you start taking the bath. Cracks and burrs will become much less after the first dry procedure.
  4. Feet care Daily apply a moisturizing or nourishing cream that will prevent cracks on the heels.
  5. Wear shoes in size, choose heels up to 4-5 cm high.
  6. Drink 2 liters of water per day.
  7. If you work standing or walk a lot, during the day, let your feet rest.
  8. Take Multivitamins.

To choose the right shoes, go to the store after dinner. In the evening, the legs become particularly sensitive to various defects in the pads and even become swollen.


If you raise your foot, the foot will decrease by 2 sizes. Therefore, during the fitting try and walk, dear readers, and then no one will deceive you - neither the seller nor the shoes.

Help from the pharmacy. Instruction

Help from a pharmacy

Recipes for foot creams

If you did not save your legs, and cracks appeared on your heels, take olive oil( 1 tablespoon) on an empty stomach every morning. How to smear cracks on the heels for their early healing? Try the natural ingredients.

  • Yolk + vinegar

Mix the main ingredients: raw yolk( 1 pc.), Vinegar( 1 tsp), vegetable oil( 1 tbsp.).Take a foot bath, treat the heels( if necessary).Apply a yolk mixture, on top put on plastic bags and socks. Leave it overnight. Two or three procedures are sufficient.

  • Tetracycline Ointment + Apple Vinegar

Take a bath with soda, treat the feet. Apply tetracycline ointment on the heels. Wrap them in plastic bags, put on socks. Leave it till morning. The next evening do the same, but attach to the heels of gauze, soaked in vinegar. In the morning remove the remains of coarse skin with a nail file. Repeat two or three times a month. Tetracycline ointment with vinegar is effective and from the burrs, and without vinegar from cracks on the toes.

  • Wax + mustard oil

Melt a portion of beeswax in a water bath. Add 3 drops of mustard oil. Apply this simple cream for cracked heels every day. The course of treatment 10-15 procedures.

  • Cream with essential oils

Mix a children's cream or medical Vaseline( 1 tbsp.) With essential oils of chamomile and lavender( 2 drops each).Blend the mixture, store in the refrigerator. Apply a fragrant cream to heal cracks on the heels three times a day.

  • Calendula ointment + vitamin A

Mix the ingredients: ointment of calendula( 20 g) and liquid vitamin A in an ampoule( 10 ml).Pound the ingredients so that the mass becomes uniform. Keep the finished product in the refrigerator. Lubricate your heels for the night, put on socks at the top. Do the procedure every day, and when the cracks are healed, a couple of times a week for prevention.

  • Treating Heels Cream "Magic"

Very effective cream for the treatment of cracks on the heels and just for daily skin care of hands and feet. Mix beeswax to grate or break( 4 liters), olive oil( 5 tablespoons), carite oil( 5 tablespoons), essential oils of bergamot and rosemary( 5 drops each).The components are placed in a container and sent to a water bath. Melt it by stirring. Keep the cream in the refrigerator. Shelf life 6 months. Apply on the skin every evening.

  • Herbal Cream

Super effective cream for cracked skin of heels! Prepare a mixture of such plant components: lilac bunches with leaves( 4 pcs.), Marigold flowers( 10 pcs.), Plantain leaves( 10 pcs.).Ingredients grind in a blender or rastolkute in a mortar. Pour the mixture with hot chicken fat( 200 g, temperature 60-70 degrees).The mixture is allowed to cool and dispense for 2 days in the refrigerator. Then melt again to drain. Rub into the skin of your heels at night, from above wear socks.

  • Bee Wax + Glycerin

A cream for heels from cracks according to the recipe of folk healers allows you to achieve a very smooth and delicate skin. Heat the vegetable oil( 100 g) to 40 degrees. Add ground hand beeswax( 0.5 servings, or as a half matchbox).Stir until the wax melts. Add sea buckthorn oil and glycerin( 1 tsp).Mix components, cool, store in the refrigerator. Apply the cream every night, from the top wear socks. When the problem goes away, do it once or twice a week for prevention.

  • Lipstick

Try an unusual but effective cream from cracks on the heels - hygienic lipstick. Lubricate your heels with lipstick overnight. Very soon all the cracks will heal. This tool is very convenient to use, it will help you out on the road, on vacation, on a business trip.

Video. Folk remedies for rough heels

. .. Yes, when it comes to beauty, girls tend to ignore some of the consequences. We can make it easier to work at our feet, picking the right shoes and taking care of the feet properly. Cream from cracks on the heels - the main assistant of the woman in the struggle for the tender, like a newborn foot.

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Published: 20-01-2016