Hand cream at home: velvet skin always!

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    • Cream-balm for hands and feet "Magic"
    • Problem skin of hands
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    • Video. Cracks in the hands - treatment with folk remedies

Hand cream at home is prepared by those women who appreciate and love their skin. This is the only way to protect yourself from preservatives, perfumes, dyes and other "evil spirits", which brand manufacturers add to creams. Is there an effect of home remedies? Of course have. The women who picked up their cream are now proud of their beautiful hands. Do you want it too?

Before applying the cream

Gentle hands Creams are applied to the cleansed skin. For hands it is important to get a good dose of soft care - for example, to take a useful bath. Hand baths can be divided into means for lightening and softening the skin, as well as procedures for preventing brittle nails. They are performed before the manicure or separately 1-2 times a week. There are also therapeutic baths for an intensive solution of the problem. They are performed every day or every other day.

For bleaching and softening the skin of hands, a decoction of potatoes is very suitable. Simply drain excess liquid after cooking puree and just in hot still broth pair your hands. Here you can add any sour-milk product: kefir, yoghurt, sour cream. The broth softens the hands, and the sour milk product refreshes the color, brightens the pigment spots.

Try adding soda or salt to the bathtub, preferably sea salt. And also drop a couple drops of iodine. These products strengthen the nails, soften the skin of the hands, and soda also bleaches. Well work and herbal infusions, as well as a bath with the addition of essential oils.

If there are burrs around the nails, lubricate several times a night with vitamin E in oil, squeezing out the contents of one capsule. A few days later the burrs will disappear.

Home-made cream recipes

A home-made hand cream should contain ingredients such as ready-made products: glycerin, lanolin, lecithin, wax, essential oils and vegetable oils. All these are available, these ingredients can be found in pharmacies and beauty shops.


In addition to pharmacy products, creams include natural ingredients: sour cream, honey, yolks( for dry skin), lemon or cucumber juices( for bleaching).Alcohol, if it is included in the recipe, is added to the cream last. Essential oils should not be abused( 3-4 drops per serving of cream are enough), the best for the hands and pleasant to smell are the oils of tea rose, jasmine, citrus.

Creams for normal skin of hands

Treatment of skin of hands Most often, if a woman does not perform any dirty work associated with harmful chemicals, or skin-complex ecology( wind, frost, rain), then the skin of her hands is normal. Creams prevent peeling, early wilting;they moisturize and nourish the epidermis.

  • "Velvet skin"

Prepare an oil extract from calendula: pour dry color( 1 part) with refined vegetable oil( 10 parts).Let it brew in a sealed container for a week, drain and squeeze the leftovers.

Cream preparation: Melt beeswax( 15 g) on ​​a water bath, add corn oil( 1 tbsp.) And oil extract from calendula flowers( 50 ml).Mix the ingredients, lightly cool, add glycerin( 10 ml), stir again. Allow the cream to cool completely and refrigerate. Rub into the skin of your hands at night.

  • "Lemon" whitening

Press the juice of two lemons, strain. Zedra pour boiling water( 200 ml) and let it brew for 40 minutes. Mix the juice with butter( 100 g), add olive oil( 3 tablespoons), natural mayonnaise( 1 tablespoon), honey( 1 tsp), vitamin A in oil( 10 drops).Ingredients properly rub. Then gently add camphor alcohol( 1 tsp) and tincture of zest( 1 tablespoon).Lemon cream whitens the skin, makes it soft, gentle.

  • Almond

Home creams for hands Excellent moisturizing hand cream, at home prepared for half an hour! Mix the ingredients: cocoa butter( 1.5 tsp), almond oil( 1 tsp), beeswax( 1 tbsp.), Melted paraffin( 3 tsp), lanolin( 2 tbsp.).l.).Send the mixture to a water bath, melt, stirring, all the ingredients. Separately dissolve the borax powder( a fourth of a teaspoonful) in water( 2 tbsp.), Pour into the oil mixture and mix well on a water bath. Continuing to stir occasionally, cool the cream.

  • "Aloe"

Cut the lower leaves from the aloe bush. Folk healers are advised to use the plant from the age of 3 years. Place the cut leaves on a sealed plastic bag, soak in the refrigerator for 10 days. The procedure allows you to activate the useful properties of the plant.

Press 2 tbsp.l.juice of aloe, mix it with lanolin( 50 g), vegetable oil( 2 tbsp.).Apply the cream on your hands, lightly rubbing.

Cream-balm for hands and feet "Magic"

Cream-balm for hands and feet "Magic"

Problem skin of hands

  • "Rejuvenating" with aloe

How to make a hand cream with a fading skin? Mix aloe juice and castor oil( 1: 1), take half a teaspoon of this mixture and add goose fat and honey( 2 tablespoons).Put on hands, hold a quarter of an hour, rinse with water.

  • "Chamomile"

A cream for dry hands that can easily be made at home. Fill the dry color of chamomile( 1 tbsp.) With boiling water( 100 ml).Let it brew for 2 hours, strain. Melt the butter in a water bath( 50 g), add castor oil( 1 tablespoon), glycerin( 0.5 tsp).Keep mixture in a water bath for 3 minutes. Pour into the mixture a fourth part of chamomile infusion and another camphor alcohol( 1 tbsp.).Components carefully stir, cool, send to the refrigerator. Apply on hands after each wash.

For rough skin

Household chemicals, outdoor work, other stress factors steal the beauty of women's hands. Support for a good skin condition will help hand creams made by themselves using such recipes.

  • Lemon Lotion

Mix glycerin( 1 tbsp.) And juice of one lemon. Apply lotion on your hands after working with household chemicals, after washing, etc.

  • Herbal infusion

Pour fresh herb grass smooth( 100 g) with olive oil( 500 ml).Rinse the oil in a water bath until the mixture is uniform. Apply the healing oil on the skin of the hands also after hard work.

Video. Cracks in the hands - treatment with folk remedies

Natural creams are stored in the refrigerator for no more than 2 weeks( unless otherwise specified in the recipe).Now you understand how many preservatives contain ready-made products that can be stored for six months, a year, or more?

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Published: 17-11-2015