Ointment from spots after acne - simple and effective

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  • Factors that harm your skin
    • Ointments from acne from the pharmacy
  • Cream for scarring for skin regeneration.
    • Reminder Folk recipes from the spots
  • Video. Treatment of scarring folk remedies

Ointment from acne spots should be in the arsenal of every person who suffers from acne. Even if you treat your skin with care, still the spots may appear. To this you need to be ready, and then the scars can be cured in a short time.

Factors that harm your skin

A person without acne And yet the only reason for post acne is acne. Therefore, it is necessary to fight for the purity of the skin. That's what you need to know if you want to avoid problems.

  1. Squeeze out acne. Not only that the skin is covered with abscesses, you still further injure it. And before the stagnant spot resolves, it will take several months, or even years.
  2. All waste or decorative products apply only to clean, dry skin.
  3. All medical procedures are planned for the summer or autumn, when the skin is hardened by the sun and is saturated with vitamins.
  4. Sunbathing during treatment is not allowed.
  5. Take vitamin C during treatment, it helps the skin to recover.
  6. At least during the treatment period, eat properly.

Ointments from acne from the pharmacy

Pharmacy ointments from stagnant spots after acne contain glycolic, salicylic or azelaic acid. The Vishnevsky liniment, ichthyol, salicylic, sintomycin, zinc ointments have deserved popularity. The agent is applied to the problem areas pointwise. Repeat several times a day( according to instructions).

Any ointment from red spots from acne acts much more effectively if you treat it with fresh scars. The older the scars, the harder it is to get rid of them. Do not delay with treatment, and your skin will remain beautiful.

Known and such a cream from stains and scars, like "Kontraktubeks."It is recommended to use it to remove fresh spots. Reviews about the product are contradictory. With chronic formations ointment is ineffective.

Cream for skin regeneration. Reminder

Cream for skin regeneration

Folk recipes from the spots


Because stains-post-acne - a phenomenon in cosmetology is not new, folk doctors have come up with a variety of recipes that can make a great cream from spots after acne, and not one.

  • Recipe No. 1

Mix in equal proportions the ichthyol, sintomycin and zinc ointments. Apply to damaged skin for 15 minutes 2 times a day. Rinse off with warm water and gel for washing.

  • Recipe No. 2

Mix in equal proportions zinc, erythromycin, ichthyol ointment. Prepare the mixture counting at once. Before applying the mixture on the face, steam it over a steam bath with chamomile and calendula. Hold the ointment on the face for 15-30 minutes. Pimples and traces after them will leave very quickly.

  • Recipe No. 3

Mix zinc ointment( 1/4 tsp) with essential oil of tea tree( 1 drop).This ointment is suitable for oily skin. Apply the cream to the cleansed skin pointwise 2 times a day.

  • Cream with mummy

Dissolve the mummy( 1 g) in boiled water( 1 tsp).Add baby cream( 80-100 g).Apply to problem areas 1 time per day, while rubbing cream cake. The agent is stored in the refrigerator.

  • With olive oil

Olive oil( green) is heated in a clean frying pan, add the onion and fry until the onion is clear. This mixture must be wiped through a sieve and rubbed into the scar several times a day.

  • Pure face Ointment with Badyagi

This is probably not a cream, but a mask. Mix the powder of spaghetti( 1 tbsp.) And hydrogen peroxide 3%( 5 drops).Apply to the scars pointwise. Hold for 15 minutes. Ointment on the basis of badyaga causes active redness of the skin, and then, after a few days, peeling. Therefore, treatment is conducted on the eve of the weekend or during the holiday.

  • Cream with Butter and Egg

Sea buckthorn oil( 4 tbsp.) Warm up in a water bath, add wax( 0.5 tsp) and wait until the wax dissolves. Slightly cool the mixture and add a raw yolk( 1-2 pieces), as well as streptocid powder( 1 tsp).Blend the mixture thoroughly, apply to the scars.

  • On the basis of essential oils

you will need such components: oil of rosemary, tea tree, lavender and fresh lemon juice. The components are taken in equal proportions. A fragrant and natural ointment from red spots after the pimples is stored in the refrigerator. Clean it every day. This cream is suitable for combination skin.

  • Based on vegetable oil

Add 2-3 drops of essential oils to the vegetable oil( sunflower or olive oil): cloves, incense, lavender, rosemary, mint, neroli. Cream lotion thoroughly shake. Apply to problem areas overnight. This tool is recommended for use in dry skin.

  • Based on milk

Dilute 1 drop of ylang ylang in a teaspoon of milk. Apply on scars at night.

  • Masks with clay
  1. Mix green clay with cinnamon powder( 1: 1), add a little water.
  2. Mix white clay with fresh lemon juice.

Apply these funds pointwise.

  • Mask-cream from stains on the skin

Sandalwood powder( 1 tbsp.) Mix with water. Apply to problematic points point-wise. Leave for all night. This is a very effective tool.

Video. Treatment of scarring folk remedies

Regular use of home remedies will help to make the skin smooth again. And the best of them we left for last, and the name is PROPHYLAXIS.

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Published: 02-02-2016