Diet Bormental - lose weight without prohibitions

Bormental diet - lose weight without bans

Are you tired of all sorts of diets that promise stunning results in a short time, and you are tired of torturing your body with incredible efforts of will and deprivation? Then the feeding system will be your reference book, which will teach you to understand your body and be with him in friendship. After all, often recently, when I had to see my reflection in a shop window or a mirror, the thought jumped: "Well. ..".

Principle of the Bormental diet

To understand the essence of the diet, the essence of the Bormental diet should remember some of its principles.

  1. There should be no hard bans on food. In other words, if you want to eat a cake - you can eat it, but then take the calorie content of this cake from the daily calorie content. Such a trip allows a person not to feel psychological discomfort, and therefore to avoid stress, which can lead to a breakdown and overeating. After the body has received the desired, its centers of food pleasure give a signal that the need is met and there will not be any craving for such a product in the near future.
  2. The daily calorific value should not exceed 1000 - 1200 kcal. It is necessary to count the calories of food eaten according to Bormental's table, and to enter the results in Bormental's diary, which are freely available on the Internet.
  3. The power plan includes a minimum of four meals a day, at intervals of no more than 3.5 -4 hours.
  4. The following caloric value of each meal should be adhered to: daily breakfast - 30%, lunch - 10%, lunch - 40%, dinner - 20%, additional dinner 5-10%.
  5. Drink pure non-carbonated water - 2 liters per day.
  6. If possible, restrict the use of simple carbohydrates in the form of sweets, pastry and pasta from higher grades of wheat.
  7. Reduce the consumption of fatty, smoked, salted, pickled and canned foods.
  8. To give preference to the following cooking methods: cooking, stewing, baking, steaming.
  9. Portion for one meal should not exceed 200 g.
  10. Eat a serving slowly over 30 minutes and leave the table with a slight feeling of hunger.
  11. During the diet should be abandoned alcohol, tk.he is able to slow the process of losing weight for a week.
  12. Be sure to increase the amount of protein foods( fish, seafood, meat) and vegetables with high fiber content, unsweetened fruits and fermented milk products with low fat content.
  13. Weighed weekly.
  14. Strong physical activity and exercise during a diet are not welcome.sincethe body works in conditions of a reduced number of calories and its additional expenditure can be harmful. If the way of life includes daily visits to the gym, then add 200 kcal to the diet.

How to make an individual menu?

How to make an individual menu?

In the Bormental diet menu, each person makes himself. There are no clear indications and a daily specific list of portions and products. Adhering to the above rules, this is not difficult.

In order to start operating on this system, you should stock up on kitchen and floor scales. All components for the preparation of a certain dish are weighed first and their calories in the Bormental table are found, the total total caloric value is calculated.

Next select the portion to be eaten. It is also weighed and its energy calculation is carried out. This figure is recorded in the diary, which is a very convenient way of calculating the remaining daily rate. For each product or dish planned for the day, such work is carried out and an individual daily menu is compiled.

At first glance, it seems that it is difficult and time consuming. However, in practice, everything is not so scary, and after 3 weeks a new habit appears that allows you to do these procedures with pleasure and practice on the machine.

Pros of keeping a diary

The Bormental diet was developed by a team of nutritionists, psychologists and doctors. Therefore, all its funds bear a certain practical and psychological load.

A personal diary is needed not just for fixing calorie data and weight state. It serves as a means for analyzing and adjusting human eating behavior. After all, after 2-3 weeks of diet, the user sees what successes he has achieved, how weight went off, what is the caloric value of his traditional dishes and what needs to be changed to improve the results.

Bormental Diet Reviews

Bormental diet reviews and results

If you follow the rules of the Bormental diet for a week, you can safely get rid of 2-4 kg of excess weight. The important thing is that there are no strong restrictions and it is possible to make any changes in the diet if necessary.

The own effective system of a food is gradually formed which is fixed for all life. This is very important, becausefurther for many years, new habits of proper nutrition will help maintain the desired shape.

According to the Bormental diet, the reviews of most women who lose weight are positive. The main advantages include:

  • psychological comfort due to lack of restrictions;
  • compliance of the results with the promises of the developers of the diet;
  • freedom of choice of food and food;
  • development of its own power system.

