Exercises for slimming the sides of the house

  1. Slopes. The starting position is on the width of the shoulders of the foot, the right hand is held on the side, and the left one is pulled through the head to the right side. In addition to losing weight in the sides, performing this exercise, you can still stretch and tighten the muscles, which are located on the sides. The number of repetitions is 10 for each side. To start traditionally with one approach and gradually bring up to three.
  2. The starting position is the legs together, the hands are on the belt. Perform twisting - the legs turn to the left, and the trunk to the right and vice versa. This exercise is very convenient to carry out with the simulator "Waist", which is a flat swivel disk. If such a gift does not remain after the grandmother or mother, then it can be found in any store that specializes in sports equipment. The duration of this exercise is from 3 to 5 minutes.
  3. The starting position - lying on its side, the trunk is elevated, the emphasis is on the elbow. Depending on which side of the exercise is performed, right or left, the thigh and you need to try to touch the floor. Make sure that the touch passed on the exhalation, and return to the initial position on the inspiration. The number of repetitions for each side should be at least 15. Over time, approaches can be increased.
  4. The starting position is repeated from the previous exercise. The thighs touch the floor again, and on returning to the initial position, you need to straighten the free hand. Correct performance can be considered if during the exercise the body takes the form of the letter "T".It is necessary to perform a minimum of 15 repetitions.
  5. The starting position is to put the legs to the width of the shoulders, knees slightly bend and sit down. For hands you will need weighting. If there are no dumbbells, then any objects placed in the hand and weighing from 1 to 2 kg will do. It is necessary to lift the straight arms in front of the chest and lower them. Repeat the exercise from 10 to 15 times.
    Although the exercise is very simple at first glance, it is very effective. At the time of execution, the deep abdominal muscles work very well, and the fat leaves more quickly from the sides.
  6. Starting position - lying on the floor, taking emphasis on the elbows or taking a pose for push-ups. Straighten upright, and strain the muscles of the press for 2-4 minutes.
  7. The starting position - lying on its side, the pelvis put forward a little forward, legs straight. Perform foot swings by the type of exercises "Scissors".It is necessary to perform 25 repetitions and bring up to three approaches.
  8. In order to perform the following exercise, you need to sit on the floor and bend your knees. The emphasis is on the hands that are laid back. You should lift the buttocks, lock in this position, and bend your knees, raise them alternating. Perform this exercise 15-20 times.
  9. The starting position - lying on the stomach, hands to lead behind the head and folded into the lock. To look at one point directly in front of you and very slowly lift the trunk lingering for 20 seconds at the highest point.
  10. For this exercise, you will need a gymnastic hoop. If you rotate it daily for 15 minutes, then you can say goodbye very quickly. With a hoop you can practice in the morning and in the evening, but do not forget that its weight should be at least one kilogram and not more than two. If you use a heavier hoop, you will not be able to avoid bruising on the sides. The same effect will be provided, provided that the weight of the hoop will exceed 2 kg.
  11. The starting position - lying with your back on the floor, bend your knees and remove your hands behind your head, clasping them in the lock. Simultaneously, it is required to strain the press, and turning the torso, as if to try to touch the right knee with the left elbow. Keep an eye on the legs so that they are pressed against the floor during execution. In the initial position to return slowly. Repeat the exercise 15 times.
  12. The starting position is similar to the previous one. It is required to strain the press, lifting the knee in order to touch the right elbow of the left knee. For the time that the exercise is performed, you need to try to strain all muscles located on the abdomen and sides as much as possible. On each side the number of repetitions is 10 times.
  13. Exercise is perfect for those who have a crossbar at home, which will be needed to carry it out. You need to hang on it, and rotating the body to bend your knees, lifting your legs as high as possible. For a better effect, you can rotate the lower part of the trunk while climbing the knees, constantly changing sides, from the right to the left. Exercise is slow. It is necessary to begin with 10 repetitions and increase their number to 20.
  14. For the next exercise, you need a ball. The starting position is sitting on the ball, a straight back with as wide as possible shoulders. Using the buttocks, try to roll the ball to the sides and make sure that the trunk remains motionless. Duration from three to five minutes.
  15. This exercise also requires a ball. The starting position - lying on the ball with the left side with elongated legs, with the appropriate hand resting on the floor, is focused on the outside of the foot. It is necessary to raise the right leg up as high as possible and return to the initial position. After 15 repetitions, the side is changed.

