Buckwheat diet of Alekseev

Buckwheat diet of Alekseeva

Health is the most valuable and tender gift. And in this fleeting world it is necessary to manage not only to be beautiful, but also not to lose what nature has given us.

Family doctor Alexeyev about buckwheat diet

Doctor Anatoly Efimovich is not a supporter of starvation, he said - you need to eat everything, but only in moderation. But for those who want all the same quickly, but it is safe to lose weight, a diet based on buckwheat groats will help.

Advantages of buckwheat diet

  1. No restriction on the amount eaten per day, which will allow during a diet not to feel hunger.
  2. Compared to other diets, buckwheat will deprive the problems characteristic of other diets such as: fatigue, dizziness, weakness or lethargy
  3. The big plus of the diet is caused by losing weight every day, which does not make us wait for results in torment, but motivates every day
  4. The next advantage is high efficiency- weight loss is an order of magnitude higher than that of other diets and make up an average of 7 kg only for the first week of
  5. An essential advantage of buckwheat is the high fiber content that provides a passing eyebowel and liver swilling
  6. Weight loss will be accompanied by a decrease in fat in problem areas
  7. Compliance with all the rules of the diet and its menu will improve the appearance of the skin and nails, which due to the high content of vitamin B, vegetable protein buckwheat and the normalization of metabolism will begin to clear.

Alekseev on the buckwheat diet

Buckwheat diet of AS Alekseev

Like all the world's buckwheat diet is not without flaws, such as:

  1. The buckwheat diet is distinctive, and not everyone can come, if so, staying on it can be accompanied by weakness, headaches, fatigue. So the best way to check if a diet is right for you is a day of relief that will show the body's reaction.
  2. The second drawback is a small variety of products, not many can stand two weeks on one kefir and buckwheat.
  3. Among the minuses, it can be noted that if the diet did not bring the desired result, or brought, but you want more of its repetition is possible only in a month.
  4. It is also not excluded during the diet exacerbation of chronic diseases, so you should know the body well enough before starting a diet.
  5. Buckwheat, although it contains a large amount of protein, but it is not able to replace the protein of animal origin, which is so necessary for the body, and normal muscle growth, so it is not recommended to continue the diet for more than 14 days.

Rules for the diet

  1. Brew for a long time buckwheat is prohibited, it should be steamed in the evening with boiling water and in the morning to eat in small amounts.
  2. Porridge is perfectly combined with many fresh vegetables and fruits, it can be made salty and sweet.
  3. During the diet, you need to drink about 2 liters of water in laziness, so that excess fluid is removed from the body, and fat is split.
  4. To drink better green tea, herbal infusions, but if you really want coffee, then one cup a day unloading diet allows.

Features of buckwheat groats

Buckwheat has a number of useful and healing properties, a large stock of natural elements that a person needs. The croup contains phosphorus, copper, iron and vitamins of group B, PP, E. In Grechka there is a lot of fiber that is necessary for purification of the gastrointestinal tract. A lot of protein. Especially recommended for those who lead a vegetarian lifestyle. Calorie content of the product is quite high - 313 kcal per 100 g.

Contains fats that eliminate accumulated cholesterol. Promotes rapid weight loss, because it quickly satiates the body and maintains the glucose level for a long time, which allows you to eat less food per day. It is desirable to cook it for breakfast, it will give a big charge of energy, increase tone and mood. It is useful for nervous disorders.

Because of the content of flavonoids, the risk of cancer is reduced, and the work of the heart is also supported. There are no contraindications and is very recommended for pregnant women. Buckwheat should be included in the daily diet. Although with excessive amounts can cause bloating. When buckwheat diet should drink a lot of liquid.

How correctly to prepare groats?

How to cook grits?

The buckwheat diet presupposes a special recipe for cooking porridge. Porridge, cooked according to the diet, carries a calorie content of 70 to 169 Kcal. In this there is a huge plus of buckwheat porridge, it creates only a feeling of satiety, so strict restrictions on its use are not imposed during the diet.

Buckwheat porridge is unique in its kind because of the high content of calcium, potassium, magnesium and iron in it. In addition, she still has a plant protein at 6%.Therefore, staying on a buckwheat diet does not entail any special difficulties, and over time, a feeling of lightness in the body, which in turn makes it possible to exclude from the menu during the diet of proteins.

As one of the important items of the diet is the rejection of any spices. Eating four hours before bedtime.

But in order to preserve these properties of buckwheat, it is necessary to cook it correctly and tasty. To do this is very simple, it is important to know the proportions for a particular result. You can cook on any liquid: water, milk or broth. Also in any device - microwave, stove, multivark.

Before cooking, you need to go through the croup. Sometimes there are pebbles, garbage or other grains. After washing under running water, removing the unnecessary husks, which will be on the surface. Pour the clean buckwheat into the container and pour about 2-3 glasses of water( counting on one glass of cereals).Put on a plate, cover with a lid or a plate and wait for the moment of boiling. Then reduce the heat and remove the lid. Cook should be no more than 20-25 minutes, sometimes stirring, so as not to burn. When the water is gone, buckwheat is ready. Water can be salted immediately before cooking or add salt to the ready-made dish. This type of cooking will help to get crumbly croup, which is served as a bleaching garnish. For a more viscous consistency, more water is added.

