Diet for the 3rd blood group: we lose weight correctly

Diet for the 3rd blood group: we lose weight correctly

Our planet is inhabited by only 20% of people with the 3rd blood group. These people are "nomads", as this group appeared in the process of evolution at the time of migration of the population and domestication of domestic animals.

Their health, probably, will envy all representatives of other blood groups. Their body easily adapts to changes in the environment, for them there is not a single diet that would cause any complications with the digestive system - they are very strongly developed.

People with the 3rd blood group very rarely develop infectious diseases, their immune system also works "perfectly".In addition, their nervous system is balanced, so they are not prone to nervous breakdowns or depressive conditions, which also positively affects the state of health.

In addition, they can not sit still, they just need to constantly move, that's why most of them choose for themselves work that requires constant movement.

But, despite their excellent health, these people still have their weaknesses - their body is prone to the development of autoimmune diseases, multiple sclerosis, type I diabetes, and their active life position leads to the formation of chronic fatigue, which is mainly manifested in suchpeople after 35 years.

Diet for the 3rd blood group

Moreover, people with the 3 group of blood have their weaknesses - fried meat and chocolate, which contribute to a set of extra pounds, regardless of physical activity. Because of what they are very often forced to resort to various diets to keep themselves in shape. But, as a rule, almost all diets are based on the restriction of eating foods, especially fried and sweet, which for people with the 3 blood group is not an easy test.

The diet for the 3rd blood group was developed by dieticians, based on the characteristics of the body and the nature of such people. In their opinion, people with the 3 blood group are recommended to eat a lot of meat and fish, vegetables and fruits. These people also have their own needs for food, they can not be limited to one or several products, they need a taste variety, so the most suitable diet for them is mixed.

However, it has its limitations in the use of certain products. Despite the high level of digestibility of products, they still have to give up some types of meat and fish, cereals and legumes. More about them we'll talk a little later.

Features of the diet for the 3rd blood group

The blood group 3 diet is suitable for both positive and negative Rh factor. It includes the use of only useful and digestible products, while completely eliminating the consumption of fats and sugar, in principle, like any other diet.

Preference is given more to dairy and sour-milk products, especially home production. It is recommended to increase the consumption of eggs in boiled form to 6 pieces per day.

Pork - this product is not prohibited for people with blood type 3, but only for those who suffer from anorexia( and there are very many such people with a third blood group).Those who want to reverse a couple of extra pounds, this product should be completely excluded from their diet.

In order to bring your weight back to normal, you need to eat only those foods that benefit the body of people with the 3 group of blood, minimize the use of neutral and completely eliminate those foods that are poorly digested and release a large number of toxins into the body. About them, we now talk in more detail.

You can find out whether you can really lose weight with the help of a blood group diet from the following video:

Useful products for people with the 3rd blood group

The diet for the third blood group includes the use of the following products:

  • meat: lamb, venison, lamb and rabbit meat;
  • seafood: sardines, flounder, salmon, sea angelfish, mackerel, sea bass, cod, pike and black caviar;
  • milk and dairy products: goat milk, kefir, yogurt, homemade cheese and cottage cheese, goat and sheep cheese;
  • oils: olive;
  • bakery products from rice and wheat flour;
  • cereals and cereals: millet, rice, oats and spelled;
  • legumes: dark beans, vegetable beans, red soy and lima beans;
  • vegetables: eggplant, beet, cauliflower, yams, Brussels sprouts, yellow and green peppers;
  • fruits and berries: bananas, grapes, cranberries, plums, papaya and pineapple;
  • spices: horseradish, curry, ginger, parsley and cayenne pepper;
  • drinks: green tea, grape juice, cranberries and cabbage, as well as pineapple and papaya;
  • herbal teas with the addition of rose hips, ginger, licorice, sage and ginseng.

These products are not only useful for people with the 3 blood group, but also contribute to the burning of fat cells. Eating them constantly, you can forever forget about the excess weight and dangling from the sides of fat.

Neutral products for blood type 3

Neutral products for the 3 blood groups

These products must be minimized, as they are completely useless to the body. They do not harm him, but they are of no use either. Their use is possible, but it is better to replace them with useful products.

  • meat: turkey, veal, pheasant, buffalo, beef and liver;
  • seafood: scallop, herring, croaker, squid, tuna, silver perch, rainbow trout, yellow perch and striped catfish;
  • milk and dairy products: butter, soy milk and cheese, hard cheese, whole milk and whey;
  • oils and fats: linseed oil and cod liver oil;
  • seeds and nuts: almonds, walnuts and pecans;
  • bakery products from rye meal and oat bran, as well as soy bread and spelled bread;
  • legumes: white beans, green peas, beans "fava", copper and red beans, fodder beans and haricot beans;
  • vegetables: spinach, Japanese radish, fennel, zucchini, white peas, rutabaga, ginger, all types of onions and leafy vegetables;
  • fruits and berries: mangoes, pears, melons, currants, kiwis, cherries, blueberries, mandarins, mangoes, blueberries, figs, raisins, grapefruit and apricots;
  • drinks: black tea, apricot, citrus and vegetable juices, white and red wine, coffee and beer;
  • herbal teas with the addition of elderberry, dandelion, St. John's wort, birch bud, thyme, chamomile and mulberries.

Harmful products for the 3rd blood group

Adhering to the diet for the 3rd blood group, these products must be completely eliminated. They not only negatively affect the health status, but also contribute to the accumulation of fat cells and the deposition of toxins. The products include:

  • meat: chicken, pork, duck, goose, quail and partridge;
  • seafood: sea pike, sea turtle, eel, river crayfish, lobster, crab, smoked salmon, mussels, shrimp and other shellfish;
  • milk and dairy products: ice cream, blue and processed cheese;
  • oils: vegetable, sesame, cottonseed, peanut and corn;
  • seeds and nuts: pine nuts, poppy seeds, nuts and nut pastes, sunflower seeds;
  • bakery products made from wheat and rye flour with the addition of yeast;
  • cereals and cereals: corn, rye, barley, buckwheat, wheat and chicken;
  • legumes: lentils, mutton peas, radiant beans, corner beans, cow peas, black beans and spotted beans;
  • vegetables: pumpkin pepos, soy, artichoke, radish, olives, Jerusalem artichoke and tomatoes;
  • fruits and berries: persimmons, pomegranates, coconut, rhubarb and carom;
  • spices: barley malt, ground black pepper, white pepper, cinnamon, almond extract and sweet pepper;
  • sauces: ketchup;
  • drinks: tomato juices, carbonated drinks and drinks with the addition of distilled alcohol;
  • herbal teas with the addition of hops, aloe, gentian and red clover.

For more information on the diet for the blood group, you can from the following video:

Observing all the rules of the diet for blood type 3, you can forget about excess fat once and for all.

The main thing is not to forget about physical exercises, the performance of which is necessary not only in the process of losing weight, but also after it. This is very good for your health.