Infrared sauna for weight loss

Infrared sauna for weight loss

Did you know about the novelty in the world of cosmetology - an infrared sauna for weight loss and acceleration of metabolism in the body. This is an excellent alternative to baths or ordinary saunas, where in a few minutes you can achieve tremendous success.

  1. Discharge of excess fluid from the body;
  2. Normalization of metabolism;
  3. Improvement of blood circulation;
  4. The withdrawal of excess lactic acid from the muscles.

But what kind of nice and laudatory reviews did not sound, there is a "pro" and "against" this procedure.

Advantages of the

  • infrared sauna In one half-hour session, it is possible to lose a lot more calories than with an intensive 15-minute workout.
  • The process of metabolism is improved, harmful toxins and toxins are eliminated from the body.
  • Rid of muscle and joint pain, especially after physical exertion or exercise in the gym.
  • Strengthening of the cardiovascular system.
  • The elimination or prevention of cellulite problems.

And much more, it is important to understand that for each organism the sauna acts differently, so it's only by experience that you can tell if the infrared procedure helps you lose weight or not.

Infrared sauna is dangerous

For those who have chronic diseases:

  • Sexual system;
  • Skin imperfections;
  • Renal failure;
  • Cardiovascular system:
  • Pregnant and lactating.

Expert advice - infrared sauna

Advice from specialists

Use of cosmetics, masks, lotions and other compounds is completely prohibited. Both "before" and "after" the session, since the rays have the ability to penetrate deeply into the skin, and for cosmetics this is unacceptable.

During the procedure, it is allowed to drink mineral water in limited quantities, but to take alcohol and eat is strongly discouraged.

This procedure is often used for medicinal purposes, according to medical research it is very effective in combating vascular dystonia and for heating certain areas of the skin.


Infra-red irradiation system is quite effective and effective if used in conjunction with exercise and balanced dietary nutrition. It is hoped that the sauna will save you for several sessions of 5 and more pounds is not to be reassured, but to strengthen your health, normalize the digestive system and accelerate the metabolism is even possible.

Good luck, good health, you are responsible for your actions and, accordingly, the consequences!

Video about infrared saunas

Video about the benefits of infrared saunas