Cream for warts: an overview of effective remedies

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  • Advantages of creams over other methods of wart removal
  • Statistics on the types of warts. Diagram
  • Types of wart creams and papillomas
    • Keratolytic agents
    • Immunomodulating agents
    • Necrotizing agents
    • Freezing agents
  • How to use creamy media
  • Video. Removal of warts folk remedies

Warts are benign formations that do not present any danger to health. However, very few people want to walk with them, because their presence causes disgust in other people. There are many ways to treat these unpleasant growths on the skin, but the most convenient is the cream of warts. In this article, we will look at what types of creams are available and how they work.

Advantages of creams before other methods of wart removal

Pure body Such a tool, as a cream against warts, quickly gained confidence and there are certain reasons for this. Now many people, instead of being tormented with folk remedies, which are often very inconvenient to use, or instead of going to the doctor, buy a small tube of cream in the pharmacy and quickly get rid of the growths.

Here are the advantages of using this method:

  • The creamy agent is convenient to apply. It does not flow and does not slip.
  • No need to waste time preparing the cream, because it is easy to buy in any pharmacy.
  • The cream effectively and comparatively quickly struggles with warts.
  • This is cheaper than any of the procedures in the clinic.
  • You do not have to go anywhere, because the tool can be put on your own at home, and this saves you time.

Statistics on the types of warts. Diagram

Statistics on the types of warts

Types of creams from warts and papillomas

It would seem that this can be in a cream that is designed to rid us of warts and papillomas, but not everything is so simple. There are several of its types, which differ from each other in the principle of action. Well, if you understand this before buying a particular tool, because it will help you get the most effective in your case.


Wart remedies are divided into these types:

  • Keratolytic - soften and dissolve wart tissue.
  • Immunomodulating - act on the virus of the papilloma, which is the cause of the appearance of various formations on the skin.
  • Necrotizing - kill wart tissue, after which it is rejected.
  • Freezing - home replacement of cryotherapy, when the build-up freezes under the action of low temperatures, after which it dies away.

In addition, the cream is distinguished from flat warts on such bases:

  • vegetable;
  • is acidic.

The acid-based agent acts faster, but more aggressively than the extracts from the plants.

Keratolytic remedies

The most popular wart removal cream is one containing salicylic acid. It is worth noting that if you decide to use this particular remedy, then adjust to long-term treatment. Sometimes it takes up to three months for the education to be completely gone.

Body without warts Apply this cream or ointment twice a day until the wart disappears completely. For the face it is better not to use it, since small scars can remain.

Very easy to use patch "Salipod", which is cut into pieces and glued directly to the wart. In addition to the patch, you can buy a cheap salicylic ointment or any other remedy, where there is this acid.

Immunomodulating agents

Since warts and papillomas are caused by a virus, the best treatment will be exactly what is directed at its destruction. These properties are:

  • Oxoline ointment 3%.It prevents the normal development of viruses. The time of treatment for a wart in this case is from two weeks to two months. Apply it 2-3 times a day.
  • Viferon is an analogue of human interferon, a protein that protects against viruses. In addition, it contains vitamin E and peach oil, which stimulate the accelerated skin regeneration. The treatment period ranges from 5 days to a month. Viferon is good because it can be used for children of any age.
  • Panavir is a gel of deep action, due to which the virus is blocked and new formations do not appear. The structure of the gel makes it convenient to use, besides it can not be washed off for three days. Panavir is a plant-derived preparation, which means it is completely safe. If you use it twice a day, then after 10 days you will notice the result.
  • Ryodoxol. This ointment is applied 2-3 times a day and removes the formation in 1-4 weeks. It happens that it causes burning and discomfort. In this case, it must be washed off and not used. Rhyodoxol has proven itself for the treatment of plantar warts.

If you are looking for a cream from warts on your face, then choose something from immunomodulating agents, since after them a minimal risk of scarring and scarring.

Necrotizing agents

Treatment of warts The most painful, but at the same time giving a quick result are the means that "kill" the tissues of education. Usually they have age limits and small children or pregnant women do not fit. Basically, these are various kinds of solutions that contain acids or alkalis.

But there is also a cream with a similar effect - it's Vartek. Use it carefully. If you get on a mucous membrane or a healthy skin, immediately flush the product with plenty of running water, otherwise you can get a burn. This is a good cure for warts on the legs, since the scars on them will not be so noticeable.

Freezing agents

A unique replacement for cryotherapy, freezing with liquid nitrogen, is a freezing agent. They are also very painful and traumatic and are not suitable for children under four years old and sick with diabetes. There are two such popular means:

  • cryopharma. It requires strict adherence to the instructions. The wart with its application disappears in less than ten days. In this case, you do not need to walk around with a bandage or band-aid at all. It is enough for a few seconds to bring the applicator to the build-up on the skin.
  • Wartner is another freezing cream from warts. His principle of action is no different from Cryopharma.

How to properly use creamy funds

Now let's look at the basic rules for using creams from warts. If you ignore them, it is very easy to damage healthy skin. To avoid this, it is necessary to do the following:

  • Apply the remedy only to the formation itself, whether it's a wart or a papilloma.
  • Protect the surrounding tissue with any fat cream or patch.
  • Do not ignore what is written in the manual.
  • If you need to remove the wart on the soles, it is advisable to pre-steam your legs. This will allow the medium to penetrate deeper.

Video. Removal of warts folk remedies

It is difficult to advise which cream from warts on the hands or other skin areas will be the best, since everything is very individual. What helped one, can absolutely not give any result in others. If you tried some tool, but it did not help, then change it. Also remember that warts only appear when we have reduced immunity. Therefore, it is important to eliminate all factors that disrupt the immune system.

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Published: 21-01-2016