Separate diet for losing weight every day

Separate diet for weight loss for each day

Foreign nutritionists have long thought about dietary separate nutrition, which helps to restore intestinal microflora, normalize the digestive tract, and lose weight by several kilograms per week. It's not as much as we would like, but the result is effective and stable, weight does not come back for many years.

There is a special table for the compatibility of products with separate food, based on its values ​​it is possible to easily create various recipes of dishes without worrying about the assimilation of these foods. The main rule of this system of weight loss is not to combine vegetable and animal ingredients, to monitor the condition of the body after taking each piece of food.

If the products are selected correctly, you will never be disturbed by colic in the abdomen, the accumulation of gases, the presence of processes of fermentation and putrefaction. This is very important, because if the food is not qualitatively digested by enzyme systems, fat cells will be deposited, which will lead to further overweight. So why not prevent the emergence of excess weight than then painfully "expel" it from the body.

Basic dietary rules for those who wish to start eating properly and with health benefits

  1. Clean your refrigerator, thoughts and diet for each day.
  2. Remove the semi-finished products and canned products from the menu.
  3. Less bread, baking, sweet and spicy, smoked and salted.
  4. The less acidic foods in the diet, the healthier the digestive tract will be.
  5. In the second half of the day it is not recommended to saturate the body with protein foods, let alone eat meat or fish before bed.
  6. Food should be eaten in small portions, often. During meals, you can not hurry, swallow pieces, view negative information on TV or read newspapers.
  7. Vegetable or animal oil must be unrefined, fewer different additives and estrogens.
  8. Instead of the usual salt, nutritionists are advised to use the sea, which is rich in vitamins and minerals.
  9. Throw out the refrigerator vinegar, mustard, ketchup, mayonnaise, spices and spicy seasonings.
  10. Salads are best seasoned with olive oil and lemon juice.
  11. Fresh vegetables and fruits with edible skin, it is desirable not to clean them and eat them raw.
  12. The potato in the uniform is the most nutritious and contains the right ingredients for rapid digestion in the intestines.
  13. And you knew. What food can not drink! It is better to drink a glass of water 30 minutes before eating, but after - better to eat some fruit, maybe orange, grapefruit or pomegranate.
  14. Eggs should be in the diet. They neutralize the harm from excess cholesterol in the blood.
  15. Soups should preferably be cooked on vegetable broth, meat dishes are not recommended.
  16. Simple physical exercises will help you to achieve the desired result faster and to pump up the muscles of the main problem areas. Belly, buttocks, hips. ..

For what it is necessary to adhere to the basic postulates of separate nutrition

Why do we need to stick to the basic postulates of separate nutrition?

First of all, it should be understood that with proper functioning of the digestive tract, all metabolic processes in the body occur clearly and without slowing down. Thus, fat cells do not have time to form, there is no excess weight. The burden on enzyme systems is reduced, which begin to work strictly for the purpose, not extending to other food chains. The propensity to constipation and stomach disorders disappears, the self-cleaning of the body from toxins, slags and other harmful substances normalizes.

Proper separate food according to the principles of assimilation of food by William Hey

Modern products of separate nutrition saturated with a huge amount of proteins and carbohydrates, which are not able to digest enzymatic systems qualitatively. After all, each product requires special special conditions of the acid medium.

Hey first recommended creating the right proportion for each product individually, which will correspond to the correct ratio of acidic and alkaline components in various liquids that are derived from our body.

Several advice from Professor Hey on separate diet for weight loss without restrictions for 90 days

  1. Carbohydrates can not be eaten with proteins and sour fruits. Each meal should be accompanied by eating a single product, protein or carbohydrate.
  2. The basis of proper nutrition is fresh vegetables, salads and fruits of natural origin, without nitrates and preservatives.
  3. Between meals should be an interval of at least 4 hours, which are necessary for complete digestion of food and the splitting of vital enzymes for the proper functioning of the digestive tract.

