How to prepare a moisturizing face cream at home

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  • Advantages and disadvantages of home cosmetics
  • Basic rules for the preparation of home creams
    • Alternative. Moisturizing lotion. Instruction
    • Where to take the necessary ingredients
  • Recipes for dry skin
  • Recipes for normal skin
  • Recipes for oily skin
  • Video. Mask for moisturizing and rejuvenating the skin of the face

Skin of any type needs care and moisturizing, because it is the loss of cells of moisture that leads to its rapid aging. But what if you have hypersensitive skin that reacts to any purchased cream? And, maybe you like everything natural, including cosmetics? Then you need to prepare a moisturizing face cream at home, which is quite easy.

Advantages and disadvantages of home cosmetics

Moisturized skin Many believe that a cream prepared at home from natural ingredients has only advantages over purchased products. To some extent, they are right, because such cosmetics has a number of positive features:

  • Home moisturizing or nourishing face cream does not contain preservatives, dyes and fragrances. But these substances most often provoke an allergy and affect the skin not in the best way.
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  • The absence of hormones and other substances that are addictive can not but rejoice. Most age-ready creams sin that they contain such ingredients.
  • If you managed to select the right ingredients for the cream, then it will give a much better effect than the purchased one.

But not everything is so rosy with homemade makeup and let's stay on this issue for a short time. It has its drawbacks that you may not like:

  • Contrary to popular belief, preparing a natural moisturizing face cream requires a decent financial cost. Most components cost a lot of money.
  • The cream that you have prepared yourself, is stored for no more than a month, or even a few days. However, this defect gradually turns into an advantage, because it indicates that the remedy does not contain any chemistry at all.
  • We need to spend time preparing the cream. For someone it can become a kind of hobby, but for others, the extra 30 minutes is an unprecedented luxury.

Basic rules for the preparation of home creams

Moisturizing cream Moisturizing face cream does not require any special cooking skills or special knowledge. However, you do not mind getting acquainted with the most basic rules, which will only simplify the cooking process. So, proceed:

  1. First of all you will need to melt all the solid ingredients. This is beeswax and some oils. This is done in a water bath. At the same time, make sure that you do not burn anything. To accurately measure the wax, grate it on a grater.
  2. Already when the solid components are melted, you can add a variety of oils, which are necessary for this or that effect.
  3. At the very least, an aqueous component is added, which can be either ordinary purified water or infusions of herbs.
  4. When all the components are connected, you need to beat them with a mixer. Beat the cream until completely cooled, lowering the container with it in cold water.
  5. Put the cream in the refrigerator and store it there.

Alternative. Moisturizing lotion. Instruction

Alternative. Moisturizing Lotion

Where to take the necessary ingredients

To prepare a moisturizing cream with your own hands, you will need a number of ingredients that you may not know where to buy. Let's look at them in order.

  • The basis for most home creams is beeswax. You can buy it in beekeeping shops, on the Internet or at acquaintances who hold bees.
  • Any vitamins, herbs, oils, and glycerin are sold in pharmacies, and finding them is easy.
  • Various active substances and lanolin can also be asked in pharmacies, especially "green".Also they can be bought without problems in online stores.

Recipes for dry skin

Face after cream Probably no other type of skin so does not need moisture, as dry. Such skin is often weathered, flaky, inflamed, faster aging. To prevent this from happening, you need to fill the water balance in its cells. A cream for dry skin at home can be cooked not alone. They have many options, it remains only to choose the most suitable.

  • Mix 1 tbsp.l.badger's fat, 2 tbsp.l.oil of St. John's wort and add already melted 1 tsp.beeswax. Drip 3 drops of vitamin A and E. This cream is very fat, so do not apply it in large quantities. It perfectly calms the weathering skin in the cold season.
  • Cream for owners of very dry facial skin is prepared at home using karite oil. For him, take 2-3 tsp.already liquid wax and add to it 80 g of any vegetable oil, preferably olive or flax seed. Then pour in 20 grams of shea butter, an ampoule of vitamin E, a few drops of grapefruit oil and 100 ml of water. Mix everything thoroughly.
  • Herbal face cream at home for dry skin contains a number of useful herbs that tone and remove sensitivity. Take in equal quantities the following components: currant leaves, mountain ash and nettles, rose petals, parsley and jasmine flowers. Grind everything well in the blender. Melt 1 tsp.beeswax and 50 g of butter. Pour into the resulting mixture of 1 tbsp.l.olive oil, 10 g of oily vitamin A. At the end, add 1 tbsp.l.crushed herbs.

Recipes for normal skin

Moisturizing cream is needed not only for dry skin, but for normal skin, and it takes literally 15-20 minutes to cook it yourself. Let's look at two good tools, the first of which should be applied in the morning, and the second - at night.

  • Chamomile cream acts gently, which is exactly what is needed for normal skin. First of all, pour 1 tbsp.l.half a glass of boiling water and let it brew for two hours. Melt 50 g of butter. Mix it with 2 tsp.castor oil, 1.5 tsp. Glycerin and strained chamomile infusion. Hold the mixture for a couple of minutes in a water bath and pour in it 25 ml of camphor alcohol. The cream should be cooled and stored in the refrigerator for no more than 10 days.
  • Rowberry cream not only moisturizes, but also removes fine wrinkles. Mix thoroughly the following ingredients: 1 tbsp.l.softened butter, 1 yolk, 1 tsp.honey, 1 tbsp.l.gruel from rowan berries. This cream is deteriorating faster, so do not store it for more than five days.

Recipes for oily skin

Oily skin also needs moisturizing and softening, but it needs to be carefully selected ingredients so that the cream can normalize the sebum secretion.

  • Cream with iris can be spoken right before use, because it takes very little time. To do this, mix a little juice of aloe and iris powder in the palm of your hand. The resulting mixture, lubricate the face before applying makeup.
  • Cucumber cream does not burden fatty skin, because it is light and pleasant. Finely chop some fresh cucumbers and place them in a glass jar. Fill everything with alcohol, which should be twice as much as cucumbers. After 15-20 days you will see that an oily substance floats on the surface, which must be removed and put in an opaque container. This is our cream.

Video. Mask for moisturizing and rejuvenating the face skin

Here we are and how to make our own hands cream for dry, normal or oily skin. Try it and you will be surprised by the result. This makeup is even more enjoyable, because you are absolutely sure of it.

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Published: 01-02-2016