Sea-buckthorn mask for the face - beauty and youthfulness of the skin

Sea buckthorn mask - the beauty and youth of the skin

Sea buckthorn oil has long been considered the most useful. First, people used it to treat various diseases associated with digestion, and after and for the treatment of various skin diseases, as a result of which it was possible to find out the positive effect of oil on the skin.

Those people who were treated with sea buckthorn oil began to notice that their skin acquires an even tone, becomes elastic and elastic, wrinkles on it are smoothed out, and rashes of various kinds completely disappear. All this led to the fact that sea buckthorn oil was used in cosmetology to eliminate various skin problems associated with age-related changes.

What color should be natural sea-buckthorn oil?

For some reason it is common in the people to believe that sea-buckthorn oil must necessarily be bright orange. In fact, this product can have any color, but it depends on the place of birth of the sea-buckthorn and its variety.

For example, in northern countries this berry has a red color, and therefore the oil can have a rich red tint. And in the southern countries the sea-buckthorn has a delicate orange color and the oil made of it, respectively, will also have an orange tinge.

sea-buckthorn mask

However, regardless of the country in which the sea-buckthorn was grown and which variety, its chemical composition is almost always the same, which means that the sea-buckthorn oil of red and orange has the same properties. And for cosmetic purposes, you can use any of these products, but only purchased in specialized pharmacies.

Properties of sea buckthorn oil

How does the sea-buckthorn mask work on the face? This question is asked absolutely any woman who first decided to test this wonderful natural product.

The mask of sea buckthorn oil is very useful, because it contains a huge number of different acids, tannins, micro and macro elements. There are more than a hundred vitamins in sea-buckthorn alone. Among them, most of all vitamin A, E, C, K and all the vitamins of group B!And they, as is known, have a restoring effect on the skin, that is, accelerate the healing process of cracks and wounds, and also eliminate acne and acne.

A vitamin C is one of the natural antioxidants that promotes the release of free radicals and activation of the production of collagen and elastin, which leads to rejuvenation of the facial skin.

And vitamins E and A are the most real vitamins of "life".They awaken the skin cells, speeding up metabolic processes and increasing regeneration, thereby also leading to skin rejuvenation.

In addition, sea buckthorn contains a huge amount of trace elements, including potassium, magnesium, iron, silicon, manganese and molybdenum. And also mono and polyunsaturated acids, which very well affect the skin and give it a healthy glow.

And this is not a complete list of those useful substances that are contained in sea-buckthorn oil. Therefore, you should not doubt the usefulness of a mask prepared at home with this unique product.

Rules for the preparation of mask from sea buckthorn oil for the face

Masks with sea buckthorn oil will not yield positive results unless you follow certain rules for their application.

Masks with sea buckthorn oil

These rules include:

  1. Regular application - the mask should be applied at least twice a week;
  2. At manufacturing of means it is necessary to use only chemist's butter or oil without any additives;
  3. All additional ingredients added to the mask must be fresh;
  4. If the composition of the mask includes medicinal components, you need to pay attention to the period of their validity;
  5. Apply the mask only to the face cleansed from decorative cosmetics, dust and dirt, it is also desirable to steam it out so that the pores are opened and all useful substances can penetrate deep into the epidermis;
  6. The mask should be kept for no more than 30 minutes;
  7. Wash off the mask with warm water;
  8. After the procedure, the face needs to be treated with a moisturizing and nourishing cream.

The mask of sea buckthorn oil should be used carefully, because the color of the product can dye the skin and give it a yellowish tinge. Therefore, if you have too light skin, use such a tool is not recommended.

In addition, be sure to perform a small test before using home remedies. It will help you determine if you are allergic to sea buckthorn, and to prevent possible further complications.

The test should be done in the morning. Prepare a mask for the recipe you like( the amount of ingredients can be reduced several times), apply the mixture on your wrist, after a quarter of an hour, remove the remainders of the mixture with a cotton swab, and after a day evaluate the result.

