Is the cream effective against hemorrhoids in the treatment of wrinkles?

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Several years ago, the famous Hollywood actress Sandra Bullock in one of the interviews said that she actively uses a cream from hemorrhoids against wrinkles, as everyone ran to the pharmacy to buy a miracle cure. By the way, the actress in her 50 looks unlikely at 30. It's not known who first thought of this idea, but rave reviews of women say that it is excellent. But does the use of the drug harm the delicate skin of the face?

The secret of the hemorrhoid cream

Wrinkles on the face In fact, not only Sandra uses drugs from hemorrhoids for braces and aligning the contours of the face. Many other show business stars and models resort to their help when it is necessary to quickly remove the traces of a stormy night and again appear before the public in a brilliant way. What is so special about the hemorrhoid cream that it is able to fight wrinkles better than special cosmetics? It's all about its composition, which includes ingredients useful to the skin:

  • Shark fat. Only about fifty years ago it began to be used in cosmetology, having found out that it copes well with the age-related changes in the epidermis. Until now, creams, which include shark fat, are of high value. At the same time, antihemorrhoidal drugs have a much lower price.
  • Extracts of seaweed. We all know that masks and creams with this component have a beneficial effect on the skin, making it more elastic and nourishing with the necessary nutrients.
  • Heparin is responsible for narrowing of the vessels, as a result of which edema occurs. Ointment with heparin in a few minutes is able to remove bags under the eyes.
  • Lanolin moisturizes the skin and creates a film on its surface that prevents excessive loss of moisture.
  • Essential oils tone the skin and strengthen the walls of the vessels.
  • Glycerin acts soothing and prevents the skin from losing precious moisture.

Each of these tools contains its own unique components that smooth out the relief and color of the skin, remove puffiness and even reduce dark circles. Using a cream from hemorrhoids for the skin around the eyes, you can easily rejuvenate for ten years.

Cons of creams from hemorrhoids against wrinkles

Wrinkle treatment However, this miracle cure has its drawbacks. You should definitely read this information before using it. Be careful if the cream contains:

  • Hormones( prednisolone, cortisone).They are addictive and couperose. It is better to avoid such means.
  • Zinc and oak bark, which strongly dry the skin. This is a good effect for oily skin type, but not at all suitable for dry skin.
  • Anesthetics. They are completely unhelpful, because they can cause an allergic reaction.

Before buying a cream from hemorrhoids, examine its composition and avoid ingredients that will harm you. Give preference to funds on a natural basis.

Alternative. Mask of a tomato from wrinkles. Instruction

Mask of a tomato from wrinkles

Terms of use

The cream for hemorrhoids, which you use for the skin around the eyes and wrinkles, you need not only to select correctly, but also to apply. After all, if you break technology, you can reduce all efforts to naught. To avoid this, remember the most important rule - anti-hemorrhoidal drugs can not be used for daily skin care. For this, it is better to choose a good cream around the eyes and for the face.

Cream for hemorrhoids is an emergency aid when you need to be urgently in shape. It can also be used to prevent wrinkles. Apply on his face should not be more than twice a month. It is best to make masks out of cream or candles. Candles need to be melt in a water bath beforehand. They differ in that they are not made on starch basis, but on glycerin or cocoa butter.

In order to make such a mask, it is necessary: ​​

  • Cleanse the face.
  • Cream or a melted candle with a cotton disc.
  • Top with a paper or tissue napkin.
  • Relax for 15 minutes. The remedy is better absorbed and will act if you just lie down without talking.
  • Wash and apply moisturizer.

If you do not want to make a mask, then the cream can be applied a thin layer under the eyes and on problem areas without washing off. It is better to do this at night. After all, regeneration processes in the skin are activated at night.

Video. Effective folk remedies for wrinkles under the eyes

Do not neglect the above rules and do not use often such creams. This can lead to the fact that instead of smoothing wrinkles you will get a completely different result - the skin of a baked apple. Medical preparations, first of all, should be used for the intended purpose, and enjoy pleasant side effects of braces is possible only as an exception.

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Published: 02-04-2016