Exercises for slimming the sides of the house

Every woman wants a perfect image - a slim figure with an aspen waist on which there would not be an extra centimeter. But many suffer because they can not achieve the desired result. But the constitution is different for all, and if one does not need anything for the ideal and does not need to do anything, it's just to eat right and to do exercises, then others have to do a huge and very hard work on their own body. The second category includes women who have a type of figure called "apple".

In this figure, the main deposition of all excess takes place on the stomach and sides, and not the least role in this is played by malnutrition. It is interesting that everything that is superfluous with incorrect nutrition on the sides is postponed, but even if you start eating correctly, then without supplementation in the form of physical activity, the sides will not go anywhere. And it's not necessary to get upset because of lack of funds for sports or fitness halls, or even worse leave everything the way it is. In order to remove sediments on the sides and find a thin waist, there are many exercises that are performed at home without the unnecessary costs of money and time and nerves.

For training you may need:

  • dumbbells or objects weighing from 1 to 2 kg, free fit in the hand,
  • gymnastic hoop,
  • large sports ball,
  • rotating disc "Thalia".

Effective exercises for slimming your sides at home

Effective exercises for slimming the sides of the house

In the network, you can also find a variety of video exercises and do exercises on them.

Effective exercises for losing weight from the sides

Regularity of lessons above all

Everyone can choose for themselves those 5-6 exercises for weight loss of the sides, which are more familiar to him or seem easier to perform, and either include them in a common complex of home gymnastics, or be engaged separately. Do not forget that before performing any exercises at the beginning of a small warm-up, and finish stretching all the muscles, in order to avoid pains the next day.

To enhance the effect of the exercises, the following is required:

  • self-massage and wrapping problem areas,
  • doing exercises in a room with fresh air,
  • adhere to a healthy diet( not a word about diets, as they give a short-term effect), the
  • complex is performed in a comfortable andwell-breathing clothes,
  • before the session you need to tune in to the positive and tell yourself that everything will turn out.

In any training moderation is important, and the complex of exercises for losing weight at the sides of the house is no exception. There is no need to torture yourself to exhaustion by practicing for a few hours a day, as this can rather damage your health than you can get the desired curves. In order to be visible in a few weeks, 15 minutes a day for doing exercises for extra sides.

Each of the exercises is desirable to perform slowly and straining all the muscles to reduce to the minimum possible risk of injury.

Making rational conclusions

You can summarize by enclosing it in several advices:

  • Before any training, be it cardio, power or mixed, you must necessarily warm up. Neglect of warm-up may result in injury.
  • If the training is aerobic, then classes can be conducted either one hour before meals. If the power, then the time from training before or after a meal is 2 hours.
  • All exercises for weight loss of the sides for greater effectiveness should be included in the overall workout. If you execute them separately, the result will not be so good.
  • Weight dumbbells should be from 1 to 4 kg, more is only in professional occupations. If you try to take dumbbells more heavily, then you can either get injured from an excessively high load, or pump up ugly, male muscles.
  • Training clothes should be comfortable and not interfere with movements. It will be best to use special clothes, which during exercise will create the effect of the sauna in the right places, and fat will begin to melt faster.
  • Be sure to correctly supply power. Without it, everything will quickly return to the usual course - excess fat on the sides, and more than it was.
  • After lessons you can take a contrast shower, it will help to make hips more tighter quickly
  • Use of massagers for self-massage of problem areas. They can be purchased at any sports store or pharmacy.

Listen to the advice of experts in the field of weight loss, be slim and fit, watch your health always and adhere to the basic rules of a healthy way of eating!

Video with exercises for the sides and waist