There are also negative assessments, among which:

  • the need to keep a constant calorie count;
  • it is necessary to keep a diary;
  • with the duration of the diet there are periods when the weight does not go away for 1-2 weeks.

Analyzing the pros and cons of the diet according to reviews, you can make a simple conclusion that the diet is effective and does not cause any special difficulties in carrying out. Well, the fact that there are difficulties in developing consistency and systematic action in its course, speaks rather about a person's unpreparedness for serious measures in the fight against excess weight.


Like any method that affects the metabolic processes of the body, the Bormental diet has some contraindications:

  • mental illness;
  • pregnancy and breastfeeding;
  • age restrictions( not younger than 18 years and not older than 60);
  • chronic, oncological and acute diseases.

Diet Bormental menu for the week

Bormental diet for the week

The approximate weekly menu with Bormental diet is as follows:

  • Breakfast 300 - 350 kcal. You can eat buckwheat porridge - 100 g with boiled meat 80 g plus 100 grams of cottage cheese with a teaspoon of honey or curd dessert, a piece of cheese. 10 g. Drink a cup of tea or natural coffee;
  • Lunch 100 - 150 kcal. You can eat lean soup or cabbage soup with sour cream 150 g and drink tea with marshmallow( 1/2 pcs.);
  • Lunch 400 - 450 kcal. You can eat 150 grams of stewed vegetables with boiled fish 200 g, drink 200 g of fruit compote or jelly with dietary biscuits( 50 g);
  • Dinner 200 - 250 kcal. Fresh vegetable salad with seafood 150 g or fruit salad with yoghurt dressing, nuts and prunes. A glass of tea with 1 - 2 cubes of dark chocolate.
  • The second dinner 80 - 100 kcal. A cup of yogurt and one loaf.

Components and dishes can be changed. The main thing is that the specified caloric content of the diet was preserved, protein and vegetable food prevailed, there was not a lot of light carbohydrates.

Diet Bormental recipes

Vegetable stew with porcini mushrooms

Ingredients: cabbage 300 g, tomatoes 2 -3 pieces, sweet pepper 3 pieces, carrots 3 pieces, onion 2 pieces, boletus boiled mushrooms 200 g, sour cream 15 g, garlic, pepper, salt to taste.

Boiled mushrooms and sliced ​​tomatoes, lightly passaged in a skillet with butter, chopped cabbage and carrots. The dish is stewed for 20 minutes. Peppers and onions are cut into rings, and put in the cooking mass. Everything is prepared for another 15 - 20 minutes on a slow fire, at the end of cooking slightly podsalivaetsya.

The prepared dish should be infused for half an hour. Before use, add a spoonful of sour cream or sour cream sauce with chopped garlic and pepper.

The resulting dish has a caloric value of about 500 kcal, and a serving of 100 grams is 100 kcal. The presence in it of a large amount of fiber, protein, vitamins and trace elements allows for a long time not to feel hunger and replenish the body with almost all the necessary components.

Instant soup with eggplant

Ingredients: 1.5 l of water, 3-4 potatoes, one carrot, 150 g of eggplant, 1 onion, 100 g of canned red beans, salt and pepper to taste, one bay leaf.

Let's boil water and lower, diced potatoes and beans. Cook the mixture for 20 minutes. At this time, in a frying pan with vegetable oil, we pass the carrots, eggplants and onions crushed to the state of cubes with a size of 1 × 1 cm. When the eggplants have become soft and the peel has become easy to move away from them, fall asleep passerings in a boiling pan. We cook for another 25 minutes. Five minutes before the end of cooking, put the bay leaf, salt and pepper.

Caloric content of this soup is about 380 - 400 kcal. One serving in 200 g will be equal to 55 - 60 kcal. Due to the balanced composition and availability of protein and fiber from beans, soup has the property of prolonged saturation of the body and replenishes the amino acid composition.

Using these two dishes as an example, you can eat, qualitatively, tasty and eat a little, getting pleasure from the process of eating and quickly losing weight.

If you carefully read this article, then the decision to apply Bormental diet is probably waiting for implementation. Do not delay this idea tomorrow and start right now, and the first results will add new strength and enthusiasm.

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