Atomic diet: burn excess fat quickly!

Atomic diet: burn excess fat quickly!

The nuclear diet was developed by Swiss dieticians, so often on the forums it is also called the "Swiss diet".It allows you to quickly reduce weight, while completely without harming health. The results, which allow you to achieve a diet, you can read the truth atomic - in just 7 days you can lose 5 kg in weight, and if you follow the diet for more than two weeks, you can throw off 10 kg and even 15 kg.

And this is all the while that you will not be irritable and prone to depressive states due to a constant sense of hunger, as is usually the case with most diets. On the contrary, you will be constantly fed up and arrive in an excellent mood, because your reflection in the mirror will delight you every day more and more.

Atomic diet: the principle of operation of

The atomic diet for weight loss is based on the alternation of eating protein and carbohydrate foods. This nutrition program is somewhat reminiscent of the Ducane's well-known diet, which is also based on the alternation of protein and carbohydrate days every two days.

alternation of protein and carbohydrate days

The atomic diet, the results of which far exceed the effectiveness of the program BEACH, implies the alternation of protein-carbohydrate days every 24 hours.

In protein days, it is necessary to eat only protein foods, which, as everyone knows, digests for a very long time, because of what the body begins to "get" the supplies of glycogen from the liver. However, one of these stocks is not enough for him, so he starts to spend the energy that he takes from fat cells. As a result, you eat, and your body spends your fat deposits on food processing.

In carbohydrate days, when your diet consists only of vegetables and fruits, the body slightly replenishes the glycogen spent in protein days. However, in these days there is a process of weight loss, because the body needs energy for normal functioning, and it does not have enough calories with fruits and vegetables, so it again has to spend the energy received from the fat cells.

Diet rules and reviews of those who lose weight

The result that you can achieve with this nutrition program, directly depends on the number of extra pounds. If they are less than 8 kg, then you will be able to throw them off in just 1.5 - 2 weeks. If excess weight is much greater, then, naturally, and the time of dieting should be more. Naturally, if you do not follow all the rules of the atomic diet, then the results will be much lower or they will not be at all.

And the rules for this diet are:

  • completely exclude from the diet sugar and all products that contain it, flour products, as well as potatoes;
  • eat bananas and grapes for more than 100 g;
  • completely eliminate alcohol from the diet;
  • drink plenty of fluids, up to 2 liters per day. It promotes the elimination of fat oxidation products;
  • the number of meals should not be less than 3 times;
  • the last meal should take place at most 3 hours before bedtime.

Sample menu of the atomic diet

Sample menu of the atomic diet

So, the atomic diet is built on the alternation of protein-carbohydrate days, so that it is necessary to make a daily menu based on this rule.

In carbohydrate days, you should eat only vegetables and fruits, that is, cook salads, vegetable soups or casseroles from them. And on protein days, you must eat meat, fish, eggs, dairy and fermented milk products. However, their combination may be different.

The atomic diet is good because it will gradually wean you from sugar and other harmful substances, which will favorably affect both your health and appearance.

The approximate menu of the atomic diet looks like this.

Protein day

  • for breakfast you can eat a few boiled eggs or cooked for a couple of omelettes, a little cottage cheese or natural yogurt, and also drink one glass of milk;
  • for lunch in obligatory order you need to eat either meat or fish, while you can cook them for a couple or bake in foil in the oven, you can also eat a couple of hard cheese fractions and drink one cup of tea with milk;
  • for dinner you can eat any dairy product - it can be cottage cheese, kefir, yogurt or cheese. They can be combined with each other in different quantities. The main thing is that after eating you do not feel hunger.

Protein day

Carbohydrate day

  • for breakfast you can eat fruit salad;
  • for lunch you can cook yourself a lean or green borsch without potatoes and drink a glass of freshly squeezed fruit or vegetable juice without sugar;
  • for dinner you can eat a casserole from zucchini or cabbage salad.

That's what your diet should be about. At the same time, there may be more meals, but then the portions should be slightly reduced.

That's how you can lose weight, absolutely not starving. We wish you good luck in your endeavors!

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