The most acceptable diet for the day according to the instructions of Dr. Hey:

Breakfast: the most acceptable is fruit salad, cheese, cottage cheese, rye bread and butter in small quantities.

Lunch: preferably protein food, for example, fish cutlets. But without the usual side dish, pasta or boiled potatoes. It is allowed to cook vegetable broth, make salads from various vegetables and fruits. For dessert, you can make a non-calorie smoothie.

We have supper: can be used in the diet of carbohydrates, they are quickly absorbed by the body and do not harm digestion. You can cook a potato casserole. Pasta with cheese. Green tea and unsweetened fruit. Sour-milk products should be drunk at least 30 minutes after the main meal, drink the dishes with milk or kefir, leading nutritionists do not recommend.

Shelton Power System

Shelton Power System

  1. Shelton Meals Means Consuming Only Foods That Combine With Each Other. Negative effects on the body intake of the most acidic food at one time. For example, potatoes, dates, bananas can not be combined with orange or lemon.
  2. Do not eat concentrated protein and carbohydrate together. Meat, nuts, cheese and eggs can not be combined with bakery and confectionery.
  3. For the stomach it will be very difficult to digest at one time several products of protein origin. We pause while eating. Or leave the other ingredient for tomorrow.
  4. Fats with proteins are not "friendly".Fat suppresses the action of gastric juice. Thus the intestine can not properly digest protein foods.
  5. Do not eat starch and other sweeteners in one go. This can cause involuntary internal poisoning of the body, an increased amount of toxins and toxins that will linger in the digestive system and harm the intestinal microflora.
  6. Melon is not combined with any products, and do not believe anyone that fish, bread, sweets, fruits will perfectly blend in with this product!
  7. Sour-milk products are best used separately, so as not to cause fermentation and the release of gases in the intestine. Therefore, it is best to drink a glass of kefir before bed or half an hour before meals during the day. It will be useful, and correct.

Different opinions about the separate power supply

Surprising is that despite the many positive qualities this diet does not all cause wonderful emotions. It so happened that our body has the ability to digest virtually all mixed foods and does not suffer from this. A cause of excess weight lies in banal overeating and dense saturation of the intestine, which simply can not twist all products correctly and effectively. This is similar to the work of a washing machine, if it is reset, it will not be able to remove all stains and dirt from clothes, and the stomach - can not cope with the processing of all substances. That is why the most important thing in losing weight is to eat right and balanced!

Diet Separate Food Reviews

Diet separate nutrition reviews and results

Tatiana from Krivoy Rog, 30 years.

You need to lose weight properly, without immersing the body in a stressful condition. In this regard, the diet of separate nutrition is most effective. At first, I involuntarily began to trim some foods from others, following the state of the body and the digestive tract. Then I read a lot of useful literature and decided to take root to change my ideas about meals. There were no difficulties, I acted strictly according to the compatibility table of the ingredients, made significant breaks between meals, did not shake pastries and all kinds of pastries.

I'll be honest, initially the question of losing weight was not, I just often suffered from problems with the stool. But when I started to follow the clear rules of separate nutrition - I completely forgot about swelling and gas formation.

Lose a month later by 9 kg, after half a year not a single kilo has returned. I always have great health and a good mood. And I sincerely wish you!

Alexander from Mariupol, 35 years old.

I am well aware of what a diet is and how after it it is difficult to restore the intestinal microflora. According to the advice of the employee decided to try a separate food. Today I can safely assure you that there is nothing better than this diet.

I corrected the compatibility table of products in relation to their requests and the availability of ingredients in the refrigerator. On the experience has understood one - for one reception of food it is necessary to eat one product, albuminous or carbohydrate. Also, separately fats and other useful substances. The better the intestine works, the better the health and well-being.

Improves complexion, thickens pores and smoothes wrinkles. After a month's course of separate nutrition, I even changed my thoughts, and I began to look more optimistically at life.

Amazing changes, I'm all pleased. I advise you not to postpone reception of separate food for tomorrow and follow my positive example.

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