Nerf for slimming: the whole truth about the "miraculous" grass

Frost for weight loss: the whole truth about the "miraculous" grass

Most women to achieve the ideal figure are ready to go for everything: hunger strikes and debilitating exercises that have a negative impact on health and their overall well-being. However, refusing to eat and staying in the gyms is not all that women can do to achieve their dreams. They are ready to drink various drugs and it is not clear what, believing in miracles, which they are told by suppliers.

Herbs are also no exception. Yes, of course, the use of herbs has always been considered in the people safer than taking various medications, but do not forget that herbs are also medicines, only of natural origin. Therefore, their reception is also not safe.

Last time among women, the Caucasian hellebore for weight loss became popular. Its distributors assert that with the help of this herb, for only 1 month you can lose weight to 10 kg, while not at all starving and doing physical exercises. In addition, they promise that even after a strong weight loss, your skin will not only be tightened, but will also look younger for several years, since hellebore is supposedly an excellent rejuvenating agent.

And what is the main thing for a woman? That's right, a thin waist and a beautiful and young skin that will not give her age. And it is natural that many of the fair sex "peck at this bait" and are ready to give any money just to get this "miraculous" grass. But is it? Is hellebore really useful for our body and contributes to rapid weight loss? After all, if you believe the distributors, in one week you can throw up to 3 kg. Let's try to figure it out.

What is useful hellebore?

What is useful hellebore?

Nerf is a unique plant that has a number of healing properties:

  • improves heart function and blood circulation in the body as a whole;
  • normalizes the level of sugar and cholesterol in the blood;
  • removes salts, slags, toxins and other harmful substances from the body;
  • is great for treating respiratory tract;
  • eliminates headache and toothache;
  • reduces puffiness;
  • prevents the formation of kidney stones, as it has cholagogue and antispasmodic effect;
  • helps with constipation;
  • is an excellent diuretic;
  • restores the nervous system.

But again, this is all from the words of those distributors of this herb. After all, they need to convince women that taking a hellebore caucasian for weight loss is also useful, and that as a result of using it, they get not only a beautiful tightened body, but also strong health.

And now let's talk about what scientists and doctors say about this grass.

The opinion of scientists about the hellebore for weight loss

For sure, for many, the opinion of scientists is of great importance. So, if you decide to lose weight with hellebore, you need to know what they think in this opinion.

So, according to scientists, hellebore is an herb that has in its composition not only useful substances, but also poison, and in large quantities. But, as everyone knows, even poison can do wonders if properly applied. The frostbite can really accelerate the metabolic process in the body and lead to a rapid weight loss.

However, let's face the truth in the "eyes".The frostbite is a unique diuretic for weight loss. Therefore, weight loss on herbs will be due to the removal of the body of excess fluid and stool. But this is only useful for the first few days, when only harmful substances are eliminated from the body in a natural way. But then from it useful substances will start to be excreted in the same way, which naturally does not lead to improvement of health and general condition.

And besides, as soon as you finish using hellebore for weight loss, the weight will still come back. That's why it is recommended to use courses - to use for 6 months with a break of 30 days.

The opinion of scientists about the hellebore for weight loss

Also scientists say that hellebore is very rarely used in medicine. The only exception is cardiology, where it is often used in heart failure. And only under the strict supervision of doctors, since this herb has the property of accumulating its substances in the body, including poisons, the excess concentrations of which can lead to death.

And to use it for weight loss they generally do not recommend, especially at home without the supervision of a doctor. Since calculating the necessary "useful" daily dose will be very difficult, and besides, side effects from it can occur immediately, and a doctor nearby at the moment will not be.

And in order that you do not consider our words "empty", we recommend you to watch a video where Dr. Rusanov tells in detail about this plant:

Therefore, losing weight in this way is very risky. But if you still decided to use hellebore for weight loss, then you need to know how to apply it correctly.

How to apply hellebore for weight loss?

Many people have a question: how to apply herbs for weight loss, especially hellebore? Here everything is simple, but in order to maintain your health, you need kitchen scales, since the powder from the roots of the hellebore can not be consumed more than 50 mg. Powder is used in its pure form on an empty stomach and washed down with 1/4 cup of cooled boiled water. Then you can not eat another 5 hours. For the night you can not drink it, otherwise you will sit all night in the toilet.