Diuretic for weight loss

Diuretic for losing weight

To use a diuretic for losing weight - a fashion that came from sports. Athletes thus "sometimes" enter a lower weight category in order to be stronger than rivals there. And everyone knows that tablets or teas do not burn any fat, and if you exceed the dosage, instead of competitions you can be in the hospital, under a dropper with a remedy for dehydration and seizures. But in sports other criteria - victory is more often than health. But why is it for ordinary women? It's no secret that the female body is prone to delay and accumulation of fluid on certain days of the cycle, such is nature. A few days after ovulation, almost all have problems with edema. If, in addition to this, there is also an extra fat layer, the appearance can significantly upset. To use a diuretic herb for weight loss is usually tried these days, and there are ways that are relatively safe for health, and there are those that do not need to be used by anyone.

Which diuretic for weight loss to choose?

The best diuretic for losing weight is regular green tea. In addition to removing swelling, it accelerates metabolism due to thermogenic( warming) effect and promotes fat burning. A cup of tea is a good option and to dull the appetite. Its natural taste gently suppresses cravings for sweets, and promotes faster saturation. Rich in antioxidants, the composition of green tea is a real find for those who want to maintain physical activity, vigor of spirit and sharpness of mind, despite the limitations in nutrition.

Brew green tea for a diuretic effect should be 1 tablespoon of raw material per 1 glass of water at a temperature slightly less than boiling water( let the boiled kettle stand for 2-4 minutes).Drink - up to 5 cups( 150-200ml) per day. Contraindications for use - heart disease, kidney, gastritis in the phase of exacerbation. Pregnant you can drink this drink, but you should always consult a doctor.

What diuretic for weight loss to choose?

The second diuretic for losing weight from nature itself is simple clean water. Drink 40 ml per 1 kg of your own weight, constantly, during the day, and limit the salt to 5 grams per day( do not salt food when cooking, and add the spice to the plate, and where possible, replace with lemon juice).The problem "dissolves" by itself after a couple of weeks of such a regime.

Rare diuretics for weight loss

About cowberry leaf, birch buds, bearberry and collecting the orthosiphon, everyone knows it. But someone tried to remove swelling and simultaneously get an additional vitamin C for a better recovery of the body? You can prepare simple and useful collections with a mild but pronounced diuretic effect:

  • 20 g of black currant leaves, 10 g of rose hips, 5 g of cranberry leaf brew 200 ml of boiled water, insist 20 minutes. At this time, squeeze the juice from the lemon, drain the collection, add the juice, drink in the morning, half the morning, half before lunch, half an hour before eating;
  • for 10 grams of chamomile flowers and 10 g of cowberry leaf, cook, as indicated in the previous recipe, to use in 3 meals, before eating, the last "drink" should be held no later than 4 hours before sleep, so as not to interfere with sleep;
  • fresh cranberry juice, 200 ml, dilute with mineral water 200 ml, add lemon juice, drink volley.100 ml before each main meal.

Important: The use of all diuretics, dues, teas, and medications requires attention to the body. These days, you should not lift heavy weights, run an endurance run, and active martial arts, and also visit the sauna and sauna. These actions will not help "merge" faster, and can only provoke cramps, so it's better not to take risks, and spend the day more passively. Take low-intensity aerobics, no more than 45 minutes a day, do stretching, or plan the reception of the drug for a day, free from fitness.

On the day when diuretic tea is being drunk for weight loss:

  • use ordinary teas and coffee, they also have a diuretic effect, all together can damage the body, and provoke a loss of potassium necessary for the normal functioning of the heart muscle;
  • to drink alcohol. It will not be long enough, approximately 72 hours after the end of the day, when a diuretic for weight loss was taken. Alcohol "dries" even more, and almost everyone who drinks a diuretic before the party sooner or later feel cramps. They are far from harmless, since they can cause problems with breathing and palpitation;
  • to drink "chicory", including powder. By itself, the drug chicory is a diuretic for weight loss. He is drunk half a cup before meals, not only in order to reduce appetite, but also to remove excess fluid;
  • drink your sports fat burner, ephedra preparations, dietary supplements from the pharmacy, everything that contains extracts of bearberry, birch buds, linden, chamomile, including various cough syrups. Everything here acts as a synergist for the diuretic, and causes severe dehydration;
  • stay in the sun for a long time, for example, lying on the beach, and even not recommended to visit the solarium. If a diuretic is drunk for any exit or beauty contest, it is better to prefer salon tanning salon;
  • take green juices with celery, cucumber and dill.

