Detox diet - healthy weight loss

The detox diet is a healthy weight loss

More and more people choose the method of weight loss, they give preference to methods that, besides getting rid of excess weight, also improve the body. One such method is the detox diet.

The principle of the detox diet

The essence of the detox diet is the removal of toxins from the body, thereby losing weight.

A month before the start of the application of the detox diet, it is necessary to prepare the body. It is necessary to limit the consumption of fatty, fried and high-calorie food. Two weeks before the start of the diet, you need to switch to eating fruits, vegetables and herbs. Be sure to include in the daily routine of physical training. It is desirable to carry out massage procedures and wraps.

The principle of the detox diet

The menu of the detox diet allows the use of any plant food. Once a week you can eat fish, poultry or goat cheese. Categorically prohibited the presence in the diet of sweets, coffee, carbohydrate and flour foods, alcohol. Every morning for the entire diet should start with a glass of hot water with a lemon. The last meal should be no later than 8 pm.

With a three-day observance of the detox diet, the body will get rid of toxins and toxins. A five-day detox program for cleansing will restore the body's basic functions. After ten days of such nutrition, the body will be detoxified in its entirety, which consists in purifying and renewing the blood flow.

Pros and cons of the detox diet

The benefits of a detox diet are almost the same as with any low-calorie diet. A large amount of fiber, pectins, antioxidants and vitamins contribute to the improvement of the skin, reduce the risk of heart disease, tone up the body and give vivacity.

In the process of detoxification, rapid weight loss does not occur, but losing weight passes without harm to health and without the return of lost kilograms. Due to the abundance of cellulose and water, the kidneys are excellently cleaned. But people with kidney disease should use this system of weight loss with caution, since cleaning the urinary system can cause pain.

The drawbacks of the detox diet can be attributed to its imbalance. Due to the lack of animal proteins, carbohydrates and fats, the body lacks many necessary substances and can experience a feeling of fatigue, dizziness and decreased efficiency.

In the process of cleansing the body, immunity is greatly reduced. Therefore, before the start of a diet, you must drink a course of natural immunomodulating medications, for example, tincture of echinacea.

Pros and cons of a detox diet

Absolute contraindications to the detox diet include diseases of the digestive tract, chronic diseases in the acute stage, diabetes. It is undesirable to apply detox slimming to people with weight within the norm or lower.

Reviews of the detox diet are mostly positive. A varied menu allows you to transfer the diet with ease and at the same time to cleanse the body and lose weight.

Detox diet recipes

Detox diet recipes allows you to use a wide variety. The main condition is that the dishes consist of only allowed ingredients.

Detox diet recipes


Boil 300-350 g of water with the addition of two tablespoons of leafy green tea and a teaspoon of dried lemon peel. Over the steam of the resulting solution for 15-20 minutes to cook fish fillets( you can use a steamer or colander, installed in a pot of water).Cook the fish with olive oil and sprinkle with herbs.

Citrus cleansing tea

Two tablespoons of green leaf tea brewed in a liter of boiled water and add a little mint and chopped small pieces of two mandarins, one orange, half a grapefruit and one lemon. After 15 minutes, you can drink tea.

Tea - Detox from buckwheat

Pour two tablespoons of green buckwheat with two glasses of boiling water, 10 minutes and drink.

Detox diet

The detox diet allows you to lose from 3 to 7 extra kilograms per week of its use. But even if the desired result is not achieved, the consequences for the body will be an invaluable contribution to improving health.

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