Cream after hair removal slowing hair growth: true or myth?

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Depilation is the punishment for women for striving for an ideal appearance. Ways to get rid of excess vegetation a lot, but the result is one - again the hair. And here again the hand reaches for the razor, depilatory cream or epilator. And the skin stubbornly shouts "I do not want!".They say that there is a cream after depilation that slows down hair growth. What is its effectiveness and what should be considered when choosing?


Body without hair Means with the effect of slowing hair growth is a good way to forget about epilation for a few more days. Creams penetrate deep into the hair follicle and weaken it. As a result, the hairs grow slower, gradually thinner, becoming less noticeable. This skin reaction is possible due to the enzyme sorbain.

In addition to sorbain, the composition of the cream inhibitors includes plant components: extract from walnuts, soy milk and others. Picking up a cream, pay attention to that in it humidifying and nutritious substances were contained: so you simultaneously slow down hair growth and warn irritation after an epilation.

Cream to slow hair growth after depilation is applied immediately after they are removed. Only when the follicle is open, the remedy acts most effectively. After application, you can feel an easy itch. This is a sign that the remedy has begun to act.

The cream for slowing the growth of hair on the legs or other parts of the body is applied several days in a row, until the next epilation. Inhibitors do not relieve hair permanently, but only slow down their growth. The inhibitor cream can not provoke ingrown hairs into the skin, but it does not protect against this problem, which is typical for hair removal with a depilator or wax.

Lotion for hair removal. Reminder

Lotion for hair removal

Folk remedies slowing hair growth


Folk cosmetology knows a lot of tools that can replace the cream to reduce hair growth on the face and on other parts of the body. By the way, some masks, ointments and liquids, prepared according to the recipes of folk healers, can completely get rid of hair.

However, this is a lengthy process. It takes a year or two before the skin becomes clean. But on labor costs the same as with the use of ready funds. Attention! Folk recipes consist of aggressive plant ingredients that can cause an allergic rash. Test the product before applying it to large areas of the skin.

Mixture with iodine

Mix iodine( 1.5 g), alcohol( 40 g), castor oil( 5 g).Apply to problem areas twice a day. First time immediately after hair removal.


Spice is very popular with oriental women, who are famous for their ability to care for themselves. Spicy powder diluted with warm water to get a thick plastic gruel. The finished mass is applied to the areas of the body and covered with a film. Turmeric also struggles with eruptions, which often appear after the removal of hairs.

Another option with turmeric is to mix spice with a light moisturizer. Both gruel and turmeric cream are applied to the body for 10 minutes.


Slowing hair growth Squeeze the juice of wild or garden grapes and lubricate the skin twice a day. By the way, juice can be harvested for future use. Pour it into a sealed container and store in the refrigerator. The juice does not spoil.


Beautiful and unusual recipe. Rub the hyacinth root on the grater, squeeze the juice and also wipe the problem areas.

Laundry soap

Its action is based on the fact that the alkaline environment destroys the open follicle. Soap, as a retarder of hair growth, is used after epilation. After shaving and depilation, the method does not work. Rinse your skin before removing hair. Immediately after the procedure, thoroughly soap the pro- peeled areas. Soak the soap mask for 5 minutes. So repeat every time after hair removal. In a couple of months you will notice that the hair has significantly thinned out. After soap, you must thoroughly moisturize the skin.

Soap + vinegar

The combination of lye( household soap) and acid( wine or apple cider vinegar, lemon juice) acts on the follicles destructively. The first part of the procedure is performed as in the previous recipe. Vinegar is applied to the same area of ​​the body, but the next day. This is a very effective recipe.


Seeds of nettle to grind in a coffee grinder( 4 tbsp.), Pour vegetable oil( 0.5 glass), let it infuse for 2-3 weeks. Apply to problem areas every other day. There is another little-known prescription with nettles. During flowering, collect the floral whiskers of the nettle, put it in a glass container, fill it with vegetable oil and the date stays for 2 months. Apply to the skin after shaving. Means with nettles can slightly pinch the skin. Reviews are positive.

Formic acid

This is also an acid. Apply as indicated in the instructions. You can buy butter in eastern cosmetics shops.


The most famous tool in our region. There are several recipes:

  1. Hair removal on the body Tincture from the membranes of nuts( folded in a glass container, pour alcohol 96%, insist 2 weeks, wipe problem areas).
  2. Ash the walnut mixed with grated and dissolved with water soap. After removing hair, soap the skin and keep this mask for 15 minutes.
  3. Squeeze the juice from the green still walnuts. To do this, they should be grinded in a meat grinder and squeezed out liquid through gauze. Work should be in gloves. The juice is stored in the refrigerator without any preservatives. Apply on the skin daily. Walnuts are successfully replacing cedar nuts. There are rumors that chestnut skin also slows hair growth.


    Mix such components: ethyl alcohol, castor oil, ammonia, iodine( a few drops).Apply on problem areas 2-3 times a day.


    French beauty recipe( French women know what to do to look well-groomed!).Wipe the areas with lemon slices.

    Video. Methods of hair removal at home: the pros and cons of

    If you use a cream to slow the growth of hair on the face and other areas of the body constantly, you can achieve a lasting result. The remedy is selected experimentally, because the skin reaction is individual, - someone helps a certain tool, but some do not. Be beautiful!

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    Published: 09-01-2016