This buckwheat is added to casseroles, soups, buckwheat risotto, stuffed cabbage rolls or peppers. And also fry with eggs, onions or mushrooms.

Ration schedule for the diet

The simplest and most popular menu option is buckwheat with kefir. Buckwheat porridge is allowed to consume unlimited quantities of kefir not more than a liter per day, the fat content of which does not exceed 1%.In the diet kefir with porridge can be consumed both together and separately. If you feel a strong hunger before going to bed, then it is also recommended to drink a glass of kefir.

Buckwheat diet with dried fruit

Because of a lack of sugar on the buckwheat diet, a sensation of weakness may appear. In addition, at the end of the diet, buckwheat and kefir are bored in order, and I want to slightly diversify my menu. To solve this problem, dried fruits, which are added to the porridge, are perfect, but their quantity should be limited to no more than 5-6 pieces. You can use: prunes, dried apricots, raisins, apples. Just as an exception, you can put a spoonful of honey instead of dried fruit.

Alekseev Anatoly Efimovich and his popular buckwheat diet

popular buckwheat diet

Duration of the diet - 2 weeks.

Menu of buckwheat Alekseeva

Includes 2 products - buckwheat and kefir( 1% fat content).You can add other products, greens, vegetables, fruits.

  1. From the diet, you need to remove sugar, seasonings, sauces, ketchup, porridge to cook only for water.
  2. Buckwheat can be eaten a day, as much as you want, most importantly, in small portions, without saturation of the stomach.
  3. The first three days of a diet is just a mess, and after that you can dilute it with other ingredients.
  4. Kefir is drunk separately from buckwheat, for example, about 20 minutes after eating.
  5. Vegetables should also be eaten separately from cereals. The doctor especially recommends turnips, radishes, parsley, sesame.

Warning: if you feel weak after a few days of dieting - stop the hunger strike and go on your usual food.

Advice for nutritionists and users on the buckwheat food system

Yes, the buckwheat diet is one of the most popular modern mono diets, but at the same time, the most rigid and the most controversial. Conversations around it have not ceased for a long time. The fact is that it is not a nutrition system recommended by dietitians, but refers to folk remedies for weight loss. Accordingly, its safety and effectiveness are not guaranteed.

The principle of buckwheat diet

This diet is a mono-diet, that is, it is allowed to consume only one product and plenty of drink for a long time. In the case of buckwheat - no more than two weeks with a break of at least a month. You also need to discard salt.

The strictest diet is recommended to adhere to 4 full days - only buckwheat groats( in the form of porridge) and water are used, not sweet tea is allowed. Next, you need to supplement the diet with light kefir, but not more than a liter per day. This will help to avoid some problems with the intestinal tract, and also suppress the feeling of hunger. Due to its incredibly low caloric content and lack of salts in food, a week can get rid of a few podnadoyvshih kilograms and excess fluid.

If it was decided to extend the diet for one more week, then the ration must be supplemented with the following products: vegetables( preference is given to radish, turnip, parsley), fruits( ideal apples and lemons), dried fruits( it is better to choose raisins or apricots), as well as natural yogurt without any fillers. If you really wanted something salty, then in the second week it is permissible to add a few drops of quality soy sauce to the porridge. Under strict prohibition, any bakery( even black bread) and baked goods, as well as alcohol.

Buckwheat diet and health

This kind of diet is contraindicated in people who suffer from serious intestinal disorders, such as an ulcer or gastritis. Women in the situation and lactating mothers are also prohibited from diet. Diabetics have the possibility of this diet in question - only after a mandatory consultation with a specialist.

With a completely healthy body in a relatively short period of the diet, most likely, there will be no negative changes. Even on the contrary - immunity will increase, vascular walls will be strengthened, blood pressure will be normalized, cholesterol content will decrease. What is important for girls is that the general condition of the skin and hair will improve.

The blood glucose level also goes down, which in some cases can cause mild indisposition - dizziness and muscle weakness. If this happens, then you need to eat a spoonful of natural buckwheat honey or dissolve it in water with a few drops of lemon juice.

If overpowering the intolerable feeling of hunger, you can drink a simple warm water, or kefir or yogurt, allowed by the technique of losing weight.

It is important that excessive fanaticism can cause serious health problems.

Buckwheat diet and health

Food after the end of the diet

The buckwheat diet is no exception, and as after any other diet requires proper nutrition at the time of its end. Over-eating may be one of the main problems at the time of completion of such a diet. This is due to the fact that after a long period of nutrition with a monotonous product, the brain will find it difficult to cope with the temptation to regale the newly available products. Overeating can cause problems with the stomach, and in addition, after a short time to return all so heavily dropped weight.

The diet after the diet is balanced, two weeks on a similar diet allowed the body to get used to a small amount of food, and a habit should develop - there is not more than necessary.

But if suddenly it happens that you overeat, then the rescue day can be a relief day for any of the menu options. Minimal abstinence from sweet also does not hurt. And do not forget about the extra liquid that you need to use, be it a few glasses of water or tea. And if all these conditions are met, the lost weight is neither what will return, but will start to increase.

Video about buckwheat diet

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