Lip augmentation with hyaluronic acid

Lip augmentation with hyaluronic acid

Every woman desires to be the owner of plump and sexy lips. But, unfortunately, mother nature has not rewarded everyone with such beauty, so many prefer to eliminate such "mistakes" with the help of modern contour plastics, which allows you to adjust the volume of the lips without surgery and with minimal trauma.

Lip augmentation with hyaluronic acid is one of the most popular cosmetic procedures. According to experts, it is completely safe and has no age-related contraindications. Is it so? About this and talk.

Hyaluronic acid: what is it?

Hyaluronic acid is a chemical element that is produced by our body. Most of it is contained in the skin cells. It provides the necessary moisture for them, maintains metabolic processes at a certain level, and promotes the active production of no less important elements, like collagen and elastin.

With age, the amount of hyaluronic acid decreases, which, of course, affects not only the condition of the skin, but also on the lips. After all, they require moistening, and the necessary amount of moisture simply does not come to them.

Introduction of hyaluronic acid allows you to replenish the moisture content, thereby giving your lips not only healthy radiance and beauty, but also additional volume.

Why do doctors recommend hyaluronic acid on the lips, and not some other drug, for example, Botax? Everything is very simple. Indeed, unlike other drugs, drugs based on hyaluronic acid contain only natural components that are identical to what our body produces.

Therefore, after their introduction, there are no consequences such as allergic reaction and rejection, which in most cases lead to serious health problems( Quincke's edema, rot, etc.).

Hyaluronic acid: what is it?

How does hyaluronic acid promote lip augmentation?

It would seem that hyaluronic acid injections are a liquid suspension, which, according to the idea, must dissolve in the body after administration. However, the acid has an extraordinary property - after administration, it begins to react with the cellular fluid, resulting in a gel-like consistency that does not spread but concentrates in one area.

And the gel starts to dissolve only after a few months, gradually. And since hyaluronic acid is recognized by the body as "its own", the products of its decay are derived from it naturally, without causing any consequences.

For complete elimination of hyaluronic acid from the body requires a minimum of 6 months. Therefore, it is not recommended to carry out a repeated correction of lip volume with hyaluronic acid.
It should be noted that when hyaluronic acid decomposes, collagen begins to actively produce moisture, and therefore the effect of the procedure persists for a long time.

Advantages of the procedure

The liposuction with hyaluronic acid reviews is very flattering, but all because this procedure has quite a few positive aspects. For example:

  • procedure takes only 20-30 minutes;
  • is completely painless, since during this time local anesthetics are used;
  • minimal injury to the surface of the lips;
  • the effect of the procedure can be observed immediately, but the final result can be evaluated only after a few days;
  • no rehabilitation period;
  • special preparation is not required before hyaluronic acid lip augmentation;
  • the injected drug is completely safe and completely eliminated from the body without interfering with other processes occurring in it.

In addition, if you suddenly get tired of your new image, you can easily return to your familiar image in about six months without resorting to surgeons or cosmetologists.
And one more important point. The cleavage of hyaluronic acid occurs gradually, and therefore the change in volume will occur imperceptibly for others, which is also an undoubted "plus".


Disadvantages of

Naturally, any cosmetic procedure has its drawbacks. So it is here. Lip augmentation with hyaluronic acid has a very high cost, and the effect "holds" only for 5-6 months, after which a repeated procedure is required.
A frequent introduction of hyaluronic acid also has its negative side. If the body regularly receives it from the outside, it will simply stop producing it. Why should he work if his work is constantly being done by someone else?

Therefore, it is worthwhile to think carefully before re-sent to the procedure to increase the lips. In addition, hyaluronic acid is not as safe as the experts say about it.

The whole point is that its frequent introduction can lead to the development of autoimmune diseases, the treatment of which requires a lot of time and effort. But some of them are not curable at all.


Lip augmentation with hyaluronic acid is indicated when:

  • lacks the desired volume;
  • excessive dryness of the lips, leading to the formation of cracks;
  • appearance of wrinkles around the lips.


