Mirkin's diet is a psychological "diet of exceptions"

The Mirkin diet is a psychological "diet of exceptions"

Observance of almost any diet for weight loss, as a rule, requires a certain mood and effort of will to bring it to the end. The diet of Vladimir Mirkin is transferred quite simply. In fact, this diet is a system of nutrition that you can observe all your life.

Principle of Dr. Mirkin's diet

Dr. Mirkin's nutrition system helps to achieve optimal weight and keep it for a long time. Reviews of the Mirkin diet indicate the possibility of getting rid of 7-10 kilograms per month of its compliance. By its type, this diet is classified as a non-carbohydrate diet. Another name for the Mirkin diet sounds like a "diet of exceptions", since it is proposed to exclude some components when preparing a diet.

The exception list is as follows:

  1. The first dish excludes the thick and uses only broth, which is useful for digestion.
  2. The second dish should be protein-free without adding garnish.
  3. In the third dish, you must exclude the sweet.

The principle of the diet of Dr. Mirkin

If you follow such simple rules you can lose weight quite easily, and if you continue to eat in this way, then the lost pounds will not return.

Additional recommendations

To achieve the best results, Vladimir Mirkin recommends observing certain conditions. The following products should be completely excluded from the diet:

  • bakery products;
  • cereals;
  • pasta;
  • sweets;
  • canned fish;
  • fatty dairy products;
  • dried fruits;
  • vegetables with high starch content;
  • fruits with high carbohydrate content in raw form;
  • butter for sandwiches.

Consumption of such products as:

  • sausage is allowed;
  • meat;
  • bird;
  • fish;
  • eggs;
  • low-fat dairy products;
  • fats in other foods;
  • vegetables and fruits with low carbohydrate content;
  • juices diluted with water.

Advantages of the diet of Vladimir Mirkin

Advantages of the diet of Vladimir Mirkin

In comparison with other weight loss diets Mirkina has certain advantages:

  • there is no need to prepare specific dishes;
  • due to the lack of discomfort you can follow the diet for life;
  • diet promotes the treatment of heart diseases, arthritis, diabetes, atherosclerosis and other diseases;
  • during the diet there is no feeling of hunger;
  • allows snacks between main meals, which consist of 100 grams of low-carbohydrate vegetables( beets, cabbage, radish, cucumbers, bell peppers, tomatoes).

Menu of the Mirkin diet

The diet menu of Vladimir Mirkin is made according to personal preferences, and does not have certain components. The approximate daily diet is as follows:

Meal time Menu
Breakfast Any protein food - 100 g( low-fat cheese, cottage cheese, boiled eggs, boiled or fried meat, cutlets, sausages, sausages) + unsweetened tea or coffee.
Lunch One portion of the broth from the first dish + 100 grams of fish or meat + 150 grams of vegetable salad + 30 grams of bread + unsweetened juice or compote.
Dinner 100 g of protein food + a glass of low-fat kefir + orange, apple or mandarin.

Psychological aspects of Dr. Mirkin's diet

Since the main specialization of Dr. Mirkin is psychotherapy, he also suggests observing certain psychological aspects for the greater effectiveness of his diet:

  1. Recognition of personal responsibility for their appearance. It is necessary to recognize that excess weight did not arise on its own, but because of an incorrect lifestyle and overeating in particular. In order to resist the habit of gluttony, one must first admit to oneself in its dependence on food.
  2. A real desire to reduce weight. For successful weight loss, first of all, you need very much to want it. That is, losing weight is not for the sake of others and not in the desire to achieve certain fashionable standards, namely, on their own sincere desire.
  3. The choice of motivation. You need to motivate yourself to lose weight, that is, clearly indicate what weight loss is needed for, whether it is necessary and what is its purpose.
  4. Determination of excess weight and scheduling of slimming. It is necessary to accurately determine the desired result and on its basis to plan the duration of the diet.
  5. Changing dietary behavior. For successful weight loss you need to completely change your attitude towards food: eliminate harmful foods and eat only healthy food.
  6. Fighting your own fears. Most complete people do not dare to lose weight because of their doubts about the possibility of bringing the diet to the end. We need to overcome our fears and tune in to a successful outcome.
  7. Autosuggestion. To prevent disruptions, it is useful to invent your own formulas for auto-suggestion and repeat them daily in the morning, in the evening and at any time of a possible breakdown. The invented phrase can sound differently, the main thing is its positive attitude to finding harmony.

Results of the Mirkin diet

Results of Mirkin's diet

The results of Dr. Mirkin's diet are determined by the initial weight of a person, his age and metabolism. On the basis of many years of observations, Vladimir Mirkin found that in the first 2-3 weeks, from 5 to 7 kilograms is lost, then there comes a "lull".These results are due to the restructuring of fat metabolism. After a week of "stagnation", weight loss continues.

On average, Mirkin's method allows you to lose weight by 8-10 kg for a month, 20 kg for 2-3 months, 30 kg for 3-4 months, and 40 kg for 6 months. Of course, one should not expect rapid results, but setting the desired goal significantly increases the chances of success.

Another important detail of the diet of Mirkin are unloading days. For fast weight loss, the doctor recommends that you arrange days of discharge every other day, then you can spend one unloading day a week. The most effective, according to Mirkin, are kefir, cottage cheese, cucumber, apple and cabbage days.

Compliance with the diet of Vladimir Mirkin allows you to completely change your eating habits, which makes weight loss easy and allows you to keep the acquired harmony for a long time.