How to remove the ears on the hips?

How to remove the ears on the hips?

Well, you will agree - the very expression "ears on the hips" sounds rather touching. The word "ears" - in general, any word combination can make kinder and more attractive, which can not be said about the ears themselves, which look cute only on the head, but in no way on any other part of the body below. What are these "ears"?Why do they even appear? What is their purpose and does it exist? About this, as well as how to remove the ears on the hips, and we'll talk in this small, but capacious article.

What are the "ears" on the hips?

If you are observant enough, then the fact that the "ears" is an exclusively female problem will hardly surprise you. Indeed, the probability of meeting a man with "ears" is extremely small - even if he managed to grow a belly and looks more like a kolobok, his hips will be much better than most women. What can it talk about? First of all, this fact means that "ears" appear in women according to "biological indicators".

Nutritionists and doctors in general are well aware that any fat tissue belongs to one of two types. The first is intended for the accumulation of nutrients and is located directly under the skin. It is this type of fat that accumulates the fastest and, therefore, is consumed most quickly. If you have already tried to lose weight, then most of the diets and exercises are aimed specifically at getting rid of this subcutaneous fat.

There is also a second type of adipose tissue - it performs much more important function, rather than just saving "spare" calories. This kind of fat is called reserve and it is he who is able to answer the question of why the ears appear on the hips. However, we will not question the fat and we will answer this question ourselves. ..

ears on hips

The reserve fatty tissue that forms "ears" appears in women at one of the early stages of life - during puberty. As a result, your body almost 7 years( from 13 to 20) is busy to form strategically important stocks of fat, which is located in the inside of the tissues and is intended to promote the production of estrogen. After the process of puberty ends and the work of the hormonal system is adjusted, the need for this layer disappears, however, the body is easier to "dig it deep" than to burn and remove. Having formed a protective film, a similar fatty tissue becomes "ears".

Why is it so difficult to get rid of the "ears"?

If you read this article not from boredom, but purposefully searched it on the net, then for you it will not be a secret that it is not possible to quickly remove the ears on the hips - most of the diets and exercises are powerless against this type of fat deposits. It's all about this protective fabric, which we mentioned earlier. It as if preserves fatty deposits, not allowing their burning.

quickly remove the ears on the hips

As a result, there is only one way to spend these "inviolable supplies" - to convert them into muscle tissue. The fact is that, unlike the external fat shell, internal accumulation can not simply "evaporate" - that is, go along with the liquid. They are reliably isolated from the outside world, so it is worthwhile to get to them from the inside. If you can activate the process of growth of muscle mass located under the "ears", the growing muscles will use the most closely located resource of nutrients.

On the other hand, some readers may have a question: "so what's the difference? There were "ears" of fat, and will become of muscles. "Well, here you are wrong. First, in order to create a relief( noticeable to the naked eye) muscle in the hips and abdomen, you will need "ears" of your entire family for the last 2-3 generations. Secondly, the muscles do not grow "bumps" - their mass is evenly distributed throughout the fiber, so that in place of the ears you will get a smooth, tight and elastic surface.

Do not relax

In fact, to get rid of the "ears" on the hips, you can not only torture yourself with protracted exercises - the daily routine helps you to bring your figure back to normal, you just need to let it do it.

to get rid of the "ears" on the hips

First of all, create an additional load on the gluteal muscles. To do this is not at all difficult - try right now alternately strain the buttocks. As you can see, there is absolutely nothing complicated in this, in addition, this exercise can be done almost anywhere, where there is a horizontal surface - at the office table, lying in bed or even at a reception with high-ranking officials. After a few days of training, you will realize that this exercise does not require much effort and will develop a habit of its own, due to which getting rid of the "ears" on the hips will go much faster.

Another fairly simple way to get rid of excess deposits - running and walking. Try to walk more and walk, especially the descents and stairs will be especially effective, so if you live on the top floor of a high-rise building, spend a few extra minutes a day and use a stair rather than an elevator. Of course, the first time you will be quite tired, but in a week the muscles will come in tone and lifting to the ninth floor will not cause you even shortness of breath.

Proper nutrition

It is worth mentioning a couple of words about the diet that should be observed during the fight with the "ears".Particularly difficult recommendations are not here, it is enough only to reduce food intake to the optimal rate, and also get rid of the habit of snacking buns and nutritional bars. Also, if you manage to rid your diet of fried meat and flour products, the "ears" will begin to melt much faster.

Finally, no one forbids you to combine a general health-improving diet for weight loss with an exercise program, so you can safely choose any of the sparing diets and, adhering to it, begin training.

Let's move on to the active activities of

Now it's time to talk about the exercises from the ears on the hips. There is a whole complex of various movements and trainings that allow you to create an additional load on the muscles located under the notorious fat layer. In order not to force you to go in search of them, we offer you a few basic elements that should form the basis of any training designed to reduce the number of ears on your body to the right amount.

  • The first and basic exercise , able to remove the "ears" on the hips - the usual mahi. Lay down sideways on a flat surface, slightly bend the leg located below, and the one that was on top, do sharp flies with a slight retraction back. The highest point of climb is an angle of 45 degrees relative to the floor. The correct implementation of this exercise can be considered such a workout, in which you can make at least 30 machhes in one approach, without reducing your legs. After completing a series of exercises, turn over to the other side and repeat everything for the other leg.
  • The second exercise - squats. One of the simplest exercises that we were tortured in school physical education classes can play a very significant role in getting rid of the "ears" on the inside of the thigh. However, squatting should be done correctly, and to do this, do the following: put your feet on the width of your shoulders, fix your back in a straight position, extend your arms parallel to the floor and start squats.30 sit-ups will be enough. Now repeat all the same, but already holding your legs not on the width of your shoulders, but as being combined together.
  • The third exercise , also able to remove the "ears" from the inside of the thighs, is the so-called "attacks".Stand up straight, take a wide step forward with one foot, without tearing off the second floor from the floor and, without getting out of this position, start crouching on that leg, which is in front of you. For the correct execution of this exercise, it is important to remember two main points: first, the back should be straight, and secondly, the knee of the leg from behind should not reach the level of the foot of the "front" leg. If this happens, pull your leg a little back and continue the exercises. As with previous exercises, this should be done 30 times for each leg.
  • And the last exercise , which we would like to tell you about, occurs in almost every course of training aimed at forming elastic buttocks and thighs. Stand on all fours, then lift one leg parallel to the floor( yes, yes, like a dog).Lower your leg, lift it 29 more times. After completing the exercise, repeat it for the second leg.

exercises from the ears on the hips

One can not fail to mention another effective method of getting rid of the "ears", known throughout the world. His name is hula-hoop. This gymnastic hoop, known to everyone since childhood, perfectly contributes to improving the blood supply to the waist muscles and, accordingly, speeds up the resorption of fat deposits. The very same training with hulu-hupp does not represent anything difficult - stand up straight, spread your legs to the width of your shoulders, slightly spread your foot socks and start rotating the hoop. This exercise becomes effective after 10 minutes of rotation of the hoop.

How easy it is to get rid of "ears" without diets, fatiguing simulators, expensive procedures, operations and useless chemistry.

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A couple of words at last

Naturally, the above exercises are by far not the only method of getting rid of "ears", so you can always lookadditional materials and sets of exercises. In this issue, more is better, so try not to stop and conduct training daily.

to remove the ears from the hips

Now you know how "ears" appear on the hips and how to get rid of them. We can only wish you good luck and offer one useful video that will help you make your complex of exercises a bit more effective.

Video with exercises against the "ears" on the hips