Rare diuretics for weight loss

If the diuretic herb for weight loss has not helped!

Radically-minded individuals will immediately grasp the diuretic diet pills. Furosemide and veroshpiron, of course, will force a person to "drain" several liters of liquid, but for health they are no longer useful than herbal remedies. Take these pills only for medical reasons. Fortunately, for aesthetics they are still no use - after 12-16 hours after taking "pours" with redoubled force, and swelling becomes visible not only on the body, but also on the face.

First of all, herbs can not help if there are objective problems with kidney health. Edema is tormented for a long time, and salted is not included in the diet for several months? Urgent for a nephrologist. There are also unpleasant sensations in the sternum, or do swelling occur 24 hours after visiting aerobics? To the cardiologist. In any case, do not put the diagnosis on the Internet, visit a therapist to get directions.

Edema is typical for menopause, and, unfortunately, in this case, diuretic herbs for weight loss help for a short time. It makes sense to consult a gynecologist about natural phytoestrogens, they can help correct the problem. A popular diuretic for losing weight in this case - a decoction of cones of hops( tablespoon of raw materials for 300 ml of water, to insist 20 minutes).

How to stop taking diuretic diet pills?

All this is great, but if a person has systematically and quite a long time to take herbs for removing liquids, has already learned the names of diuretic diet pills well, and without a pack of furosemide does not leave the pharmacy, it is worth seriously thinking.

Diuretic diet pills, or rather their constant reception can be symptoms of severe personality disorders, eating disorders bordering on mental disorders. To pay attention is if:

  • reception of tablets is not caused by medical indications, and has begun under the advice of the girlfriend, or independently;
  • edemas except the host tablet is not seen at all by anyone, including a husband, mother and the closest friends. But to herself, the girl seems to be a ball full of water;
  • the size of clothes does not exceed 50th, the person is objectively slightly overweight or does not have any excess weight, but all his thoughts are concentrated around losing weight, pills, "plum", and appearance;
  • at least once in my life there was a situation where, due to a laxative or diuretic for losing weight, I had to ask to study or work, or to cancel the case;
  • there is a desire to be skinny at any cost, talking about health is perceived as the whining of some elderly grandmothers, or the moral teaching of the class teacher;
  • all this is accompanied by sitting on diets, bad mood, real hatred of oneself, and a person can not escape from this circle anymore, although he understands that the tablets are harmful to health.

First of all, you need to accept that the diuretic for weight loss has already become an addiction, which will have to be disposed of for your own health. And also with the fact that this has nothing to do with the desire to be beautiful, or rather, is caused by real hatred towards oneself.

How to stop taking diuretics

Ways to get rid of the dependency set. Someone appeals to a psychologist for the sake of recovery, someone just enough to tell a close friend about the problem. Someone writes lists of cases, and strictly controls himself, simply forbidding himself to buy and take. In any case, from tablet dependence it is necessary to leave. Will also help change the way of life, too.

How to replace diuretics with losing weight?

Fortunately, fluid retention can be fought in simple, healthy ways. To start, you need to introduce into the diet 1 portion of simple garden greens( parsley, dill, green onions will fit) a day. Then - bring the number of fruits and vegetables to 6-8 servings per day. Exclude for a time fast food, any drinks other than green tea and water, and raise the consumption of protein. Often edema is caused by the fact that we, rather, eat candy than a cutlet, and give up protein to save calories.

Correction of the diet in the direction of healthy allows you to abandon diuretic at all. Try it, it will work.

Video about diuretics

Video about diuretics