Exercises for slimming belly to a man

Exercises for slimming belly to man

Exercises that are aimed at losing weight in the abdomen of men, at the same time serve to burn the subcutaneous fat and build muscle.

That's why for the stronger sex it's so important to have not just a thin and flat stomach, but a pumped up, with relief protrusions.

To maintain the body in tonus, you should do exercises that train all muscle groups, especially the abdomen, thighs, buttocks and legs.

Complex of effective exercises for weight loss of the abdomen

  1. Pumping the , without this training element it will be difficult to restore the elasticity and elasticity of the abdominal region, remove subcutaneous fat and improve blood circulation.
    This exercise should be done 2 times a day for 15 times. In two months you will be able to achieve excellent results.
    The feature of the lesson is that the feet should be fixed on the raised platform, for example, put on a stool, hands behind the head, the back is straight, the breath is even. The first time it will be difficult to do the exercise without stopping, try to increase the rate of the load each time and do not skip classes.
  2. Squats of the .This exercise is designed to maintain the tone of the buttocks, hips and legs. It is important to sit down with an emphasis on the entire foot, straining as much as possible the muscles of the body. For one call you need to do 30 sit-ups, 2 times a day will be enough. This kind of exercises can be performed in different ways:
    • With the attacks of the legs, in order, only 20 times, 10 per foot.
    • With dumbbells, starting from the minimum load and ending with increased load.3 approaches 15 times each. The conditions of the lesson are as follows: Standing straight, feet shoulder-width apart, we hold dumbbells in our hands and simultaneously raise them to the chin level, we can also do swings in different directions while making squats.
  3. Slopes along the trunk .We do 3 sets 10 times. Legs at shoulder level, hands in sides. First turn to the left side, making the slopes as low as possible, and also to the right. Vigorously, straining your abdominal muscles.

This system is designed for 2 months of regular training, imagine, during this time you can lose weight by 15 kg, remove fat folds, make the stomach not only flat, but also relief.

For the effectiveness of exercise should adhere to a healthy lifestyle, proper nutrition, less baking and flour, more fluid. Eat fresh vegetables and fruits, a contrast shower and an evening walk will only benefit!

Exercising abdominal muscles

You can add to the classic exercises of swinging press on the bar, hanging on the crossbar, slowly raise your even legs up and hold in that position for a few seconds. And so do 5 times for 3 approaches.

Less complicated version, the previous position, we press our legs under ourselves and hold for 20 seconds, the more time, the better.5 approaches without interruption.

Classic push-ups from the floor are also a great way to improve the tone of the abdominal muscles.

Running, rope no less effective ways to put the body in order, it all depends on your desire and desire to get a tight figure and relief abdominal muscles.

Exercising abdominal muscles


Occupations require endurance and proper breathing, with heart disease, hypertension, general malaise, it is not recommended to conduct such exercises.

It is important not to harm the body, but give him cheerfulness, strength, endurance, perfect physical and mental well-being.

Remember regular exercise, less harmful food, copious drink and a positive attitude to win!

So at you all will turn out by all means! Believe in yourself and your abilities! Enjoy your results and do not give up what you want!

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