Kefir mask for the face: discover the secrets of beauty

Kefir Face Mask: discover the secrets of beauty

Healing mask from yogurt

Since ancient times kefir has been considered a healing drink. The secret of its preparation was kept for centuries by the inhabitants of the Caucasus. After a long time, this fermented milk product appeared in our country. Due to the content of lactic acid bacteria, it has a beneficial effect on the whole organism.

Our entire body can not exist without beneficial bacteria, which create a favorable healthy environment. And especially our skin needs it. I want to share with you a small secret of healthy and beautiful skin. To do this, we will need ordinary yogurt.

Kefir for the face skin

Masks from this product were made by our grandmothers, because they were well aware of the benefits of this drink. Mask of yogurt has not only cleansing, maintaining the natural balance of the skin property, but also rejuvenating, nourishing, tightening and even soothing( which is very important for women with sensitive skin).

Before applying our useful mask, remember some simple rules:

Any mask, first of all, begins with skin cleansing. We will rub the face with a tonic, suitable for the type of skin. Apply a mask of yogurt in circular motions, lightly rubbing and not forgetting about the decollete zone. Keep on the face of the mixture you need exactly the time specified in the recipe. At the end - rinse with water or mineral water( it tones the skin better).

Quick mask from kefir for the face

Mask from kefir for the face is the fastest and inexpensive tool. Here's one of them. If you have a fat, shiny skin, and you want to give her a fresh and healthy appearance, take in the pharmacy flowers of chamomile and sage, boil with boiling water, then carefully strain and add to the mixture in equal parts kefir( preferably fat-free) and a pinch of potato starchit ideally defathes the skin).Stir, apply on face( cleansed as it was said in the mask application rule) and leave for a quarter of an hour. Remove the remnants of the mask with a damp cloth and rinse with mineral water, wipe the face with an ice cube.

Quick mask of kefir for the face

Kefir Face Mask with Vitamins

Kefir Face Mask is a source of vitamins and nutrients, without which the skin will look sluggish and tired. If you have absolutely no time, but want to look your best, that is a universal kefir express mask.

Wipe clean face soaked in kefir with a cotton swab( this will help to quickly narrow the pores and tighten the contours of the face), smear with moisturizing cream and can safely go on business. The skin will look rested and breathable.

Kefir for the face skin before going to sleep

It is very useful to apply kefir on the face for the night. Everyone knows that it is at night that our skin is renewed and new forces are being recruited. Wipe the face with kefiric acid, leave until completely absorbed. Remove the remainders with a cotton disc. The next morning you will look as if you spent the whole day at the spa.

A unique remedy is a kefir mask for women with problem skin. For this recipe, take half a stoke of rice flour( it has an absorbent effect and removes excess sebum), put 5 grams of soda in it, mix it all and add kefir as much as this mass will absorb - to the density of sour cream. Apply the mask and leave for 15-20 minutes. After - wash off with massage movements. Using such a kefir mask at least 2 times a week, you will forget about the fat gloss, enlarged pores and black dots.

My prescription is also useful for girls with skin with freckles and pigmented spots. Let's take our healing drink about 50 grams, add the finely chopped parsley in it in advance, mix it and let it brew for ten minutes. Put the prepared mixture on your face and leave to act for 20 minutes. The effect will exceed all your expectations - even after the first application the pigmentation will turn pale and freckles will acquire a lighter shade.

Benefits of kefir for the face

Benefit of kefir for the face

A face scrub made from kefir and sea salt will also be useful. In the absence of the latter, you can replace the dining room. Pour a small handful of sea salt( table salt), pour in so much yogurt to make a mass resembling a thick sour cream, rub the whole composition into the skin and leave for a quarter of an hour. Such a kefir mask will help to clean the polluted pores no worse than professional peeling in the beauty salon, only more good and does not hit at all to the pockets. This procedure should be carried out regularly, every 2-3 days to achieve and maintain the result.

It's no secret that masks using chemist's essential oils give a quick and desirable result after their first application. Here is one of them, suitable for any type of skin.
We accumulate in equal parts essential oil of bergamot, rosemary and a drop of rose oil( it has an amazing rejuvenating property).Use only ceramic ware. Add 1 tablespoon of white kaolin( you can food), we will fill with kefir until the density is obtained. The mask should not be applied immediately, you need to let it brew. With a cosmetic brush or cotton swab, apply on face for several minutes( until characteristic tingle) and rinse with warm water. In the end, apply a light cream.

Do not forget that a mask cooked at home will be most useful to you, because you will be sure that it contains only natural ingredients. It is important to consider the individual skin needs, paying attention to each ingredient separately. For example, in a mask of kefir, you must always pay attention to its fat content. For dry skin it will be fatty yogurt, and for the skin with an excess of fat, fat-free or one-percent.

Mixing it with different components can get a lot of positive results. And everyone will be good in their own way. In winter, we use improvised means, because let's say fruits and vegetables do not have those useful vitamins and properties that they have in the summer. But in the hot season everything is useful here, because there is nothing better than a ripped ripe strawberry from the garden or a piece of a fragrant cucumber that can be mixed with a kefir product and recharge your skin with vitamins, as well as get a beautiful face bleaching.

Benefits of kefir for the face

Wiping the face with kefir

Many interesting and useful berries can be used for skin care. Pamper yourself with a fruit and berry mix in combination with a dairy miracle. Take 2 tablespoons of kefir, throw a couple of berries of ripe strawberries( this mask will be good for problem skin, strawberry has an antiseptic and bactericidal property), beat the mass with a mixer and relax for 10-15 minutes. We remove the mask with a damp napkin and wipe it with a piece of ice. This is an unforgettable experience I advise to experience for everyone who aspires to perfection and monitors his appearance.

I'm sure that no girl misses pampering her skin with the following beauty recipe. If you have dry skin, then this is exactly what you need. Nutritious and health-improving kefir mask is prepared from the following:

Natur on a fine grater ripe juicy carrots, the residue is pressed. We pour the juice into non-metallic dishes. Our miracle - kefir is mixed with homemade cottage cheese. Everything should be in the same number. Add a few drops of olive oil and carrot juice. If there is a mixer at home, whisk and get a gorgeous air mousse. Keep this airy splendor need 15 minutes, in the end, all thoroughly washed with mineral water. This mask allows the skin to acquire a beautiful healthy shade, remove the flaws and make the skin tone flawlessly even. Repeat it several times a week, and you will always be irresistible and confident. Do not forget that it is the skin condition that reflects our inner content, the state of our soul. It is because of the condition of the skin that our age can be determined, so let's do everything we can to ensure that we always remain an unsolved mystery not only for others, but for ourselves.

Fulfilling our advice and recommendations, you will always be 18!

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