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The bruise is very ugly. Moreover - immodestly: if you go out into people with a bruise, everyone will pay attention and ask a couple of "witty" questions. As if the most innocuous reasons - domestic injuries or accidents - look the most suspicious. How to prepare ointment from bruises on the face to cure bruised hair as soon as possible? And are there other ways to return a presentable appearance?

How the bruise

A person without a hematoma appears During an internal trauma( a bruise is always a hematoma, the blood that has escaped from the damaged vessels has not found an outlet), the body immediately begins to struggle with the consequences. Swelling and inflammation of the tissue, there is internal bleeding, there is pain and discomfort. This is a protective reaction to damage.

The problem is exacerbated if the bruise arose in a prominent place, especially on the face. Ironically, people perceive such a problem with a fair amount of fun. Someone even makes an assumption about the unhappiness in your family or hints at yesterday's zagul. All this is depressing. .. For several days, or even weeks, a person feels "special."

In mild cases, medical help is not required:

  1. The pain is felt only when you press a bruise.
  2. The wound is closed, the swelling is weak.
  3. The hematoma dissolves itself, within one to two weeks.

We are talking about minor injuries, which are fraught with a bruise. But we can not help saying about the severe cases: internal bruises, head traumas. .. Damages, after which there was a lot of pain and other sensations that are uncharacteristic for a healthy body( dizziness, nausea, drowsiness, etc.) - direct indication for an urgent visit tothe doctor. Do not neglect your health.

Recipes for the treatment of bruises


Pharmacy products are quite good at dealing with hematomas. But there are cases when a person prefers to turn to folk medicine. Ointment from bruises and bruises on the face can be bought, and you can cook with your own hands. We will advise what to choose for treatment.

Drugstores with a good reputation

Drugstores with a good reputation

Recipes of folk healers

Some simple procedures are able to quickly stop internal bleeding and prevent the appearance of a bruise. Many of them are for sure known to you. And, maybe, we missed something, and you will share the coveted recipe in the comments?

  1. Immediately after the impact, apply cold to the sore spot: ice, coin, spoon.
  2. Apply a potato slurry to the injured skin.
  3. Cosmetic cream from bruises on the face easily replaces the usual laundry soap. Lubricate the future bruise abundantly with a lumpy slice. Try to apply immediately after injury.
  4. Dampen a piece of newspaper with letters and stick it to the bruise.
  5. For half an hour, brush the bruise with toothpaste.
  6. Dissolve food salt( 1 tsp) in water( 0.5 glasses), make a lotion for a day. This same tool anesthetizes.
  7. Dampen the bruised area with water, sprinkle abundantly with sugar.

Procedures that will stop the bruise

  • Black eye Compress with vodka

If there is an "old" abrasion on the face, than to smear it? Or, it is possible, it is necessary to treat somehow other means? A compressive compress with vodka will help to remove the hematoma quickly. This remedy works especially well if the bruise is 2-3 weeks old. Moisten a bandage or a piece of white flax( colored can shed) in vodka, attach to the bruise for the night. On top wrap the food film, fix it with elastic bandage. Repeat every night.

  • Onion with salt

Scrub 2-3 bulbs on a fine grater. To the bulb does not crumble, rub it with the movement from top to bottom. On the way back, do not spend on a grater. Add the edible salt to the slurry. Apply on the bruise twice a day, warming the compress with food film. The course of treatment is 5-8 days.

  • Beet with honey

Grind the beetroot on a grater, wring out excess juice. Add the liquid honey( melt in a warm water bath).Place on a bruised place, wrap it with a film. Compress every day, hold for 2-3 hours.

  • Compress of wormwood

Grind the leaves of fresh wormwood bitter, attach to the affected area, fix with a bandage. Change the compress several times a day to keep the gruel constantly juicy. It would be good to add honey to the gruel from the wormwood. Compress with wormwood and honey keep for 3 hours.

Home remedies for bruising from bruises

  • Homemade ointment

Treatment of bruises Chop the medium-sized onion, fill it with sunflower oil( 100 ml).Simmer over a small fire until the bulb is browned to blackness. Cool the mixture, wring onion through the cheesecloth( we no longer need the onions).In warm still oil add melted beeswax( 100 g) and finely grated laundry soap( 1 tbsp.).

Mix the ingredients so that the mixture becomes completely homogeneous. Cool, refrigerate. Apply on the bruise 2-3 times a day. This is an excellent ointment from bruises on the face, checked!

  • Unique healing ointment

This ointment against bruises on the face and in other places has received excellent recommendations of traditional healers. The remedy relieves not only hematomas, but also severe skin and internal diseases: ulcers, barley, burns, chyry, open wounds and swelling after bruises, fibroids, mastitis, gangrene, otitis, sinusitis, eczema, cysts, abscesses, etc.., etc.

Heat a glass of sunflower oil in an enamel bowl. Put the beeswax( a portion the size of a matchbox) shredded into pieces. Separately boil the chicken egg and mash it. Add the yolk to the crumbs. During cooking, the ointment smells unpleasant and smokes. And also boils vigorously when throwing each portion of the yolk. Be ready to quickly remove the mass from the fire!

When all the yolk is consumed, cool the mixture and strain it through a dense kapron fabric. Sunflower oil can be replaced with corn oil. And take the yolks two. To treat external injuries, apply ointment for the night under a breathable bandage.

Video. How to quickly remove a bruise from a stroke

If your work is associated with a risk of injury or if you are planning a repair, be ready to treat bruises. Mix the medicinal ointments in advance, especially since they are stored in the refrigerator for about a year. Better yet, try to do without bruises. Be beautiful and healthy!

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Published: 22-12-2015