In case if during this time, signs of an allergic reaction were found, the use of such a drug should be discarded. If you have not noticed anything like that, then you can safely start using a mask from a sea-buckthorn or her berries.

Mask of sea-buckthorn oil

Selected recipes for face masks from sea buckthorn oil

Sea buckthorn oil can be used unchanged. They can just rub their face every night. And also it can be added to various cosmetic masks, which are very easy to prepare at home.

For example, the mask for intensive moisturizing and nourishing the skin is prepared as follows:

  • take a small container and pour in it 2 tsp.sea ​​buckthorn oil;
  • add to the oil a teaspoon of liquid honey and freshly squeezed aloe juice;
  • mix everything thoroughly and apply to cleansed face.

To prepare another nutritional mask, you will need natural curds, honey and sea buckthorn oil. Ingredients are taken in the ratio 1: 1: 1.This mask should be applied not only to the skin of the face, but also the decollete area. Leave the remedy for 20 minutes, and then remove with normal washing.

If you have dry skin that constantly flakes, then you just need a scrub that helps exfoliate dead cells. And for cooking it at home, you will need to mix a tablespoon of sea-buckthorn oil with the same amount of oat flakes shredded in a coffee grinder. Wait a little while the flakes slightly swell( about 5 minutes).And after that, combine the resulting mixture with the egg yolk, beaten to a stable foam. Spread the mixture evenly over the entire face skin and leave to act for 10 to 15 minutes. After rinsing, always lubricate the skin with a thick cream.

mask with sea-buckthorn

In case of a problematic skin, on which pimples and acne regularly appear, it is also recommended to use sea buckthorn oil. To do this, it is applied acutely to the pimples, about half an hour before bedtime, and after 20 minutes, the residual oil is removed with a conventional cotton pad.

You can also use sea buckthorn oil to make a healing mask. To do this, take two tablespoons of blue or white clay, dilute them with green tea so that the mass has got a creamy consistency. After the resulting mixture you need to add a tablespoon of oil and mix everything thoroughly.

Apply this mask to the cleansed face and leave for a quarter of an hour. It is better to wash off not with water, but with decoction from medicinal plants, for example, chamomile or string.

If you have dry skin, on which there are pigmented spots, get rid of them you can regularly apply this mask. Take one egg yolk( raw) and mix it with honey, sea buckthorn oil and freshly squeezed lemon juice( the ingredients are taken in equal proportions, in this case 1 tsp each).

Mix all ingredients in one bowl and apply them to clean skin. For the mask to convey all its useful properties, it takes only 15 minutes.

And if you are constantly struggling with the appearance of a greasy sheen on the skin, then you probably will like a mask based on pink cosmetic clay. For its preparation, take a tablespoon of clay and dilute it with ordinary warm water. Dilute to the state of sour cream. After that, add a teaspoon of sea buckthorn oil to the resulting mixture.

Mask should be applied gently, avoiding the area of ​​the eyes and lips. After 20 minutes, rinse with warm water. If during this time the mask will dry up, it should be slightly moistened with water, otherwise it will start to crack and damage the skin.

For the fading skin, the mask of the following components is very suitable:

  • lime honey - 1 teaspoon;
  • milk - 30 ml;
  • fat cottage cheese - 1 tbsp.
  • sea buckthorn oil - 1 tsp.

Heat the milk and dilute the honey in it until it dissolves completely. After you add the rest of the ingredients and apply the mixture to your face. At the end of the mask( after 30 minutes), do not rush to wash it off. Attach the pads of your fingers to your face and begin rubbing it. You will see how the mask starts to roll, creating a peeling effect. As soon as the mask ceases to roll down, its remnants should be removed with a damp cloth.

Sea buckthorn is very useful, so if you have the opportunity to use fresh berries, then it's very good. Razumnite them with a fork until the gruel and apply to the cleansed skin. And in just 20 minutes your face is completely transformed. It will acquire a beautiful shade and become much younger and fresh.

If fresh berries are not present, but there are only dry berries, they should be soaked in water for 20-30 minutes before use.

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