Resalute: instructions for use and cost

Resolute PRO

Resolute PRO

Resolute PRO is a medicinal product related to hetopoprotectors. The latter represent a whole group of medications, whose action is aimed at improving liver function. Consider the main indicators related to the drug: composition, effect, contraindications, price .


  1. Composition
  2. Action Resolute
  3. Dosage and contraindications
  4. Adverse effects
  5. Usage against pregnancy
  6. Special instructions
  7. Acquisition issues

Assigns Resolyute in the presence of the following diseases:

  • With liver disease

    In liver diseases


  • psoriasis;
  • toxicosis that occurs in pregnant women;
  • acute or chronic hepatitis;
  • fatty degeneration, observed in the liver with chronic infections, with diabetes, etc.;
  • is a drug and other intoxication;
  • functional disorders of the liver due to the impact of somatic diseases.

The preparation is available as soft gelatin capsules. They are oblong, transparent, have a natural color. Inside each capsule is a viscous liquid, which has a golden yellow( in some cases yellow-brown, this is also the norm) color.


The instruction for the drug provides that in a single capsule there are 300 mg of polyunsaturated phospholipids from soya lecithin. In addition to phospholipids, the AB resolute also contains glycerol mono- or dialkonate, refined soybean oil and triglycerides, whose chains are of an average value.

Action of the Resole

Effect of the drug

Action of the drug

The action of the drug as a hepatoprotector is the result of the fact that the process of membrane regeneration is accelerated with simultaneous inhibition of oxidative processes( conversion of lipids to peroxide compounds).In addition, collagen synthesis is suppressed. It should also be noted the reduction in cholesterol due to the fact that the corresponding cholesterol esters, as well as linoleic acid. And these substances are safely withdrawn.

Dosage and contraindications

Resalyut is taken orally, as a rule, 2 capsules three times a day. Capsules are taken before meals, not chewed, but simply washed down with a sufficient amount of water.

According to the instruction of this remedy, there are following contraindications to its use:

  1. hypersensitivity to soy, peanuts, phospholipids, other components of Resalute;
  2. presence of antiphospholipid syndrome.

Also very cautiously used drug against children under 12 years of age.

Side effects of

The drug has the following possible side effects:

  • Possible side effect of Reshayut

    Possible side effect from Reshayut

    soft stool;

  • occurrence of stomach pain;
  • diarrhea;
  • rarely allergic reactions occur in the form of urticaria or exanthema;
  • in exceptional cases, bleeding may occur between menstruations.

Use in pregnancy

The drug does not pose a risk for the course of pregnancy. At the same time, there are no reliable data on its absolute safety. In this regard, Resalute is prescribed for use only when it is clearly determined that the benefit to the mother will be substantially higher than the risk to the fetus.

The instruction also establishes a rule about the need to stop breastfeeding, since there is no precise information on the release of the active substance together with breast milk.

Special instructions

It is necessary to give up alcohol

It is necessary to give up alcohol

There are some features on the application of Resalute. So, at the very beginning of therapy with this drug it is important to eliminate those factors that damage the liver( alcohol, for example).

There is also a specific specificity of the drug for chronic hepatitis: it is prescribed only when after two weeks of treatment there is a positive dynamics.

Acquisition issues

Rezalyut is released without a doctor's prescription. The price of it for a package with 30 capsules ranges from 392 to 425 rubles. When buying the same pack of Resalyut with 50 capsules the price already varies from 608 to 750 rubles.

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