Lip augmentation using hyaluronic acid preparations is contraindicated in case of:

  • presence of infectious diseases on the lips( herpes, etc.);
  • presence of inflammatory foci on the lips and near them;
  • reception of anticoagulants;
  • exacerbation of any chronic diseases;
  • any bleeding disorders;
  • the presence of autoimmune diseases.

Some of the contraindications are only temporary, and therefore completely abandon the procedure is not necessary. It is only necessary to undergo a hollow course of treatment, after which it is possible to prescribe a day when lip enlargement with hyaluronic acid will take place.

It should be noted that this procedure during pregnancy and lactation is also not recommended, because during these periods of a woman's life her body works in a special regime and may inadequately respond to the injected drug. And besides, it is not known how the receipt of hyaluronic acid from the outside will affect the baby.

What should I know before the procedure?

Before performing the procedure for lip augmentation, it is necessary to find a good specialist who already has extensive experience in this field and can provide you with the results of his work in photographs.

What should I know before the procedure?

The procedure should be performed only under sterile conditions, therefore it is necessary to do it in specialized cosmetic clinics. In no case do not settle for an increase in the lips at home, in order to save your money, because under such circumstances it is simply not possible to maintain sterility. There is a risk of infection, which can lead to serious health complications.

If after you want to re-enlarge the lips, then use only the preparation that you used the first time.

Self-pumping lips with hyaluronic acid without knowledge of human anatomy and the availability of practice, and do not even try. After all, this can lead not only to asymmetry, but also to such consequences as pinched nerves. Therefore, do not take risks, and if you decide to enlarge your lips, do not save, choose only high-quality products and a clinic that has a good reputation.

How is lip augmentation performed?

Conducting lip volume correction for any professional does not present any problems. He can easily make your lips plump and sexy in just 20-30 minutes. As a rule, experienced specialists already know which technique of drug administration must be used in each case to minimize traumatization of the upper lip liner and avoid the appearance of bruises and edema.

The procedure for increasing the volume of lips begins with a careful treatment of their surface with a special solution that eliminates various contaminants and kills all the bacteria that are on their surface. After that, the local antiseptic is administered. It reduces the sensitivity of the lips and makes the procedure more comfortable for the patient. In the role of antiseptic, there may be an ointment or an injection.

After that, the doctor starts injecting injections with fillers and thus adjusting the volume of the lips and their contour. Once the required amount of the drug has been injected, the surface of the lips is again treated with a special solution. This procedure to increase the volume of the lips with hyaluronic acid ends. The result can be assessed only after 2-3 days.

It is possible to resort to this procedure only after six months. But there are situations when hyaluronic acid is distributed unevenly, because of what asymmetry can be observed. In this case, a repeat procedure is required. The number of corrective procedures is determined by the doctor.

How is the lip augmentation performed?

What to do after the procedure?

After lip augmentation with hyaluronic acid, a woman can immediately return to her usual lifestyle. But at the same time she needs:

  • to abstain for several days from physical exertion;
  • more rest and avoid overwork;
  • drink a lot of water( over 1.5 liters);
  • not use the first few days of lipsticks or moisturizers.

Which drug should I use?

Today there is a very large selection of drugs based on hyaluronic acid. It is therefore quite natural that many are simply lost in choosing that single. However, it is worthwhile to pay attention to the fact that it is not necessary to select a medicinal product independently. This should be done by a specialist.

Only by performing an examination, revealing the problem and knowing the features of your body, the beautician will be able to dress for you the ideal drug based on hyaluronic acid.
As a rule, synthetic medications, such as XELA, are used in cosmetology, because they do not cause allergic reactions, as preparations of animal origin, and are much better perceived by the body.

Remember that lip augmentation is the same as breast augmentation, only here a gel is used instead of implants. The organism is in the first case, that in the second it experiences stress. Therefore, it is necessary to make sure that the level of this stress is minimal. And for this it is better to completely trust the specialist, do not contradict him and follow all his recommendations.

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